Collagen hair wrapping - a modern and fashionable

Collagen system

Many of the fair sex are very kind to her hair and carefully monitor her condition. But not everyone can brag healthy, smooth and brilliant "mane". Modern cosmetology makes it possible to solve this problem by offering a choice of many options.

One of them is wrapping. It allows you to get rid of dullness and to heal strands of paint that have been bitten or damaged. There are several varieties: keratin, silk. Of particular popularity is gaining fashionable modern procedure - collagen hair wrapping. We will understand in more detail what it is.

Collagen and its properties

First, a little about the substance itself called collagen. It is a protein that performs the building function. He is involved in maintaining strong and elastic hair, skin.

Chic hair

Proteins are not only present in the human body, so the collagen is extracted from wheat, cartilage and skins of horned animals, the skin of inhabitants of marine spaces. Differences between these types of substances in that they have different degrees of digestibility by the human body. The most expensive and effective is sea protein.

Features of hair wrapping with collagen

It is not necessary to visit salons and leave a lot of money for this service there. You can carry out collagen hair wrapping at home on their own. It is quite simple and fast. The main thing is to buy quality ingredients for this, prepare them step by step and apply the product. The effect will last about two weeks, and regular repetition of the session will strengthen the result.

Collagen application

Collagen hair wrapping has a whole list of positive aspects:

  • Getting rid of brittleness and dryness;
  • Elimination of the "electrified" effect;
  • No weighting of the hair;
  • Giving volume, smoothness and elasticity;
  • Creating a healthy silk shine;
  • Minimizing the risk of early fallout;
  • Strands will become straight and more docile;
  • Getting rid of split ends;
  • Reduced dandruff;
  • Restoration of water-fat balance.

Before and after the session

Professional wrapping is much better and safer than keratin straightening, because it eliminates the aggressive thermal effects and does not change the state of the hairstyle for the worse. But the result will directly depend on the skill, so if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to turn to an experienced specialist.

When it is worth resorting to the procedure

Many factors can affect an unhealthy state of hair:

  • Gas pollution level in large cities;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Exposure to hair dyes and cosmetics;
  • Styling tools.

Result of the service

Particularly strong negative impact produces frequent use of hair dryers, ployk and irons. This is what causes collagen breakdown. As a result, caps become dry, brittle and lifeless. To correct this, and restore the hair structure, as well as saturate them with essential nutrients, collagen wrapping is performed.

Collagen hair wrapping technology

Two schemes. You can purchase a ready-made set of Coolhair collagen system, which includes a mask and shampoo. Instructions for use consider a little lower.

Beautiful and healthy hair

You can also prepare the composition in person. To do this, mix:

  • Collagen and keratin - one large spoon;
  • The base for the air conditioner - 3 large spoons;
  • A little orange or argan oil.

Step by step application technique:

  1. Apply the mixture evenly on well-washed and slightly towel-dried strands along their entire length, but they should remain slightly damp;
  2. Then a protective cap of polyethylene is put on, and on top it is additionally wound with a towel or handkerchief in order to retain heat;
  3. Approximately in an hour it is necessary to wash off the composition with warm water, and not to wipe the head, so that the strands dry themselves. So they will become silky.
  4. The effect is noticeable after the first session, but the repetition must be carried out weekly to consolidate the result. This applies to stained and damaged strands. For normal hair, the procedure should be done no more than once every two weeks, otherwise an overabundance of collagen can be harmful.

Changing strands

Before you wrap the house, you need to make sure that the components of the composition will not cause allergies. To do this, apply the tool on the wrist from the inside and hold for half an hour. If the skin does not show any changes, you can safely act.

But with the appearance of even small areas of redness, it is better to abandon the event or replace the selected tool. This procedure does not pose any danger and does not contain harmful chemical elements, so it can be done on pregnant and lactating women.

Application Coolhair collagen system

The easiest way to heal the curls, not only in the salon, but also at home, is the collagen wrap Coolhair Collagen System. It consists of two stages, as it contains two components - shampoo and mask, which are used one after another.

Coolhair complex

The tool is suitable for all types of hair, creates active growth, does not weigh down the hairstyle. Let's take a closer look at how to make collagen hair wrapping using this cosmetic product in stages.

  • Shampoo. It contains amino acids and zinc. It has a beneficial effect on hair growth, relieves dandruff, tightens pores, thoroughly removes dirt and sebum. It nourishes the follicles with essential trace elements and vitamins;
  • Mask. After washing your hair with shampoo, you need to slightly dry the strands, soaking them with a towel. Next you need to start applying the mask. Then the head is covered with a polyethylene cap, and on top of it with a warm towel. It should take 10 minutes, then curls immediately fit with a hair dryer directly on the mask, not washing it. The tool produces a fast repairing effect, which is great for damaged strands.

Pros and cons of home appliances and Coolhair collagen system

It should be noted that the product is suitable for hair that has been damaged (for example, during thermal action, straightening, lightening, dyeing). Excessive collagen may have a negative effect on healthy hair, causing fragility and dryness.

Shampoo and mask

It is better to contact a specialist who will help you choose the right tool depending on the type and condition of the hair, and tell you how to use it. For intensive recovery it is necessary to limit use no more than once every 6 weeks. And more simple sparing options involving a cumulative effect can be used weekly.

Hair care after wrapping

After application, it is not necessary to immediately use balms or serums for at least 2 hours. Even better, eliminate them before the next shampooing. Usually the recommended duration of the session is once every two weeks (unless another term is indicated in the instructions for the tool).

Between "events" regular hair care is done. After 6-8 weeks it is necessary to make a correction. Then it will have to perform even less. This is due to the accumulation of nutrients.

Hair care

The tool will be an excellent option for badly damaged hair. Do not rush to get rid of damaged strands, and use the collagen wrap. It will help restore your curls from the inside, which will directly affect their appearance.

Where to buy and how much it costs

It is better to trust only trusted manufacturing companies that add high-quality collagen to their products. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase cosmetic products on official websites or in well-known online stores.

Components separately will cost more, and the complex will be completely cheaper. Thus, the average price for the Coolhair collagen system of shampoo and mask almost everywhere is around 3,900 rubles for 2 tubes of 760 ml. The products are certified and consist of high quality natural ingredients. On the official website of the company is given a discount when buying from three units of goods.

Coolhair collagen system

Yes, it is a lot of money. But the product pays off if you carry out the procedure at home, because you will not need to make a significant overpayment in the salons. And it is better to purchase a set immediately, because separately the cost of shampoo and mask is approximately 2,100 rubles.

Reviews of real people

Reviews about wrapping hair with collagen are almost all positive. Unhappy women only short-term two-week effect.

The changes are obvious

“I decided to try the collagen wrap immediately at home. In the cabin has never been. Her friends said that there this service will cost much more. I did everything on my own. The procedure is very simple. I did everything according to the instructions quickly and easily. The result is satisfied. Smooth and healthy hair for almost a month. Be sure to repeat the wrapping.

“I did a collagen wrap in a professional salon. Left a decent amount. At first, I was happy with the effect, but after shampooing after a week, the shine disappeared, the hair lost its original beauty, ceased to be even. There is an effect, but for such money I would like it to last longer. ”

“After the birth of the child, my hair lost its former brilliance and beauty. Familiar hairdresser advised to apply collagen, namely - try wrapping. I liked the procedure. She was able to return the attractive appearance of my shag. Moreover, everything is absolutely safe. ”

Wrapping result

Collagen wrap is completely harmless. It helps to restore the life of hair. Therefore, instead of a radical solution to cut off lifeless strands, use this procedure.

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