Cold wave hairstyle

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Have you ever noticed that the color on wavy hair seems to us much brighter than the rest? All this happens for one simple reason, the light from the curled locks is reflected at different angles, creating a radiant effect and a cold wave hairstyle, like no other helps to reveal all this beauty of girl's hair. At home, to create such a package is not difficult. This article will tell you how to do a hairstyle. "Cold wave" for different lengths of hair without leaving home.

In general, the Cold Wave hairstyle should be created by the master without the use of hot heaters such as heated hair rollers, curling iron, iron and other similar devices. Therefore, it is called cold. However, it is quite difficult to create it using the original method, using only fingers and fixing styling tools. You need to have good hairdressing skills. Therefore, we describe all the available methods for creating cold waves, including using hot tools that facilitate the styling process.

Waves for long hair

There are two ways of styling the waves of your long hair: hot and cold perm. Consider both of these options for long hair.

Hot way

Cold wave with curling

Hairstyle cold wave in a hot way using a curling iron is performed in the following, uncomplicated way:

  1. Turn on medium forceps or pick the most optimal mode for the hair, so that they do not burn.
  2. Separate from the total mass a strand of clean, washed hair, about 3 to 4 centimeters thick, and evenly wind it along the entire length of the spoiler (heating the surface of the curling iron).
  3. Wait about a minute, and then carefully remove the curl and fix it invisible.

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Note: if you do not straighten the curl immediately after you remove it from the working surface of the heater, and let your hair cool for a while, then the wave will turn out to be more elastic and stable.

Hairstyle cold wave in a hot way using the ironing

  1. In order to create volumetric curls and curl them so that they look natural and natural, you first need to dry well-washed hair using a means for thermal protection.
  2. The second stage is the very procedure of creating curls with an ironing itself. To do this, you need to fasten the hair and one thin strand, sandwiched between the plates ironing, wrap around to get a ring of hair.
  3. Slowly and smoothly moving to the tips, you will get several voluminous and beautiful curls on one strand.

Cool way

Cold hair styling with waves occurs still according to the old and proven methods - with the help of hemp oil as in the old days, foam in our time, with the help of hands or by braiding pigtails.

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Cold wave with foam

We will not injure the fragile mental organization of your body, describing hair styling with hemp oil. In addition to disgust, it may cause nothing more. But how to make using the foam, instead of oil, we will tell. You will need: lacquer for fixation, foam, hairpins and hands that grow where it should be.

  1. Divide the hair into several strands of a thickness of 3 to 5 centimeters and apply to each regular foam for styling.
  2. Then, wind the curl with the foam on your finger and hold it in such a state for some time so that the curl takes the form of a curl, and then fix it on the head with a hairpin.
  3. Go to the next curl and do the same manipulations with it.
  4. After that, the curls formed in this way give time to dry, and then the strands are freed from hairpins, and they themselves, under their own weight, bloom and fit into neat curls.
  5. It remains only to fix the result of the varnish.

drying braids

Cold wave with braids

A simple and very fast way of styling waves of long hair with the help of braids that are woven into the night. The size of the curls depends on the number of links in the spit. In order not to get an afrop haircut, make 5-6 pigtails before going to bed, and in the morning, in front of the mirror, slowly, after applying makeup, unravel them and lightly brush them with a soft brush to comb. Hairstyle cold wave you provided for the whole day. Thus, you save time and do not injure the hair by heat treatment.

Waves on medium hair

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Hairstyle cold wave on medium hair looks especially elegant and gentle. Twisted, shiny curls will look great anytime, anywhere and are performed, including using ordinary curlers. A few words about them: there is a different number of these devices, with velcro, flexible sticks, heated hair rollers, etc.

The most common and most affordable way to make a hairstyle in the style of a la Renata Litvinova and to save time, we offer you the option with hot rollers. The process of making waves is as follows: until they heat up, divide the array of hair into several large strands and apply foam on them. Then, heated to the desired temperature curlers winds on the hair, starting with the forehead and continuing throughout the head.

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Note: it is important to consider the correct location of these heaters. Not swearing, without haste, place the curlers on the back of the head and on the temples perpendicular to the floor, and on the temek- parallel. After 20-30 minutes, release the curls and gently smooth them out. You can fix the result with varnish.

Waves for short hair

For lovers of short retro hairstyles to create curls need - gel, comb, comb - tail, a few clips for hair, tracing paper, scissors and glittering hairspray.

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  1. Clean, dried hair must first be combed well. To do this, you will need a comb, preferably with sparse, wide teeth, after which we uniformly coat the hair with gel.
  2. On the frontal part, you select a strand of hair that is wide with your palm and press it to your head where the hair roots are, departing from them about 2 to 3 centimeters.
  3. Comb with a tail ottyagivaet formed strand and lay it to the side. As a result of this non-standard manipulation, a smooth wave should be obtained, which should be fixed with a clip.
  4. But what about tracing paper and scissors? Trying not to sweat too much, cut the tracing paper into squares and in the process of creating a curl, lay it between the hair. This method will give the curl to take the correct form and in the future not to lose it.
  5. After all the hair will be laid in waves, put a capron cap on your head and dry it in a natural way, that is, until it dries itself. At the end of the procedure, remove the cap and cover the finished curls with varnish with glitter.

Actress Renata Litvinova

You can create cold hair on short hair with forceps. Of course, it may not be possible to make a full wave, because of the short length, but it will be enough to make a half ring with a curling iron and twist all the hair on the head in this way.

Video: creating a cold wave hairstyle

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