Causes of hair loss

Hair loss - the problem of many women. It is difficult to establish the exact causes of hair loss, because each person has an individual organism. But the main causes of the fall are still there and will be announced now:

Causes of hair loss

1. Strong stress

Stress can be hidden and aware. If you are experiencing or, for example, you have big problems at work, you are aware of this, you are nervous and, as a result of all this, your hair falls out.

Hidden stress is when you experience problems at a subconscious level, maybe even a week ago, but you don’t attach any importance to this. But it is very reflected on your body and hair.

If you are a vulnerable person and you find it difficult to resolve internal conflicts, you tend to be constantly nervous, I advise you to take constant vitamins that will support your nervous system. Well suited vitamins of group B.

2. Hormonal causes

In women during menopause, problems with hair often begin, they look different, fall out and split off. During such a period you need a good complex of vitamins and minerals, and it is also recommended to make firming masks for hair.

If the cause of the loss is associated with this, then the consultation of a specialist is obligatory, only after it the doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary medicines and vitamins. Severe loss may start due to pregnancy. The body gives a lot to the fetus, and he remains without vitamins. In this case, you will also help a good complex of vitamins, which should be prescribed by a specialist.

3. Nutrition and weight

The condition of hair and skin is directly dependent on nutrition. Proper hair is very important for hair. If you eat healthy foods, follow the regime, your menu is rich in various vegetables and fruits, then most likely your hair will receive enough nutrients and the problem of hair loss does not threaten you. Pay attention to your diet.

Another factor contributing to hair loss is a sharp weight loss. If you decide to by all means become a "reed" and go hungry, then you will have to part with your hair.

A rigid diet for hair is not only a lack of healthy and nutrients, due to which they live and grow, it is also a huge stress, which also contributes to loss. It's over does not mean that you can not lose weight at all.

You need to make a diet wisely, include enough healthy products with a high content of vitamins, calcium, zinc, etc. Otherwise, you risk becoming slim, but bald.

4. Metabolic disorders and various diseases

Serious diseases can noticeably spoil your hair. For example, if you have had flu for a long time, it will affect your hair. Metabolic disorders are also a kind of disease. Due to improper metabolism, vitamins may simply not be absorbed. If you want to be beautiful and have thick, strong hair - first of all you must be healthy! Watch your health, this is the most important!

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