Coconut hair masks - the best recipes

The adornment of women has always been beautiful curls. It does not matter how long they are and how thick they are. Each nature has given its unique image. To reveal the natural beauty of the curls, it is best to use natural cosmetics, one of which is Coconut oil.

It can be a source of strength and recovery for hair that is exposed to the adverse effects of external factors, suffer from improper care and dry air. Coconut oil for hair is a unique natural product that you will definitely like.

Coconut Hair Masks - The Best Recipes

The composition and use of coconut oil

Coconut oil has valuable qualities due to which its use helps to maintain the health and beauty of curls, skin and the whole body. It is made from dried coconut pulp by pressing. Distinguish cold and hot pressing method.

Especially useful is cold pressed oil. With the cold method, all unique properties are preserved, but the yield is only 10% of the possible amount, so it costs more. For cosmetic purposes, both refined and unrefined varieties are used. At room temperature, the oil becomes thick, and goes into a liquid state when heated to 27 degrees.

The composition of coconut oil includes saturated fatty acids (most of all lauric). In addition, it has vitamins (choline, E, K), mineral substances (Ca, Zn, Fe), phytosterols.

The effect of coconut oil

Useful components contained in the oil provide a positive result from its use in the composition of cosmetics:

1. Moisturizing - coconut oil moisturizes the curls, returning smoothness and shine depleted and dry hair. Its action is especially beneficial for colored, thin, split ends.

2. Power - thanks to the content of trace elements, vitamins and minerals, curls and scalp are saturated with the necessary components for their health. Fatty acids in the composition also have a beneficial effect on curls (especially lauric and oleic).

3. Recovery - the damaged hair structure is updated regardless of the cause of their damage. After dyeing, perming, relaxing on the sunny beaches of the south and cold winter.

4. Protection - oil masks can be used not only after the adverse effects of the environment, but also for prevention. For example, during summer holidays on the seashore, you can apply oil on curls and skin, this will protect them from the harmful effects of salt water, burning sun rays and strong wind. Antiseptic properties of the composition protect against dandruff.

Methods of applying oil for cosmetic purposes may be different. It is applied to the hair in its pure form. The amount depends on the length of the curls, usually you need from two to five tablespoons. You can add a small amount of coconut oil in shampoos, creams, balms (no more than 10% of the total). And the third use is the preparation of various masks and wraps.

Coconut Hair Oil

Coconut Hair Masks - The Best Recipes

The peculiarity of coconut oil is that the more refined variety is suitable for the care of the scalp and for inclusion in the composition of the masks. Cold-pressed oil is used to lubricate the tips of the hair to prevent their fragility. The rules for applying masks are simple and should not cause any difficulties:

- the oil that is part of cosmetic mixtures must be high quality and fresh (look at the expiration date); - before use, the mask must be heated in a water bath at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees, it is better to apply to hair in a warm form; - to prepare cosmetic masks necessary immediately before applying to the curls; - it is necessary to take a break after applying the course of oil procedures so that the scalp and hair can relax; - during the use of therapeutic hair masks, it is desirable to abandon gels and lacquers; - masks can be applied at night or, if there is time, during the day; - after applying the nutritional composition, it is advisable to wear a special fabric cap to have a warming effect, but the skin and hair breathe; - wash the mask first with warm water and shampoo then rinse the locks with cool water to close the pores.

By mixing different components, you can achieve a certain effect - nourishing, moisturizing, protective, etc. The recipes of various masks for curls are based on this.

Coconut Hair Masks - Recipes

Coconut Hair Masks - The Best Recipes

When applying oil masks, care must be taken not to overburden the curls. To do this, consider the type of your hair. If you are the owner of fatty curls, do not apply oil formulations on the scalp and roots, limit to the middle and the ends of the hair.

It is necessary to wash off the masks, not sparing shampoo, soaping the head 2 times to thoroughly clean the curls. For prophylactic purposes, it is recommended to make masks no more than once a week.

Mask with coconut oil and kefir to moisturize hair


egg yolk - 1 pc .; kefir - 100 ml; coconut oil - 1 tbsp. l

Application:Mix the constituent components to a homogeneous mass. Apply on curls from the roots, and distributing throughout the length to the tips. Wrap up the head, leaving structure for 1 hour. You can apply this mask at night. After wash your hair.

Mask for the prevention of the section of dry curls with coconut oil and sour cream


sour cream - 50 ml; egg yolk - 1 pc .; coconut oil - 2 tbsp. lApplication:Whisk the yolk, mix with other ingredients. It is convenient to do when the mixture is already warm. Apply the composition to the curls, gently rubbing into the scalp for 40 minutes. Wash off as usual.

Nourishing mask with shea and coconut oil


Shea butter (shea) - 1 tbsp. l.; vitamin E - 4 drops; coconut oil - 1 tbsp. l.; vitamin A - 4 drops.

Application:They take in the pharmacy oil vitamins A and E. The components are mixed, slightly heated (not higher than body temperature), and applied to the curls. Leave for two hours or overnight. Wash off as usual.

Firming mask with coconut oil and honey for damaged curls


honey - 1 tsp., essential oil (rosemary or lavender) - 3 drops, coconut oil - 2 tbsp. l

Application:Using masks, you must be sure that they are not allergic. Before applying to the hair, put the compound on your wrist and wait 10 minutes. If the skin does not turn red, everything is fine, you can use the mask, because you do not have allergies. The composition should be kept on the hair all night or day for several hours, then rinse as usual.

Moisturizing mask with jojoba oil and coconut


coconut oil - 2 tbsp. L. Jojoba oil - 2 tbsp. l

Application:The components are mixed and heated in a water bath. Apply for at least 30 minutes, wrapping your head, then rinse.

Coconut Oil Hair Wrap

This effective procedure, aimed at enhanced nutrition and restoration of curls, is performed in all beauty salons. It can be successfully carried out at home. Wrapping differs from conventional masks by an additional warming effect, which allows you to maximize the useful properties of the components in a short period of time.

Hot wrapping is suitable for any type of hair, you only need to choose the right treatment for the procedure. Coconut oil is a favorite among others, giving shine and softness to hair, suitable for dry and greasy curls, prevents dandruff.

In order to make a wrap hair with coconut oil at home preparing a medical composition. It may include, in addition to the main component, essential oils - this is the easiest option.

Can add medicinal herbs or banana pulp, egg yolk.

The oil composition is heated in a water bath and warm applied to the curls. In the case of herbs, a mixture of oil and dry grass (chamomile, calendula, horsetail, etc.) is kept in a water bath with minimal heating for half an hour. Hair is wrapped in a warm towel, and a polyethylene cap is put on top.

The procedure lasts 30 minutes, then the curls are washed with shampoo, and rinsed with water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. It is advisable to use softened or spring water for washing the head, this will help to maintain the health of the hair and get the effect of oil masks and wraps as quickly as possible.

How to apply coconut oil - video

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