Cold hair extension technology

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Very often, beauties who first hear the phrase “cold hair extensions” immediately think that this is the preferred method rather than hot. It's a delusion. Both types of extension technology, if they are made according to the modern standard, are equally safe. What technique to give preference, in a particular case, can decide not only the client, but also the master. The master, when choosing, is guided, first of all, by the state of the head of hair — color, thickness, length and her health. The client's wish, of course, is taken into account, but the final word rests with the professional.

At the moment, cold hair extensions in its arsenal has about 6 promising areas. These are ribbon, spanish, afro, ultrasound, Japanese and Express hair.

Popular cold hair extension techniques

Let's get acquainted with all the known cold technologies of hair extensions and learn all the nuances of the procedures.

Express hair

Express hair is a new method of cold hair extensions. Now, all advanced masters have chosen an easy and comfortable enough way that allows customers to achieve the desired volume and length of hair in a short time, without using high temperature and chemistry. The extensible hair is fixed on self-adhesive tapes. The thinnest and elastic tapes allow to increase the volume and length of the hair in any problem areas of the head without being noticed. The procedure itself is quick and painless, in just 30- 45 minutes. Hair for cold hair extensions using the Express hair technology looks like a narrow patch of plaster, only 4-5 centimeters long.

Cold hair extension technology, top 6

On one side of it is glue, and on the other is a silicone tape with attached donor hair.

To build a master takes two strands, and then he will attach one tape to the client’s separated hair strand from the bottom and the other from the top. The tapes will be attached to each other with a sticky part, and a natural strand will remain between them. It turns out a fairly durable construction, and the small size of the mounts will provide it with the most natural color and appearance of hair. Today it is the most harmless way to get long, thick hair. But this is not the only progressive method. There are other cold hair extension technology.

Tape technology

Cold hair extensions on ribbons, or tape technology, consist in the fact that along the parting, extensible strands are fastened with the help of threads or ribbons. A special glue is used as a fixer.

  1. At the back of the head, at a distance of 5-6 centimeters to the bottom, we make an even parting;
  2. We measure the length of the parting and cut off the strip from tress, a little smaller in length;
  3. We spread a thin layer of glue on the upper part of the tress strip;
  4. We apply the tape, approximately at a distance of 1 centimeter from the roots and slightly pressing it with your fingers, hold it for 45 seconds;
  5. Make the next parting, just below the previous one and repeat the procedure.

Tape cold hair extension is the most preferred technique among cold methods.

Spanish technology

Spanish technology is a classic example of building with capsules. The bottom line is that the extensible strands are fixed with resistant anti-allergic glue and softener solution. The process takes 2 - 3 hours. The required number of strands 100 - 150 pieces.

  1. Previously, the hair is divided into small strands and then each of them is connected with one centimeter stackable from the roots;
  2. The junction is fixed with an adhesive capsule softened in solution. If the capsule is molded by hand, then the tools are not needed in this case, but in any case the shape of the capsule should be either round or flat. The latter is less noticeable and more comfortable to wear.

blonde before and after the procedure

Afro technology

Afro-hair is a hair extension technique that dark-skinned beauties from distant Africa have mastered. The growth rate of their hair from nature is noticeably lower than that of Europeans, so they had to resort to various tricks to make the hair longer.

  1.  During this procedure, the upper hair stabbed, and under them, close to the roots braided thin, barely noticeable pigtails;
  2. Subsequently, to these braids with a special needle with a curved end, the tresses are sewn with durable cotton threads. As we see, such cold hair extensions are completely safe, since only the most natural tools and materials are used in the work.

Afronaraschivanie suitable for all, except for only girls who have sparse hair and their length does not exceed 5 - 6 centimeters. As well as building on tape, afro is worn for a long time, without causing undue discomfort.

Ultrasound technology

Ultrasonic technology of hair extensions, as well as the Spanish technique, refers to capsule technology, sticking to only the difference that this procedure requires a small but very effective apparatus in operation that radiates waves that are completely safe for the human body. Under the influence of ultrasound keratin capsules melt even better than when working with thermal forceps heated to 180 degrees. In general, all further actions repeat the procedure for building up the Spanish technology. It is important to note here that the wax capsule does not change its color after solidification, which means that it will remain invisible on the head of hair of any shade.

Japanese technology

Japanese hair extensions also apply to the cold technique. The essence of this method is to use for building small, metal-ceramic rings.

  • With the help of a special hook, two strands are threaded into the ring at once - the stackable and the native;
  • For fixing the ring is compressed with forceps, which are also sold complete with ceramic rings. In the future, the rings will not be able to cause serious injuries to the hair, and only with the wrong and unprofessional installation can leave small creases.

tools for japanese technology

The choice of color of the little rings is not limited: from the darkest to the lightest, so choosing the right color for the client in our time will not be difficult. Japanese extension is done on short hair, the length of which is not less than 5 centimeters. Capsule it can be called only with some stretch, most likely it is a new subspecies of cold build. The clamped ringlets resemble the same capsules, only in miniature, but the method of their fastening is quite original and reliable, which once again proves the practical approach of the Japanese to everything that is connected with this and the inconvenience of them no more than other methods of fastening. .

Female conversations overheard at the hairdresser

  1. To entrust the present and high-quality hair extensions can only professional. You can not give your head in the hands of unfamiliar, untested specialists. In this case, the advice and feedback of your friends in the selection of the wizard will not interfere.
  2. It is possible to do cold hair extensions only when one's own hair does not get sick, but is healthy and strong. Otherwise, weakened and damaged, they simply will not sustain such aggressive load.
  3. Build a professional hair, it costs a lot of money. It is not enough, only once to spend money on the procedure and immediately forget about it. Subsequently, regular and costly correction of hair extensions, as well as special cosmetic products to care for them are necessary.

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