Capricious in laying - slanting bangs

Riana with a torn hairstyle

If you have already worn a straight bangs, then changed it to a short one, but you’ve already bored with these two options, and you want something new, slanting bangs, this is a way to change your appearance! Such "torn" bangs easily fixes some shortcomings in appearance, emphasizes dignity and helps girls who absolutely do not have the first two variations.

blonde and brunette with torn bangs

Ripped bang gives the image of charm, sexuality and even "animates" ugliest haircut. Many girls do not dare to become its owners, talking about capriciousness in styling. Yes, it is not so easy to beautifully lay it, you should try a little. But just thinking about the amazing effect that it can produce on others, you will quickly forget about all its capriciousness, and learn how to style this beauty easier than ever!

What variations of oblique bangs exist?

There are different variations and each of them complements the image of a different type of person.

short haircuts

A rectangular face for this type of appearance will suit absolutely any variation, you can make it milled or not, as well as shear strands of different lengths.

A triangular face of this appearance will suit the classic unlined and not multi-layered oblique bangs. It originates directly from the top of the head, where the top point is located on the eyebrow line, and the bottom point is slightly lowered on the second eyebrow.

Ashlee Simpson with a ragged bang

A square face for this type of appearance is suitable for a shortened variation, where its upper corner can be 1-2 cm long and the bottom to reach the cheekbone line. Another variation is a bang in several layers, it will give softness and femininity to your image. In the torn oblique bangs for such a person should be completely absent sharp, clear lines, they should all be smooth, as well as exclusion.

An oval face, for such a type, it should contain locks with different lengths — long, as well as short ones. This option will emphasize all the advantages of this type of appearance.

What girls is slanting bangs?

bang long oblique

Girls with large and expressive features of the face will suit a slightly elongated variation, where the high point is at the line of the eyelashes, and the lowest point is at the level of the cheekbones. Ragged bangs can even completely hide one eye. It should be perfectly smooth, with a smooth contour.

If you are a business and active girl, then a short version will suit you. The top of your bangs should be no longer than 3 cm, and the bottom should reach the eyebrow line.

Owners of regular features will suit any hairstyle with a slanting bang, but for girls with curly hair it is better to forget about it at all.

Best hairstyles with oblique bangs

blondes with bangs obliquely

Trendy short bob haircut perfectly with oblique torn bangs. Carelessly sheared, with protruding strands of different lengths, will be the perfect complement to the image.

Kare on medium hair, can also complement a thick, obliquely cut bangs, it can be different in length, both short and long. An interesting image will be where half of her face is covered with it.

Haircut cascade with oblique bangs is not less interesting combination. There are no restrictions on the choice of the variation of oblique bangs, it can be thick, long, short, smooth or with protruding strands.

How to cut?

Naturally, the best option would be a trip to a good hairdresser-stylist who cuts it according to all the rules and it will be flawless. After all, strands should not be unnecessarily long, and ridiculous to stick up and climb into your eyes and bristling. And after laying, the view should be perfect with a glossy surface, this is exactly what a properly trimmed bang should look like!

bangs like victoria beckham

But if you still wondered how to cut it yourself, then you should know one important rule in this business — you need sharp scissors like a razor to cut the hair properly! Another important rule is that you only need to cut your hair dry, if the hair is wet or wet, you can easily calculate the length!

One interesting nuance! To give charm and make your image more interesting, go through a session of coloring or highlighting hair, with such hair oblique bangs will look amazing!

Technique haircuts

  • First, comb your hair and tie it in a tight tail, so that they do not interfere with you, if you have knocked out strands, then pin them with hairpins;
  • If you already have some kind of bang, then comb it, and if not, then you should have separated the hair for it from the total weight of the hair, and then combed it;
  • After that, cut it diagonally to the line of maximum necessary length, this is necessary for graduated bangs;
  • Holding the scissors in a vertical position, start cutting off the shortest part of the future bang;
  • Take thinning shears and go through the hair to make softer transitions from short to long hair;
  • If you do not want a graded bang, then your actions will correspond to the first three points + alignment;
  • Then you need to slightly blow the hair with a hair dryer and slightly correct the remaining shortcomings.

brown hair with styling

Here you are familiar with the question of how to make oblique bangs. By learning to cut it yourself, you can do the same. "how to cut a slanting bang"when she grows up!

How to lay?

strands of different lengths

Rule number 1

Never brush it! Having done this, you will instantly look untidy and awkward !! It will be right only a little bit to splash varnish on it and lightly comb a comb. So you'll look perfect. This variation of styling is suitable for long oblique bangs.

It is easier to lay a short chelok, just ruffle it with your fingers and lightly spray varnish on top. Your look will be romantic and a little naughty!

Rule number 2

Never apply a large amount of varnish, gel, mousse and other styling products to the bang! So you will avoid an untidy look, as if you have unwashed, greasy hair.

banging stars

For hair styling with a hair dryer, you should take a round comb and mousse for styling. Apply a small amount of mousse to your hair and stroke it with a comb, then turn on the hair dryer, put it into the mode of cool air and direct the stream to the hair. The air should flow vertically, pry the hair with a round comb and start to roll it slowly. Here's a hairdryer styling technique.

Video: how to cut a ragged slanting bang

Lovely girls, deciding on such a difficult procedure, be prepared for the fact that your bangs may be slightly awkward, all this is due to the lack of hairdressing skills. If you carefully monitor your image and every detail is important to you, then you better go to the salon, into the hands of an experienced master and become irresistible!

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