Chic 4-strand braid

4 girls with braids from 4 strands

Spit never lost its popularity. This collected hairstyle adorned the heads of beautiful women from ancient times, the braid has always been the epitome of beauty and femininity of the girl. Thick, long braid lay on the shoulder of Russian and overseas beauties. Over time, changes in fashion began to occur and the pigtail began to take on various forms: Greek, French, "fish tail", careless, with protruding hairs, lace

Such braids were woven from a different number of strands, now it will be a question of how to weave a braid of 4 strands - this is a complex, but very beautiful variation of weaving.

Who is the 4-strand pigtail?

This braid can be worn at any age, with any clothes and it is suitable for all occasions. If a girl is a schoolgirl, a university student, an office worker, you can safely show off such a scythe. You will not have problems with the choice of style of clothing for this hairstyle. You can braid this pigtail, put on shorts with a T-shirt and go to relax with friends on the nature or dress up in an elegant dress and go to the club, this hairstyle will add charm to you and make your look delicate.

4 strands weaving

What is needed for weaving?

The set of tools is not great, just a good comb and elastic to tie a braid at the end of weaving. If you want to extend the durability of the hairstyle, then you can use fixing tools such as polish or mousse. And if you want to decorate a pigtail or make it unusual, you can use multi-colored ribbons with different textures, beads, coins, rhinestones, small pebbles, feathers, as well as fresh flowers.

How to braid pigtail of 4 strands?

lace braid

Having learned how to make such a pigtail, you can easily learn how to weave even more complex variations of braids. Let us proceed to the description of the weaving technique:

  • First you need to wash your hair with shampoo, then apply mousse to damp hair for fixing and dry your hair with a hair dryer. You can not use the mousse, but simply dry the hair and lightly spray it with varnish.
  • After that it is necessary to comb the hair to the back of the head.
  • Combed hair divided into 4 equal parts.
  • With your right hand, grab one strand of hair and place it on the other strand; hold these 2 strands firmly with your hand. After that, use your left hand to grab the next strand and cast it on the strand located on the right side.
  • The remaining 4 strands need to start under the first, which is located in the center of the weave. The second strand needs to be thrown over the third, and the fourth strand directly onto the second. Then grasp the strands so that you feel comfortable and continue to weave a pigtail.
  • Now take the first strand and stretch it under the second strand, and throw the third strand on the fourth. After that, stretch the first strand on the third, and stretch the second strand under the third. Weave continue to the part that you need, and after the end of weaving, tie your hair with an elastic band or a tape.

lace braiding technique

There is one more interesting variant of weaving such a braid:

  • The head must also be washed and dried.
  • After that, form 4 identical strands.
  • Strands located in the middle need to interweave. Take one piece of hair on the left and put it under the right. Then we start the right part under the left, so the strands changed their places. Continue to alternate between strands
  • Take one of the strands that you did not use in the weaving and stretch it over the remaining strands. In order to make a correct and beautiful weaving, carefully follow the alternation of strands, the alternation must always begin from the same side.
  • When you start weaving with all 4 strands, you need to weave a pigtail on the same principle as it was, twisting the middle two strands among themselves, so that the third strand is located under the second. Then skip the first part under the second, so that she was in the middle. After this, weave the strands as you wove for the first time, pull the second strand on the right up to the third and it will be the third. Spinning, which the fourth must braid on top of the third
  • The next step is identical to the previous one. Stretch the strand in the middle under the second strand, and then it must be placed over the third, and then the fourth strand over the third. In such a technique it is necessary to weave hair to the moment when they become short.
  • So that you do not get confused, you need to remember that the first strand located on the right side is always directed downwards, and the last strand is directed upwards. Make sure that the strands that are on the edge are in the middle of the pigtail. When you're done braiding, tie the hair and the hairstyle will be ready.

sketchy hairstyle

When the braid is ready you can decorate it with accessories, ribbons, flowers or whatever your sweetheart wishes :-), do not be afraid of self-expression, make your image unique !!!

Now you are familiar with the technique of weaving an interesting braid of 4 strands. In order to feel like a master in her weaving, start training on someone else, training on yourself will not be an easy task for a beginner in this business. If you weave more than one such braid on loved ones, then you quickly and easily repeat it on yourself.

another detailed diagram

Useful tips for better weaving:

  • When you begin to weave, look at your reflection in a large mirror, believe me, this will be a great helper in this difficult task :-)
  • Have patience and be concentrated when you will braid the braid, because you can’t call this pigtail easy
  • If you want to make your image romantic and careless, then weave the braid not tight or at the end let loose hair from the pigtail and loosen it

Video: how to braid a 4-strand braid

With such a scythe you'll be noticed and gifted with a large number of compliments!

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