Cinnamon brightening hair - recipe and recommendations

To lighten the hair there are different ways, but in general they are divided into chemical lightening and lightening the hair with home remedies. One of the home remedies is lightening hair with cinnamon.

Chemical dyes give instant results, but it will take a long time to lighten the hair with cinnamon for visible changes, but at the same time you will not spoil your hair, but on the contrary, only improve their condition.

Cinnamon brightening hair - recipe and recommendations

The benefits of cinnamon for hair

Cinnamon in addition to its beautiful flavor, contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, as part of cinnamon is zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamin PP, A, C Due to its composition, cinnamon has the following effects on hair:

- accelerates growth and strengthens the roots (due to the warming effect); - nourishes the scalp, providing the roots with essential vitamins; - reduces hair loss; - adds shine; - has a brightening effect.

Cinnamon can be used not for lightening, but for healing the hair, but at the same time be prepared for the fact that such a mask will wash out the dye from the hair.

The effect of lightening hair with cinnamon

Lightening effect can be achieved only on natural hair, dyed hair in this way can not be lightened, but due to the fact that cinnamon washes paint from the hair, you can make the color less saturated and thereby achieve a lightening effect if your hair has been dyed darker.

If you have natural hair, then you can safely try, with the help of cinnamon hair can be lightened by about 2-3 tones. The effect depends on the type and structure of the hair, as well as on the original color. In some cases, it is enough to make a mask with cinnamon several times in order to lighten the hair, in others it will be necessary to make the mask many times, in any case it will not hurt the hair.

Cinnamon brightening hair - recipe and mask preparation

For the lightening mask, we need:

- ground cinnamon 3 tbsp. (or cinnamon in chopsticks, but it is necessary to grind it independently) - natural honey 70 gr. (It is advisable to take acacia honey, it is he who gives the most brightening effect, you can also take another honey, as long as it is natural) - balm for hair 3 tbsp. (balm add optional)

Warning: mix the mask only in a non-metallic dish and not a metal spoon! Use ceramic, wooden or plastic utensils.Cooking mask with cinnamon

First you need melt honey, if it is too thick. You can do this in a water bath or in the microwave. When warming the honey in the second way, set the mode “defrosting” or simply low waves, as with strong heating the honey loses its properties. Preheat it to a warm state.

Then mix the honey with cinnamon and mix thoroughly, add the balm last, you can add it to the slightly warm mixture.

The use of masks for lightening hair with cinnamon

1. Wash your hair in the usual way using shampoo, while your hair dries under a towel and prepare our mixture according to the recipe.

2. Hair should be only slightly wet, no water should drip from them, otherwise the mask will not lighten the hair.

3. Before applying the mask, comb your hair with a wooden comb with sparse teeth.

4. Apply a lightening mask with cinnamon evenly distributing throughout the hair. It is more convenient to put a mask on a small strand and thus cover all the hair.

5. It is necessary to be very careful with the radical part, the mask should be applied only to the roots, while do not rub it into the scalp. First, particles of cinnamon can scratch the skin and injure it, and second, an allergic reaction or burn can be obtained.

6. After all the hair is soaked with the mixture, it is necessary to warm the head. To do this, wrap hair with cellophane or wear a shower cap and then a warm towel.

7. For a visible effect, the mask should keep at least 4 hours. The longer you hold the mask, the stronger the effect. Therefore, before doing such a long-term procedure, choose your free time. In order not to be bored you can do your favorite thing, reading books or cleaning. So time flies by and without notice.

8. Wash off the mask with warm water and shampoo (if you wish, you can wash it off without shampoo, if you are sure that your hair will be well washed).

9. An excellent fixing effect is rinsing the hair with chamomile. Chamomile also has a light brightening effect and gives a golden sheen.

10. Hair dry naturally or cool air.

If you do not see the brightening effect the first time, then the volume and gloss of this mask is guaranteed. Moreover, the hair will smell of cinnamon for a couple of days!

Cinnamon hair lightening before and after photos
Cinnamon brightening hair - recipe and recommendations
Cinnamon brightening hair - recipe and recommendations

Cinnamon Brightening - course treatments

It is advisable to carry out the procedure of lightening hair with cinnamon once a week, until you get the desired result. Usually for good clarification enough from 3 to 10 sessions.

To enhance the effect of brightening cinnamon hair, you can alternate with lemon brightening, or you can add lemon juice to our mask.

Recipe for lightening hair with cinnamon and lemon juice

- 3 tbsp. cinnamon; - 3 tbsp. honey; - juice of one lemon; - 1 tbsp. olive oil (if hair is dry).

The components are mixed and applied to the hair in the same way as in 1 recipe. The exposure time of the mask from 2 hours.

Another recipe for a lightening mask

If you want to get more nutritional effect, then this recipe will do:

- 2-3 tablespoons cinnamon; - egg yolk; - 3 tbsp. flower honey; - 1 tbsp. olive oil; - 1 tbsp. lemon juice.This mask will only slightly brighten the hair, but will strengthen the roots and give the hair shine, relieve split ends.

Cinnamon Hair Lightening - Tips and Tricks

one. Before trying to lighten hair with cinnamon and honey, it is necessary to test for an allergic reaction.

2 If you have dry hair, then you can add a tablespoon of vegetable oil (olive, almond, jojoba, etc.) to the main recipe

3 After the mask, it is advisable to rinse the hair with water with lemon juice or chamomile tea, this will consolidate the result and further brighten the hair.

four. Honey-cinnamon mixture should be distributed evenly throughout the hair, it is desirable that the mask is abundantly covered hair, so do not feel sorry for the ingredients.

five. If the mask with cinnamon bakes strongly in the recipe you need to add olive oil, it will reduce the burning sensation.6 It will take several procedures for lightening, but don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt your hair, but rather the opposite will only strengthen them.

7 Be careful if you have sensitive scalp, cinnamon should only be warm, but not cause a strong burning sensation. If the scalp is strongly baked, then it is advisable to wash off the mask. Next time do not apply the mask close to the scalp.eight. When washing off the mask, do not allow it to fall on the face and neck, this can cause redness and irritation.

What results will brighten hair with cinnamon and honey

- If you have black and dark hair, then cinnamon brightening hair will give a slightly brown shade of hair, and after a few treatments a reddish hue. Brown hair will get a copper shade, and red hair will become lighter and will get a golden shade. Brown hair lighten cinnamon is best, you get a brightening on several tones and a golden sheen.

Cinnamon hair lightening video

Cinnamon brightening hair - the pros

- does not spoil the hair; - in addition to the lightening effect, it has a strengthening effect, accelerates growth, struggles with loss, - the color turns out to be natural; - it is not difficult to prepare; - the hair smells delightfully;

Cons lightening mask with cinnamon

- wait a long time to clear the hair for a couple of tones. At least 5-6 procedures must be done; - the mask must be kept on the hair for a long time; - allergic reactions are possible; - may not be suitable for sensitive scalp.

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