Cocoa butter for hair. mask recipes

Cocoa butter for hair. Mask Recipes

Cocoa possesses not only very pleasant tastes, but also many useful properties. Cocoa contains fats, sugars, proteins, organic acids and tannins.

Properties of cocoa butter for hair

- Cocoa butter restores skin balance and regulates the sebaceous glands, which prevents premature contamination of the hair,

- moisturizes dry and damaged hair, prevents fragility and hair loss,

- hair masks with the addition of cocoa butter perfectly protect hair from sunlight and wind, give natural and natural shine to hair,

- Cocoa butter does not cause allergic reactions, and if it is taken internally, it will help strengthen the immune system, nails and hair will become much stronger and healthier.

At first glance it may seem that cocoa does not have healing properties and will not be able to improve the condition of the hair, but this is not at all the case.

Many people know that chocolate improves mood, depression goes away and people rejoice. Approximately the same happens with hair when it comes into contact with cocoa butter.

If you regularly make masks with cocoa butter, your hair will not fall out anymore, they will not be dull and brittle. Cocoa will fill the hair with strength, strengthen the roots and prevent the cross section of the tips.

In addition, cocoa butter stimulates hair growth, blood is actively circulating. Therefore, if you have problems with hair, masks with the addition of cocoa butter will help you make a difference.

Cocoa Butter Hair Masks

Mask with cocoa butter and kefir

Cocoa butter for hair. Mask Recipes

This mask will help get rid of hair loss, strengthen hair and give it a natural shine. In order to prepare kefir hair mask, you need to mix one part of cocoa butter, or regular instant cocoa, then add well-beaten egg yolk and two parts of kefir.

All components of the mask to mix thoroughly, and let stand for ten minutes. Then carefully rub into the root zone, and then distribute the hair. After that, hold the mask on your hair for forty minutes, and rinse under warm running water with shampoo and balm for your hair type.

Nourishing mask with olive oil and cocoa

Hair mask with olive oil and cocoa butter perfectly restores dry, dyed and brittle hair. It is necessary to take 10 grams of cocoa butter and stir in 30 grams of olive, burdock or castor oil.

The mixture should be heated in a water bath, then add the egg yolk. Then mix everything thoroughly and apply on the head and hair roots for two hours. While the mask is on the hair, the head should be warm. It is recommended to make a mask twice a week for two months.

Cocoa and Cognac Hair Mask

The mask has a nourishing and regenerating effect, will reduce hair loss, give them shine and energy. It is necessary to mix one part of cocoa, one egg and one part of brandy, put on the roots of the hair for an hour. Then rinse with running water.

Masks with cocoa butter will give hair a shine, beauty, hair will be shiny and silky.

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