Children's hairstyles for 4th grade graduates

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Every girl wants to be the most beautiful at her graduation, even if it is a farewell to elementary school. We will help you to pick up children's hairstyles for prom 4 classes that will make your little princess irresistible. At this age, many young beauties are already becoming real fashionistas, but because we will tell you about the most trendy styles for girls, consider their photos and analyze the scheme of creating hairstyles for children graduation with our hands.

Rules selection hairstyle for prom in grade 4

These basics will help you decide on the exact hairstyles for a girl at the prom:

  • Choosing children's hairstyles for girls at the prom, consider simple options, complex bulky styling is the most unfortunate option. Most often at the gala event, children need to take part in competitions and move actively, take care of the convenience of your daughter.
  • Remember about harmony and keep a sense of proportion: if weaving is used in weaving or lace elements, braids, accessories should be at a minimum.
  • In young beauties, beauty is associated with the image of a princess; hairstyles for girls ’proms should match this image.
  • Selection of hairstyles for graduation in grade 4 is better to start with the purchase of a dress, and only then complete the image with a well-chosen styling.

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If you decide to do the styling yourself, practice beforehand and do not create it on only washed hair - too clean shag is less pliable and there can be more difficulties.

Fashionable styling for young girls graduates of 2015

The children's hair industry also has its own trends, and we will tell you about them:

  • Today it is not fashionable to decorate the head with numerous rubber bands and hairpins, the easier the styling will be, the better. The main beauty hairstyles for girls on prom in her healthy and shiny hair.
  • Hairstyles look beautifully and stylishly at the prom for girls with weaving, but today there are not tight braids in the trend, but loose and lace.
  • Unusual bunches, for example, a bow of hair or made by weaving, look actual.
  • Fresh flowers can be the most unusual decoration of a little princess's head of hair, we will tell you how to make children's hairstyles for girls at graduation with real flowers on their own and preserve their freshness for the whole evening thanks to the secrets of floristics.
  • All young beauties love loose hair, and curls always look fashionable.

flowers in girls hair

We make a beautiful styling for graduation in grade 4

Let's choose styling for different hair lengths, consider their photos and analyze the step-by-step schemes for creating them with your own hands. We picked up simple hairstyles for the 2015 graduation with which every mother will cope.

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Baby hairstyle for graduation long hair

If your princess has long hair, this will expand your choice of styling. Children's hairstyles for graduation for long hair are very diverse, but conditionally they can be divided into collected and free. We offer you a step-by-step scheme for creating a collected hairstyle for graduation class 4 with fresh flowers and weaving in the form of a wreath.

flowers in the strands

Preparing colors for styling

To make the fresh flowers in the arrangement look fresh, start preparing them 3-4 hours before the scheduled event:

  1. First you need to decide on the colors. It is preferable to choose small inflorescences, but with rigid stems that can be processed, they are easier to fix in the hair. You can use tender gypsophila, miniature spray roses, fragile eustoma will emphasize the young beauty of the girl, and small chrysanthemums heroically hold on in laying and with not the most correct floral treatment.
  2. Choose 1 large flower or several inflorescences for the hairstyle at the prom 2015, after that the flowers need to be cut, leaving a small stalk 4-5 cm long, the cut should be oblique.
  3. Put the flowers in cold water and leave in a dark place for a couple of hours. At this time, you can do directly the creation of styling, and already the final touch to fix the prepared flowers in your hair.
  4. After a couple of hours, the flower stems imbue a sufficient amount of moisture; now our task is to keep it. The floral tape will help in this. You can buy it at any large florist shop, it looks like paper tape, but it can easily be stretched and "envelops" stalks of flowers.
  5. Tear off a piece of tape tape 7-8 cm long and wind the stem of the flower so as to completely close its cut and prevent contact with air.
  6. Prepare little hairpins to match the color of your princess's hair. Take another small piece of teip tape and tie the stem of the flower to one end of the hairpin. Now you can decorate their hair.

flowers in the head of the girl

Weave a wreath on the school holiday in 2015

Collected children's hairstyles for prom for long hair from openwork braids will not leave your baby without the attention of others. Instructions for weaving a wreath as follows:

  1. We start at the back of the head: separate 3 strands of medium thickness and weave a French braid from the back of the head to the left ear. Try not to tighten the strands too much to make the styling as natural as possible.
  2. Move to the forehead, near the forehead, you can leave a pair of thin strands free, then the styling will turn out a bit careless and dynamic.
  3. Continue weaving to the left ear and move to the back of the head, picking up a strand by strand.
  4. Having reached the beginning of the weaving, braid the remaining curls into a usual braid, tie the tip of it with a thin elastic band and fix it with invisible hairs under the wreath.
  5. Slightly curl braids, pulling each of them.
  6. It remains to secure the flowers, placing the studs around the wreath.

wreath of strands

Such a hairstyle option for a children's graduation party with your own hands will not leave anyone indifferent from those around you and make your little graduate a real princess.

Baby hairstyle for graduation for medium hair

Selecting children's hairstyles for graduation for medium hair, we recommend that you pay attention to all kinds of bunches and buns. If your young lady has sparse hair, you can use special lining donuts to get a voluminous bunch.

strand banik

A bow of hair looks beautiful and unusual: you can make 1 large bow at the crown or an asymmetrically located bow at the bottom side, and you can braid several bows in a row, it all depends on the skill of your mother. The scheme for creating a bow of hair is as follows:

  1. At the place of the alleged bow you need to tie a taut tail.
  2. The last turn of the elastic around the tail must be done in half, so that you get a fan-like tail on one side and loose ends of hair on the other side of the gum. Loose ends should "look ahead" and lie towards the forehead.
  3. The resulting roller should be divided into 2 parts; these will be parts of a bow. Secure them invisible.
  4. It remains to secure the free tip: at its base you need to pin an invisibility, then transfer the tip to the bow and fix the hair behind it. Done!

bow creation scheme

Children's hairstyles at graduation for medium hair with bows will harmoniously complement any dress.

Baby hairstyles for prom for short hair

If your young beauty has long hairs, you need children's hairstyles for prom for short hair. There are not so many options as for medium length and long strands, but with short curls you can come up with beautiful children's hairstyles for graduation class 4:

  • You can make cute curls, winding them on the curling, and along the forehead to braid a small French braid. Fix the end of the pigtail with stealth, you can add such hair to a live flower or a beautiful accessory.
  • Picking up baby hairstyles for prom for short hair, pay attention to the simple satin ribbons. You can choose the color of the ribbon close to the shade of the dress, tie it around the head and place the bow on the side. In combination with gentle curls styling will look very cute.

short strands of a girl

Although Grade 4 is not the middle of the way, and the elementary school and parting with her are not such a serious event, your young lady will certainly be very much waiting for this holiday and preparing for it. You should not think that a girl at this age still does not appreciate your efforts in selecting styling, for right now a little lady is forming her own style and sense of beauty. Good luck to you!

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