Castor oil for weight loss

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More recently, we were surprised to learn that castor oil can be used as a means for losing weight. It is this fact that has recently contributed to the increased interest in this product. Is castor oil for weight loss so effective or is it a myth? This question requires an immediate answer.

Is castor oil for weight loss effective or not?

Not all experts recognize the possibility of effective use of castor oil in order to drop those extra pounds. Opponents of its use claim that a few decades ago it was used as a laxative and, naturally, it is dangerous to abuse it in order to lose weight. And it’s hard not to agree. Apply castor oil for weight loss should be very careful, and if you forget about caution, you get an upset stomach, dehydration, as well as the loss of trace elements and vitamins that are vital for the body. Proponents, on the contrary, believe that losing weight with castor oil normalizes the intestinal flora, and also cleanses the body of toxins and slags.

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But, according to experts, the use of castor oil for weight loss is possible only with the observance of another not unimportant factor - diet + exercise. Without this combination, the discharge of excess fat is impossible. Hence the conclusion:

  • Firstly, castor oil can only be taken as a laxative. No supernatural ability to break down fat, much less instantly save the body from excess weight, castorca is not capable.
  • Secondly, castor oil will help only those people who are prescribed a protein diet, in order to contribute to the body to digest this very protein food. But do not forget that losing weight with castor oil can produce a beneficial effect on the body only if it is used correctly.

Proper slimming with castor oil

The most common and simple weight loss schemes at home with castor oil:

  1. Intake of castor oil inside 1 time in 7 days on an empty stomach. To achieve a positive effect is enough 1 to 2 tablespoons, depending on your complexion. Cleansing is quite intense, so it is better to take the drug on a day off.
  2. Slimming with castor oil with a smaller dose, but with a long period of time "slimming therapy". Instructions for applying a gentle method are as follows: drink 0.5 to 1 tablespoon of castor oil daily before breakfast. The course of treatment is a phased week of admission, then a week of respite. During the year you can conduct several courses of such procedures on your own.
  3. The use of castor oil for weight loss in combination with lemon juice is another simple technique. To clear the intestines with this compound, you need to know your own weight. The number of grams of castor oil required for the procedure must match the number of pounds of patient weight. Lemon juice will need more than twice. At home, to make yourself such a tool is not difficult. To do this, a measured amount of ingredients must be mixed and heated in a water bath. Do not forget to stock up on raisins in advance. Having thoroughly chewed and eating it after taking a mixture of castor oil with lemon juice, you can avoid unpleasant nausea. This procedure is desirable to do at bedtime, because for some time you can not take water and food, otherwise the result will be zero. In the morning for breakfast you can eat yogurt.
  4. To reduce appetite, you can use a mixture consisting of a teaspoon of castorca and ground chicory. It is recommended to drink this composition with one glass of water. The whole cycle of losing weight is calculated for a month.

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Before using any of these methods, it is better to consult a specialist. We also note an important point that weight loss with castor oil is absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women!

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