Causes of hair loss in women after 50

Main reasons

After 50 women often face various health problems. One of the fairly common - alopecia or hair loss. This brings a lot of unpleasant unrest for women and feelings about aesthetic appearance. In this case, you should not ignore the visit to the doctor, since hair loss can be a signal of the development of various diseases of internal organs and neurological disorders.

cause of hair loss in women after 50

cause of hair loss in women after 50

Types of baldness

Causes of hair loss in women after 50 can be different and for the correct diagnosis, doctors identified several types of baldness: focal, diffuse, seborrheic, androgenic.

  • Androgenic alopecia. This type of hair loss is associated with hormonal changes. The cause of the disease in women is the predominance of male hormones.
  • The main difference between male and female baldness is that in the fair sex androgens do not destroy the hair follicle, and, therefore, in the treatment of hair can grow again.

    cause of hair loss in women after 50

  • Focal alopecia. A woman may face this problem at any age, but it is peculiar to an earlier age. This type of baldness is manifested by local foci, therefore it is also called alopecia areata. In most cases, it has an autoimmune origin.
  • Seborrheic alopecia. As a rule, this hair loss is associated with hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands. In this case, fat clogs the pores, preventing normal cell rejection and nutrition of the hair shaft. The hair in this case falls out evenly over the entire head.
  • Diffuse alopecia. With this type of baldness, hair falls out evenly, in the vacated space appears the so-called fluff hair.

cause of hair loss in women after 50

Causes of hair loss

There are a number of factors that can provoke alopecia in women:

  1. Strong or prolonged stress. The manifestation of alopecia may not appear immediately after a stressful situation, but after a while, which may complicate the diagnosis.
  2. Diseases of the endocrine system. And it is not only about possible violations of the thyroid gland, but also about the adrenal glands and even the hypothalamus.
  3. Violation of hormonal levels. It can cause climacteric changes, hormone therapy and some drugs, compliance with an unbalanced diet.
  4. Hereditary factor. It is more related to focal alopecia. More than 40 percent of women suffering from this disease had someone from their relatives with a similar problem.
  5. Prolonged presence in the body of chronic infection.
  6. Not enough nutrients. This is especially true for women who are fond of various restrictive diets.
  7. Negative external factors. Hot sun, wind, and severe frost also greatly affect the health of the strands.

Prevention and treatment of hair loss

The main treatment options are:

  1. receiving fortifying vitamin complexes;
  2. cause of hair loss in women after 50

  3. taking sedatives for stress;
  4. the use of various cosmetic products that have a therapeutic effect: masks, sprays, serums;
  5. physiotherapy: massage, cryotherapy, iontophoresis, electrostimulation, darsonvalization;
  6. cause of hair loss in women after 50

    cause of hair loss in women after 50

  7. methods of traditional medicine. This should be handled with caution, since various components can cause an allergic reaction.
  8. cause of hair loss in women after 50

If you detect the first symptoms of hair loss, you should contact the trichologist and the endocrinologist to determine the possible causes of the problem. Treatment will depend on the causes of occurrence and individual characteristics.

cause of hair loss in women after 50

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