Choosing heat protection for hair correctly

Beautiful hair at all times was considered for women the best natural decoration. Therefore, proper care for them is necessary even for those whom nature has awarded with chic hair.

Damage to hair is determined by three signs. Mechanical damage type - when using hard, metal brushes, as well as hair styling by combing.

When your hair is permed with chemicals, dyed or discolored regularly, it causes chemical damage. But still most often occur thermal damage. They arise when using all sorts of hair dryers, irons, curling hair styling.

As a result, the hair becomes brittle, dry, loses a healthy shine and split at the ends. Therefore, the hair must be protected from heat exposure using special tools.

Choosing heat protection for hair correctly

For frequent hair styling with heated tools, be sure to use thermal protection products.

Important: Remember that you can start this styling when the hair is completely dry. Heat treatment of wet hair is especially harmful.

Currently, hot tools are not used as often as hair dryers. This styling is considered the most gentle, but to protect the hair from exposure to a stream of heated air is also necessary.

Previously, this problem was solved with the help of balms, moisturizing masks. Recently, cosmetics have appeared that contain substances that neutralize the effects of hot air.

Thermal protective agents are divided into:- washable (shampoos, conditioners, conditioners) - indelible- creams, balms and sprays.

The composition of means for thermal protection, as a rule, includes vitamins, proteins and natural extracts. For damaged hair, you can use nourishing serum. Some manufacturers offer heat-active, protective oils and masks.

Choosing heat protection for hair correctly
If you are the owner heavily curly hair, you have to regularly use the iron - the most traumatic tool for the hair.

Experts recommend to wash your hair before applying it, as the hair may suffer even more because of the remnants of cosmetics on them.

After washing, dry your hair with a hairdryer, apply the chosen means of thermal protection, let the hair dry and begin to straighten the hair. It is not recommended to heat the iron over 130 degrees. It is for this type of laying available styling creams. They contain UV filters that retain maximum moisture inside the hair, retain their shine and healthy appearance.

There is such a type of thermal protection as fluid shine. It creates a kind of microfilm on the surface of the hair, its active substances protect them from overheating. Such a protective agent actively restores damaged hair, giving it a brilliant shine, making the curls obedient.

Even when using the means of thermal protection, do not forget about the need for additional hair care. Properly selected shampoo or mask will help them to be beautiful.

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