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The history of the trend of the classic square has its roots in the post-war period. It is known that after the First World War, women did not have enough time to take care of long, chic curls, so it was easier to cut them along the line just below the earlobe. After all, the everyday styling of the classic car is done fairly quickly and does not require the skills of a stylist.

Kare: trend story

What characterizes a classic style hairstyle is, above all, the clarity of the cut lines around the face. The twenties were marked by a surge of female self-consciousness, or rather, the desire to assert itself. Ladies chose short skirts - as a sign of sexual freedom, and they cut their hair under a “bob” in order to shock the staggered public.

dark hair models

Originally presented with straight hair up to the shoulders, the classic styling haircut was modified, and such recognized fashion gurus as Chanel and Clara Bow helped her with this. The cult dancers Irene Castle and Louise Brooks also parted with long hair - a heavy knot and waves should not have restrained movements.

Women quickly realized that a hairstyle up to the shoulders or chin makes the hair look fuller and more voluminous than smooth hairstyles and bored curls. And if the pioneers decided to refresh their image on their own and not without a call, then the rest of the girls simply had no choice. Eyewitnesses testified: real queues lined up in hairdressing salons; no one wanted to be seen as enlightened enough for the new century.

actresses with classic hairstyles

Caret: execution technology

Now, after almost hundreds of years, the “under the caret” hairstyle in various variations remains very popular. No wonder: after all, it is able to emphasize the best - huge eyes, sensual lips, daring line of the cheekbones, with the help of its geometry and technological features.

Let us take a closer look at how classic bob haircut is performed from the point of view of a hairdresser and stylist. Perhaps this is useful for cutting hair at home. A simple instruction for the master who performs the classic four-seater without a bang is to divide the head into horizontal and vertical zones (partings) and cut them.

smooth and disheveled styling

  1. A simple scheme assumes that the hair is divided into two equal parts in a straight vertical parting. It is necessary to start cutting from the bottom, from the back of the head.
  2. Not very wide strands are separated horizontally, the first cut strand will be the control. It is she who determines the length of the haircut, the cut line is parallel to the floor.
  3. Further technology haircuts "classic car" implies that the rest of the hair mass is gradually stripped down and trimmed along the control strand line.
  4. The not-so-complicated technology of performing the classic car assumes that wet, washed hair is cut left and right to the parting line. If necessary, graduation should be performed. Depending on whether it is necessary for the hair to curl inward or outward, leave longer strands of the outer or inner contour of the hairstyle. Technically, it looks like this: at an angle of forty-five degrees, the vertical strands are clipped, moving from the neck up (low graduation). If a classic square without a bang is conceived, then there is a study of the temples and edging of the edges.
  5. When you need to get a classic square with a bang, it is made out last. The main idea - the haircut should be performed with perfect symmetry to the side of the main vertical parting.

All this instruction in more detail, and most importantly, is clearly shown in our video after the article.

classic haircut in different styling options

Caret options and face types

Depending on the shape and features of the face, you can choose the perfect haircut - this hairstyle leaves room for experimentation. For example:

  • The classic square with bangs is suitable to balance the high line of the forehead;
  • If the face is markedly elongated, and it is advisable to divert attention from the form, the performance of the classic haircut on the square below the chin will help;
  • When the neck is too large and massive, it is better to choose a square to the shoulders;
  • The volume magnificent haircut will decorate girls with sharp features;
  • But the longer strands of the face will help hide the wide cheekbones.

To emphasize the natural beauty and to mask the flaws is the task of any woman, therefore, choosing the right hairstyle is a great gift to yourself. On its basis, you can build an image in almost any style.

girls with perfect styling

Homemade classic styling

Not always before a responsible day or event there is an opportunity to go to a beauty salon. Conveniently, the styling of a classic car can be done at home, it’s worth following the instructions step by step:

  1. Wash your hair, treat with a moisturizing conditioner, dry the strands in one direction, for example, with your head down - this will add volume in the future;
  2. On clean, almost dry hair, apply a styling agent - mousse for volume, spray to protect against high temperatures, if you are going to use a straightening iron or curling curling tongs;
  3. We give the hairstyle a shape - we make a parting, slightly comb it with a flat comb with rare teeth - we denote the contour;
  4. Now turn round combs, you can use brushing with natural bristles. These brushes are different in size: the larger the diameter, the softer the curls and smooth curves can be created;
  5. First, dry the strands at the roots, lifting with a brush. Then, twist the hair inward along the entire length and dry at medium or low temperature. It turns out slower than at the maximum, but less traumatic for the hair;
  6. As soon as it turned out to create a rounded shape and the desired volume, you can fix the result with varnish. The tool should be of high quality, the sprayer should be fine, the distance from the can to the hair is about 25 cm.

models with chestnut hair

As we can see, haircut technology "classic car" It is not very complex, but it requires accuracy when performing clear lines and graduation. The hairstyle is universal for any age and lifestyle, its styling requires minimal time and skills. However, with such a haircut, you can create an evening romantic image - for example, with curls, rings or a flirty miniature hat in the style of the thirties.

Video: Master class for hairdressers - Haircut classic square

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