Can pregnant women dye their hair

hair coloring during pregnancy

The period of carrying a child is one of the most beautiful and exciting in the life of any woman. Waiting for a miracle, heightened attention from others, the opportunity to be engaged only in oneself, and not in work - these are not all the advantages that can be attributed to this state. However, pregnancy imposes a number of restrictions. Some of them are fictional or prejudice, the other - scientifically based recommendations and understand them is not so easy. For example, some doctors recommend expectant mothers not to stop playing sports, others consider it dangerous. Someone advises taking vitamin supplements, and someone thinks that there is no benefit from them. A separate topic of discussion is hair coloring during pregnancy.

The manufacturers of hair-dyes themselves warn that it is dangerous to dye hair during pregnancy, because the cosmetics used contain many preservatives and toxic chemical elements. However, we are well aware that through the hair these compounds can not enter the blood. Yes, and the daughter of your mother's neighbor says that with her own hands she dyed her hair during pregnancy and nothing terrible happened to her. But the mother of your neighbor is sure that it is a bad sign to dye your hair pregnant. How to understand these contradictory statements? How to maintain your hair in perfect order? Let's try to understand this issue with you.

Safety first

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So, you have learned that you will soon become a mother and you are concerned about the question whether you can remain as attractive and well-groomed as you used to look like before. Can you still dye your hair yourself and at home? According to the opinion of modern doctors, it is possible to dye hair during pregnancy, since cosmetics for coloring can not cause serious harm to the fetus. However, since the manufacturers themselves do not recommend dying their hair to pregnant women with their products, it is worthwhile to insure themselves and look for coloring agents that will cause your body a minimum of negative impacts. In addition, it is necessary to carefully study the developmental patterns of the child at each of the periods of pregnancy and to guess the time when the baby will be strong enough and protected.

When not to dye your hair

Most likely, you know that the period of the greatest vulnerability of the child falls on the early stages of intrauterine development. In the first few weeks, the baby's spine, heart, and other internal organs form, and the slightest negative impact on the fetus may be irreversible. There are more and more children around us with various deviations from normal development, which is clearly demonstrated by the above statement. That is why the question - can pregnant women dye their hair in the early stages has an unequivocal answer - it is impossible. In order not to harm itself and the baby, it is better to wait for the second trimester of pregnancy. Starting from the third month of development, the baby is protected by the placenta and all negative effects are not so dangerous.

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How to protect yourself

Before you give instructions and tell you how to step-by-step paint the ladies' head of hair in the position, let us warn you that it is strongly not recommended to use paint containing ammonia. Ammonia fumes are very harmful and have an unpleasant and pungent odor that not everyone is able to endure. Even in the usual state of dyeing hair with such substances is dangerous and should be discarded. The only plus of these compounds is relatively low cost.

Another interesting question - is it possible for pregnant women to dye their own hair? The answer is no, not worth it. Hair dyeing surgery may not be very comfortable and there may be ink on the scalp. Better and better it will make the master in the cabin or your girlfriend.

How to dye your hair

Our ancestors knew that the best hair dyes have a natural basis. They actively used decoctions of herbs, flowers and other plant substances to tint the hair. And the question whether pregnant hair is dyed was not relevant - they knew that not only it was not harmful to dye, but even the opposite was useful. Here are some of the most effective recipes.

Onion Husk

onion peel in a saucepan

  1. 3 parts of onion peel pour 1 part of water and boil.
  2. Rub the resulting liquid into the hair.
  3. To obtain a visible result, the procedure must be carried out step by step - every day during the week once. The result will be a magnificent golden tide, which will be noticeable even on very dark curls.

Chamomile decoction

This tool also gives the head of hair a shade of gold, but not as pronounced as in the previous case. Therefore, this tool is especially well suited for light strands. To prepare the broth, you need to boil 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile in half a liter of water. This tool will also work only if applied in stages in a few days. Chamomile decoction not only dyes hair, but also perfectly strengthens it.

chamomile decoction

Walnut decoction

To make the hair darker, you can use a decoction of walnut leaves. You can prepare the product by boiling 25 grams of nut leaves in a liter of water for 30 minutes.

Of course, not every woman dares to prepare such tools herself. A good alternative to hand-made cosmetics for hair coloring will be the well-known Basma and henna. The henna will give a fiery-red color or a pleasant copper tint, depending on the duration of the staining procedure. Basma will make the strands very dark, almost black. You can become an owner of chestnut hair by applying a mixture of henna and Basma.

walnut decoction

Hair specialists recommend testing the selected product on one strand before full dyeing to ensure that the result will meet your expectations. It should be borne in mind that these funds have a fairly long-lasting effect.

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