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How to choose a hair straightener? Such a question was asked a lot of modern ladies. The time has already passed when the heads of beauties were decorated with curls. Now it is time to perfect straight hair. Irons for hair like a panacea broke into the life of modern fashionistas, saving them from the previous torment, such as cooking decoctions, the use of chemical masks and excessive drying of hair with a hair dryer in pursuit of smooth hair. The first model of this miracle device had flaws in itself, but as time went on, the situation changed and the hair iron began to treat the hair more carefully. In this article we will tell you which iron to choose and what parameters should be presented to him when choosing.

The iron acts according to the principle of heat treatment on the layer in the hair structure, called cortex. Cortex is responsible for the waviness of the hair and it contains a compound of hydrogen. When heated hair from the iron from the cortex leaves moisture and the hair becomes straight. Hair straighteners have another interesting effect. When you run this device along your own strands, you solder the hair scales that have peeled off. But back to our question, which iron to choose?

Varieties of hair straighteners

In the market of home appliances, there are a huge number of straightening irons. Among them you can find both professional models and ordinary household ones. Many interesting. What is the difference between a professional iron for curls from the domestic. There are several signs of difference.

  • Heating power;
  • The presence of a regulator to change the heating temperature;
  • Reliability of fasteners and wires in the device;
  • The presence of a set of additional nozzles;
  • Materials heating plates;
  • The shape of the plates and the distance between them.

But by and large, household rectifiers are now catching up with professional series parameters. Very interesting models appeared on the market that solved such problems as excessive hair dryness and high-quality bang straightening.

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The steam hair straightener is a very good option for those girls who are afraid to overdry their locks in the process of straightening. Wet steam coming from the straightener will provide additional moisture to the hair.

Mini hair straightener became a real discovery for girls who could not cope with the process of straightening bangs with a wide straightener. Too wide working area did not allow straighten hair on this small area perfectly. A mini hair straightener perfectly straightens the bangs.

Materials for heating surfaces

The materials of which the heating elements are made in the iron, are rich in their diversity. You can safely distinguish 9 basic coatings.

  1. Metal. The iron for hair with a metal heating surface is one of the worst models. All this is explained by the fact that during the use of the plate, the hair is too tightly pulled out of the hair follicles. As a result, any beauty can become bald.
  2. Tourmaline. The iron for curls with a tourmaline coating is good for beginners who are just familiar with the procedure for straightening hair. This model is not too expensive and not so cheap. Many beauties can afford it. without fear for the health of their hair. Tourmaline plates have a plus sign. When heated, they release beneficial ions, since tourmaline is a gem, which when heated produces particles with a negative charge right in the chernehe of hair. During the straightening procedure, you may notice that the electrification of the hair has decreased and they have become lively and obedient.
  3. Ceramics. This model almost perfectly maintains the price-quality ratio. Thermal plates glide well over your curls, not hurting them, and the heating is uniform, which also allows you to not harm the hair. There is one minus this rectifier. He needs care. as mousse, varnish, gel and other styling products adhere to the surface of the heating element. You just need to take a soft cloth, slightly wet it and wipe the plates at the end of use.
  4. Teflon. Teflon coating is very similar to ceramic in its properties. But rectifiers from this series can be attributed to the professional. This model is chosen by those who perfectly use the iron for hair. They do not stick to teflon, and it does not have a harmful effect on the hair, because it does not overheat it.
  5. Marble-ceramic irons. These are two-part models. They are more expensive than ordinary ceramic appliances. But the overestimation of the price justifies itself. Marble and ceramics interact so that the ceramic plate heats the hair, and the marble cools it.
  6. Titanium. Rectifiers with titanium plates are one of the most modern models. Titanium has the property of uniform heating. The iron with a titanium coating is often used by professionals in the procedure of keratin hair straightening, because this procedure requires a high temperature. Titanium plates have their drawbacks. Such as high temperature overheats hair. The iron has a rather high cost and is short-lived, as it is quickly scratched.
  7. Jade. This is a natural semi-precious mineral, which, being in the coating of straightening plates, helps to carry out a more gentle procedure of straightening, as a result of which the hair does not lose its natural shine and the result of styling is maintained for a long time. Another significant advantage of this coating is that it can be applied even on wet hair, and this saves you time.
  8. Antibacterial silver coating. Silver nanoparticles covering the surface of the plates in such irons help to make resistant styling and at the same time have a healing effect. But to get such an iron, the pleasure is not cheap.
  9. Tungsten. The iron with tungsten plates is one of the most expensive. This high cost is due to the fact that it has a perfect uniform heating that occurs in a few seconds. Laying keeps very long time and at the same time it is not necessary to apply additional laying means in the form of varnishes, mousses, etc.

Temperature characteristics

In the question of how to choose an iron for the hair, it is impossible to bypass such a nuance as the temperature of the iron, or rather the presence of a thermostat in the model. The best hair straightener must have a thermostat, but its type will vary from the amount you are willing to spend on the purchase. There are 3 types of temperature regulation.

hair straightening process

  1. Mechanical. The positive quality of this thermostat is that it does not require adjustment after all the on and off of the device. There is a drawback - it is impossible to set the exact temperature on it.
  2. Electronic. The advantage of this model is that the degree of heating can be set with an accuracy of 1. The disadvantage is that each time you turn it on, the degrees are set anew.
  3. Electronic thermostat with temperature memory function. The good thing is that the degrees are set very accurately and does not need to be adjusted after each power on and off.

When choosing an ironing temperature, you should focus on the density of your hair and on how much it curls. If you are the owner of fine hair, then your maximum temperature is 160 degrees. If you have a thick mop of curls, then the temperature of 180-200 degrees is preferable for you.

The width and shape of the heating surface

The width of the ironing plate depends on the thickness and length of your curls.

  • If you have sparse hair up to the shoulders, the width of the plate can reach 2 cm.
  • If sparse hair reaches the shoulder blades, then 2.5-4 cm.
  • Rare long shag hair needs a width of 5-6 cm.
  • For owners of thick hair to the shoulders, 2.5 cm.
  • Girls with thick curls up to the shoulder blades 3.4-4 cm.
  • Long thick curls 7-9 cm.

The shape of the plates also has its own characteristics.

  • For beauties who prefer perfectly straight hair, fit a model with straight corners.
  • If you like to twist the tips, then the ends of the plates should have rounded corners.

Additional rectifier functions

The iron for hair with nozzles was liked by many young ladies, because this device not only straightened their hair, but also helped to create various effects in styling, such as corrugation and curls. A little later, models with removable combs that have a blower function appeared. It helped to dry the hair and styling at the same time. Some models have such a nice addition as the effect of ionization. Rectifiers with ionization function tend to heal the scalp, fight against electrifying hair and give shine shine.

different iron tips

Popular manufacturers of irons took into account the fact that some young ladies sometimes forget to pull the device out of the socket and for this purpose the rectifiers were equipped with an auto power off function. The first models were turned off after an hour, now you can set time intervals on them.

Famous hair straighteners

rectifier roventa

Many of you wondered what hair straightener is better, we figured out the characteristics of the straighteners, it remains to choose the brand of hair straightener. Such brands as babyliss, tochonada, remington, philips, rowenta, gama, brauen, vitek, scarlett, moser stood out on the home appliance market. Gama, Remington and Moser belong to professional models. The rest of the brands from the household series and slightly inferior to professional irons.

Now you know everything about how to choose irons for hair without allowing the choice of a single error. Be beautiful!

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