Coconut hair oil

Coconut Hair Oil
Natural Coconut oil popular among women. And it is not surprising, because its benefits for our beauty are scientifically proven. Coconut oil is added to the baths, used as face masks, it also has healing properties, helps with calluses, cracks and burns, and is over used for hair.

What is it good for hair? The fact is that Coconut oil evenly covers the hair and thus protects it from mechanical damage (when drying or combing), and also protects the hair during washing.

During washing, the protein that makes up the hair shaft is washed out of the hair, as a result, they become brittle and dry.

Coconut oil, due to its dense structure, prevents the leaching of protein from the hair. If you have dry, splitting and damaged hair, then coconut oil is your savior.

Coconut oil will make hair shiny, elastic and strong. It also has a good antibacterial property. Even if your hair is healthy and beautiful, we recommend using this oil for prevention.

Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut oil can be applied to the hair, both in pure form and in mixture with other oils. If your goal is to protect your hair during washing from washing out the protein, then you need to apply it about 10-20 minutes before washing.

To apply oil to your hair, use a comb with frequent teeth. Lubricate them with coconut oil and comb your hair. Do this several times. If you apply too much oil, your hair may get overwhelmed and look greasy after washing, besides, remember that this oil has a dense structure and it is not so easy to wash it off from the hair.

The second way to use coconut oil is a hair mask. To do this, heat a small amount of oil and apply it on your hair, cover the top with a plastic bag and then with a towel for 2-3 hours. After such a mask gloss hair provided.

Helpful advice: use only proven brands, as only 100% natural coconut oil is able to restore hair. If possible, coconut oil can be prepared at home.

How to make coconut oil at home

In order to independently prepare coconut oil, we need coconut. First, poke a coconut with a knife or an awl and drain the coconut milk. It is not involved in the preparation of butter. Then divide the coconut into pieces and scrape the pulp with a spoon. Flesh (chips) grind and pour boiling water for an hour.

Then put the container with coconut chips in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. After that you will see that a fatty film has formed on the water, this is coconut oil! The resulting oil can be collected in a separate jar, coke oil should be stored in the refrigerator and melted before use.

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