Casual hairstyles for long hair

girls with soft waves

Long hair allows you to realize the most daring and original hairstyles. Different styling can be based on the most ordinary loose strands, curls, braids, bunches, pile, and so on. Restriction in the implementation of cool ideas can be only one rule - even the most stylish hairstyles should correspond to the image and the situation. For example, the popular styling of a babette is well suited for visiting fashionable cafes, but it will be completely inappropriate for business meetings.

Daily hairstyles for long hair are complicated by the fact that quite a bit of time is usually allocated for their creation. Simple hairstyles for every day do not always differ in originality, and fashionable and beautiful styling sometimes require certain skills and having a couple of free hours.

Popular hairstyles for every day for long hair

Can there be easy hairstyles for every day? Of course yes. This material contains several ideas for such styling. Using the instructions, learn how to perform these options is not difficult. After mastering these methods, you can begin to implement your own ideas or try to repeat the styling from fashion magazines.


Using horizontal braids, you can create fast and very feminine everyday hairstyles for long hair. One example of the use of this technique are braids of braids.

how to make a braid bezel

  1. In order to put a head of hair, it must be combed, treated with a heat protection spray and pulled out with a rectifier.
  2. On one of the temples, separate three strands of hair, treat each of them with a styling agent and weave it like a normal spikelet, but we need to weave new strands only from the side of the forehead.
  3. When the braid bezel reaches the second temple, continue weaving with the addition of strands on both sides. Upon completion of weaving, fasten the tip of the braid with a beautiful rubber band.

Greek braids

Daily hairstyles for long hair look very romantic and gentle. This manual is just one of the many ways of laying in the Greek style.

  1. Apply mousse to loose hair and dry it using hair dryer.
  2. Next, weave like a pigtail-rim, tightening the strands is not too tight.
  3. Going from one temple to another, secure the hair with a rubber band.
  4. Screw loose curls using curling.
  5. To fix a varnish.

styling in the Greek style

Casual hairstyles for long hair in the Greek style can be easily transformed into solemn ones, if you use elegant accessories: ribbons, artificial flowers, barrettes with rhinestones, tiaras and so on.

Volumetric braid

Another option hairstyle for every day for long hair, performed by weaving.

volumetric braid

  1. Comb the hair back and divide by five identical strands.
  2. Put the extreme strand on the right side to the next one, then the center one - on the one that was originally extreme.
  3. Next, put the strand, which has become central, on the one to its left.
  4. The leftmost strand to put on the next. Weave it in such a way until the whole length of the strands is woven.
  5. Secure the free tip and decorate it with a barrette or rubber band.


Habitual daily hairstyle for long hair, horse tail, can become unusual if you disguise the elastic band, twisting it with a thin strand of hair. Another option for everyday hairstyles for long hair based on the tail - twisting the hair at the base. To do this, first make a soft tail, divide the hair above the rubber band into two equal parts and thread the tail between them.

how to make a horse tail


Interesting hairstyles for every day for long hair can be made on the basis of a regular bun. For example, to vary the styling may be oblique or zigzag parting. Fast hairstyles for every day can be created on the basis of a bundle of knots. To do this, you need to divide the hair into two equal parts and tie them together until the small tips are free. They should be carefully refilled, and the styling itself should be decorated with a nice accessory.

bunch of braids


Beautiful hairstyles for every day are obtained if you use curls as a basis. They can be created with the help of curlers, curling irons or the original method - twisting the wet strands into braids. When curls are ready, one can form tails, loose braids, or leave them loose. Using fantasy, you can do very beautiful and easy hairstyles for every day.

ribbons on soft curlers


With the appearance of a straightening iron, many beauties have become big fans of smooth mirror styling. On the long head of hair such styling looks gorgeous.

creating a smooth surface

  1. On the dried clean hair you need to apply a heat spray with the effect of smoothness.
  2. Divide the head into 2 identical zones. Slap one part of the hair or tie it with a rubber band so that it does not interfere with your work.
  3. The remainder of the stacks again divide into several small strands.
  4. With the heated iron begin to straighten the strands in the direction from the crown to the tips.
  5. This manipulation needs to be done all over the head. As a result, you should get a smooth mirror styling.


The bundle-bow will be an original solution for bright and stylish girls with long hair. This bundle is very simple to create and you do not need to use a lot of jewelry for it. It can be used as a decoration of your image for every day, changing the size and height of the bow.

creating a bunch of bow

  1. From clean curls you need to tie a ponytail.
  2. Then select a flat pattern. It should be about 1/5 of the tail. Separate it from the front.
  3. Divide the rest of the curls into two identical pieces, and then fold inward. So you get curls bow.
  4. Carefully place the ends of the bow into the hair so that they are not visible, and then attach it with small hairpins to the head of hair.
  5. That strand, which was separated from the beginning, needs to be thrown over "ears" bow, as well as twist the resulting bundle, thereby hiding the gum.
  6. Attach the tip of the strand stealth.
  7. To make the bun-bow more durable, strengthen it with a pair of studs, pushing them into the center.

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