Causes of hair loss in women after 40

After 40 women are increasingly finding more hair on a comb. Over the years, the problem of the cut ends, thinned at the base of the strands, is becoming increasingly relevant. Fallen curls cause fear of baldness and readiness to resort to various folk and cosmetic means. But first you should understand the possible causes of hair loss. There are a lot of them, but let's highlight the main ones:

cause of hair loss in women after 40

  1. immunity weakens with age, which is the cause of the appearance of various viral diseases;
  2. after 40 years, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium are worse absorbed by a woman's body and their lack can lead to hair loss;
  3. prolonged or severe stress;
  4. cause of hair loss in women after 40

  5. polycystic ovary. This disease often occurs with the fair sex with age. It is manifested in an excess of male hormones, which also provokes baldness;
  6. the use of various medications;
  7. diseases of the cardiovascular system, which lead to impaired blood circulation and its flow into the head area, which causes a shortage of hair nutrition;
  8. age-related diseases characteristic of 40. Particular attention should be paid to the endocrine system.
  9. cause of hair loss in women after 40

Methods of treating baldness in women

Hair loss in women after 40 is not a sentence. You are still young and beautiful, and beauty is an opportunity to maintain further. The main thing is that when the first signs of baldness appear, contact a specialist, a trichologist and an endocrinologist, find out a possible reason and decide on the methods of treatment.

cause of hair loss in women after 40

Consider the main ways to improve the structure of the hair:

  1. medication. It consists in the use of various drugs that must be administered exclusively by a doctor. Resort to this method is extremely rare. The most popular medicines are finasteride (a hormonal drug) and minoxidil. Minus the use of the drug method in the presence of side effects, and an indisputable plus - a quick visible result;
  2. use of multivitamins. The method is aimed at eliminating the cause from the inside and in restoring the required amount of nutrients, especially iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc;
  3. cause of hair loss in women after 40

  4. cosmetology procedures. When choosing this method of recovery, you can be offered: mesotherapy, darsonval, plasma therapy, massage and other services of cosmetic clinics and salons;
  5. cause of hair loss in women after 40

    cause of hair loss in women after 40

  6. folk remedies. This method consists in the use of various oils, masks and tinctures, which are made at home. Plus method in the availability, but it is not suitable for everyone, because the individual components of folk remedies can cause allergies and irritation. In addition, it will be effective only with regular and long-term use.
  7. cause of hair loss in women after 40

You should not panic when signs of baldness appear, this is a reversible process. Consult with your doctor and choose a treatment method that suits you, take care of your health, eat fully and avoid stress.

cause of hair loss in women after 40

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