Casual hairstyles for short hair

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Professional stylists are sure that the most important moment when choosing a hairstyle is its compliance with the structure and type of face. Following these recommendations, many women cut their hair short enough. The first time, seeing positive changes, they are very pleased with the usual type of hair. But one day there comes a time when the styling begins to bother, and I want to make cool fashionable styling. However, it is necessary to realize that simple hairstyles for every day are more suitable for a short length of hair, and it is very difficult to create stylish styling. A small length does not allow to build such beautiful hairstyles, like French braids or horse tails, but with a little imagination and ingenuity, you can learn to make interesting hairstyles for every day for short hair.

Popular everyday styling for short hair

In order to make it easier to implement your own original ideas, this material will give examples of how beautiful everyday hairstyles for short hair can be, as well as instructions, using which, it will be quite easy to repeat the above options.


Favorite by many owners of long and medium hair hairstyle - a bun, is also available for a short length of hair.

  • In order to prevent strands from knocking out, you need to process the hair with mousse for fixing before it is combed, and with varnish after.
  • To make the installation even more reliable, the ends of the strands need to be fixed stealth.
  • You can disguise unsightly hairpins with a fashionable handkerchief.

a bunch of short hair

An interesting idea to increase the volume of the beam can be the use of improvised means or a special foam rubber roller for the head of hair. Old nylon pantyhose or stockings, which you need to cut off the toe part, and then tighten to a roller, are perfect. Curls are screwed onto the device used, the tips are fixed with the help of stealth arms.


Daily hairstyles for short hair can be very stylish and simple if you use curling iron or hair curlers to create them. Charming curls will make absolutely any young lady attractive. Instructions for performing styling for short hair is no different from the sequence for the remaining lengths:

  1. Curls are first processed fixing mousse.
  2. Then wound and gently separated by fingers.
  3. Beautiful hairstyles for every day based on the curls are obtained if you use fashionable accessories: hairpins with rhinestones, floral motifs, headbands, and so on.

cool curls

Exquisite mess

Daily hairstyle for short hair with slightly disheveled hairs will especially appeal to creative individuals. Using a small amount of styling, you can achieve a truly interesting effect. Since the hair can be laid in a chaotic manner, the number of variations of this style is limited solely by your imagination.

messy styling

To create such everyday hairstyles for short hair, it is necessary to put mousse or gel on wet strands and disheve hair. Laying ready!

Smooth styling

Easy hairstyles for every day can be created using a specially designed iron. They, strand by strand, straighten the entire array of hair. Then, the strands are treated with varnish.

smoothly laid hair

In greek style

Daily hairstyles for short hair in the Greek style today are very popular. This style fits any length of hair, that is, is universal. And with the help of bright accessories, quick hairstyles for every day can be easily transformed into solemn ones.

Greek styling

To create this hairstyle for every day for short hair, you need to wear a special rim on your head, comb the strands with a comb with different lengths of teeth and assemble them into a low tail.

Easy styling

This example clearly demonstrates that easy hairstyles for every day can be very effective. Slightly dry hair comb against hair growth with brushing and treat with hot air. When the hair dries, sprinkle it with a strong hold lacquer.

simple styling like sharon stone

Supplied with extra volume

To visually increase the volume of hair, you can process curls similar to the previous method, but try harder to twist the strands inward to the roots.

bulk hair

Video: an interesting version of everyday hairstyles for short hair

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