Carving-sparing long-term hair styling

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Long-term styling for hair, also called carving, promises to be a real hit in the coming year. However, well-laid hair has always been and will be popular. Beautiful and lush hairstyles never go out of fashion.

At its core, carving is a type of perm. However, this long-term hair styling has a better formulation, so it does not cause significant hair damage. The curls on which the carving was made do not need further treatment with expensive means or circumcision. Mildly acting drugs leave them healthy, strong, resilient, beautiful and shiny.

In addition to chemicals, in the process of laying used in various forms of hair curlers. They can be both large and small, both ordinary and spiral.

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The advantages of long-term styling

  • The first and most important advantage over conventional perm has already been called - carving does not cause significant damage to the hair.
  • Long-term hair styling gives the hair more lush look.
  • In addition, the curls become more pliable, cease to stick out in different directions and scatter. They are easier to comb and give them a different shape.
  • Long-term styling will not cause additional damage, even painted strands. It is worth noting that professionals in the field of hair care, still recommend first to do the procedure for long-term styling, and then toning or dyeing the hair.
  • Carving can be resorted to much more frequently than to conventional perm. As you know, classical chemistry is recommended to do no more than once a year. At the same time, carving can be used up to 4-6 times in the period indicated above, that is, it can be done even once in two months. In some cases, the composition for long-term styling is applied not along the entire length of the hair, but only on the root area. This is done to give the hair the necessary volume.

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Negative side carving

  • Unfortunately, the use of mildly acting formulations makes the result of this cosmetic procedure not too resistant. The best type of hairstyle will have no more than one month. In addition, long-term styling does not negate the need to resort to everyday hair styling. However, as already noted, the hair becomes more obedient and, accordingly, it will be much easier to make styling.
  • With relative safety, carving is still not recommended in cases where the curls are too weak, breaking or splitting. The risk of harm to the hair is reduced, but the chemical effect can not pass for the body without a trace.
  • Carving can exacerbate the problems of curls, which are often subject to full or partial discoloration.
  • Another disadvantage of carving is that it does not “take” too thick, thick or long curls. For them, the effects of chemical compounds will be too weak and even less durable.

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Long-term styling procedure

In beauty salons, the procedure of long-term styling will take about two hours.

  1. First, the specialist will twist your strands on special curlers.
  2. Then put on them a professional tool for carving. The special skill of this procedure is to select and combine hair curlers of various sizes on the head in the best way. By manipulating the location of large and small hair curlers, it is possible to achieve an increase in the splendor of the hairstyle in specific areas. Using such actions, for example, you can mask the places where hair growth is lower than on the rest of the scalp.

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  • Long-term styling for short hair is difficult from a technical point of view, so it is recommended to do it in beauty salons or hairdressing salons.
  • Long-term styling for long hair has the same problem. As already mentioned, the longer length of the strands must be more thoroughly than the average length, and should be worked out with the composition, otherwise the result of laying may simply be imperceptible. Long-term styling for long hair is considered the least effective. The best option for carving is the average length and density of the hair.
  • Long-term styling for medium hair may well be done at home.

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How to make long-term styling yourself?

First of all, deciding to make a carving at home, you need to explore the line of special tools. Be sure to read reviews about the various means, so that you do not have to deal with a damaged hairstyle in the salon.

Armed with a means for carving and curlers, you can safely proceed to the procedure:

  1. Wash hair with shampoo and dry it well.
  2. Carefully and carefully twist the strands on the curlers.
  3. Carving solution is applied to the strands with a sponge.
  4. After applying the solution to the entire area of ​​hair growth, you need to cover the head with a plastic cap and roll it over with a towel.
  5. Before removing the curlers, the head must be treated with warm or hot water. No need to use shampoo.
  6. Above the curlers, following the instructions on the package, apply a new composition-fixer.
  7. The fixing solution is also washed off without detergent.
  8. After removing the curlers, curls are processed with nourishing balms.
  9. Next, the strands are dried and laid using a hairdryer and brushes.

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After the long-term styling procedure, it is not recommended to wash your hair for at least three days. For subsequent washing, special products are used to care for hairs that have been subjected to chemical attack.

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Special hair care with long-term styling

  • Since gradually the effect of styling will fade away, in addition to the means for damaged hair, you can use curly products with which you can do everyday styling.
  • Hair gels will help in creating interesting effects.
  • Completely without styling can also be dispensed with, in this case, the hair will simply keep a larger volume than in its original form.
  • Dry carved hair should be treated with professional moisturizers.
  • Well restore the hair, subjected to chemical treatment, various masks. They help moisturize and nourish curls with vitamin-mineral complexes. Masks can be both purchased and made from ordinary products. Bread, nettle, egg and onion masks are excellent products for the care of damaged hair.

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Dear girls, now you have learned about a more gentle hair styling. We also got acquainted with the minuses and advantages of the carving session, about the proper care of hair after the procedure. And of course, we got acquainted with the detailed instructions on how to make a carving session without leaving your home, take it into service and become the owner of an elegant styling!

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