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Thick and beautiful hair without gray-haired bald spots - the dream of any person, regardless of gender and age. Unfortunately, with age, not everyone can boast luxurious curls of bright color without a treacherous stretch. Comes to the aid of gray camouflage. You should not confuse it with spotty coloring and military clothing in military style. Hair camouflage is a procedure aimed at lightly dyeing gray hair. Read more about the indications and features of the procedure, read on.

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Causes of gray hair

There are several main reasons for the appearance of unattractive white hair in the head of hair:

  • Vitamin deficiency is vitamin B deficiency, and it is B 10 and B 12 that affect the quality of the strands.
  • Age changes, in combination with many other processes, slows down the process of producing coloring pigment melanin.
  • External factors are sun, wind, dyes, frost. All these factors make the hair structure porous and the amount of melanin decreases sharply.
  • Stress-imbalance in the body leads to early graying.

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If a change in the diet of food, the use of vitamin complexes and a decrease in the amount of stress does not give positive results, you can try to save the situation by camouflaging a gray head.

Hair camouflage: the essence of the procedure

Camouflaging the hair is a process of easily changing the natural color of the curls. Camouflaging tools for coloring gray hair easily cope with the problem of gray areas on the head. The color palette of the tool does not have bright colors that color the hair in the style of Kisa Vorobyaninov. The result naturally exceeds all expectations.

Indications for the use of camouflage

  • partial appearance of gray;
  • completely gray hair;
  • fading natural color strands.


The benefits of camouflage to combat gray hair

The camouflaging of gray hair, especially for a male audience, occurs taking into account the basic requirements of the client:

  • The naturalness of the result, so that the fact of staining remains secret.
  • Leveling sharp contrast between dark and greyish strands.
  • Exception of the fact of manifestation of reddish and warm shades on the head of hair.
  • The speed and simplicity of the session.
  • Lack of effect "regrown roots".

What is different from camouflage coloring

Often, men, wishing to look young and attractive for a longer time, resort to coloring gray areas. After changing the color of the strands with paint, the result of chemical exposure is more than obvious. What is the camouflage for hair different from prosaic painting?

  • Funds used as camouflage, are made without the use of ammonia. The alkaline component is ethanolamine.
  • Ethanolamine is a substance that carefully changes the color of grayish strands, leaving the rest in their natural tone.
  • The products are similar to tinting paints, but the effect of using it is more natural and light.
  • The ability to loosen hair and inject pigment only in the initial layers of cortex. Because of this, over time, the tool will be leached out gradually, without leaving sharp drops of color.
  • Due to the gentle penetration of the pigment, a natural gray will be slightly visible, and the effect of brightly colored men's strands will be excluded.
  • Because of the specially provided soft palette of colors of ashy and natural tones, the threat of getting a shiny and unnatural hair is no longer possible.

difference procedures

Camouflaging gray hair in men depends on the individual characteristics of each person: the stiffness and density of the hair.

General guidelines for camouflaging gray hair

The dye and the activator is included in the package of the camouflage means. Prepare a sponge, gloves and brush before the event. The procedure for the qualitative improvement of your existing color of hair is according to the following instructions:

  1. Choose the camouflage color that best suits your natural shade. It should be closest to the natural tone.
  2. First you need to get rid of the ugly shade of yellow strands and give them a noble shade.
  3. On "mane" up to 10 cm long combine 10 g of dye and 10 g of activator. On the hair length of 10-20 cm. 20 g. Respectively.
  4. Apply the mixture to the shoal using a sponge. So you previously remove "silver" from the head by 25% and soften the sharp transitions between gray and dark strands. It is necessary to hold the dye composition on the head for about 5-10 minutes. Then it is necessary to wash off its remnants.
  5. On the grayed curls to the shoulders should be applied coloring agent with a brush. Such a maneuver will provide half the color of gray hair.
  6. Camouflaging gray hair in women, trimmed with a ladder or elongated four of a kind, should be carried out using a three-row comb. In this way, "silver" paint over 75%.
  7. In order to get rid of the graying strands completely, apply the mixture on the curls with a dense brush, indirectly dividing the hair with a comb with frequent teeth.
  8. Camouflage is safe for both male and female skin. The reason is that the composition does not contain ammonia.

procedure step by step

After the "staining" need to look after "mane", applying actively restoring and strengthening shampoos.

Men reshade Goldwell: 5 minutes for the result

Reshade is a unique development of Goldwell, which allows you to return the native color of the pile. The advantages of this drug:

  • 5 minutes. That is how long it will take for your curls to get a beautiful shade. If you wish, you can combine the procedure of tinting and cutting. So you can save valuable time.
  • Naturalness Complete absence of regrown roots and partial leaching of color. The result will be 100% natural.
  • All processes of applying the substance can be carried out when washing the head. The painting process can be compared with the application of conventional shampoo. The speed of the process is equivalent to washing the head.
  • Unlike staining with permanent paints, "mane" does not suffer chemical damage. On the contrary, when coloring its quality will only improve.


Cover 5 by Loreal

The tool is a ammonia-free staining gel. The color palette is different shades, as close as possible to the natural color of the hair. Why it is worth stopping the choice on this product? The natural hue of the stacks is restored and revitalized.

  1. Gel camouflages both female and male hair.
  2. The effect is observed immediately after the first application.
  3. Application is possible in combination with a thickener.
  4. After the session, you can heal the curls with moisturizing hair masks.
  5. The cost of a product that provides youth and beauty of curls is 400-450 rubles, and the oxidizer for mixing the gel is purchased separately.
  6. The event is quite simple. Mix the oxidizer and the gel in a non-metallic container, apply to dry unwashed "mane" and wash off after 5 minutes.

color changes

TICOLOR Hot MEN: complete disguise

Formula specifically designed for men. The application ensures the return of the natural pigment to the strands, avoiding imparting saturated unnatural colors.

  1. The rejuvenation session is simple. Mix the dye and oxidizer in a 1: 1 ratio and apply on wet curls. Hold for 5 minutes and rinse.
  2. It has an excellent effect on the quality of strands sunburned. Curls acquire relief, and returns to a healthy state.
  3. After applying the shock becomes soft and docile. In addition, after the first session returns shine and silkiness.
  4. The product price is 200-250 rubles, which is more affordable for the average buyer.


Paul Mitchell Flash Back

Another option to return the lost freshness to the male head. Benefits of use:

  1. The palette is represented by 9 colors, which will allow not to paint over, namely to shade the appeared "silver".
  2. Special filters allow you to protect strands from burning in the sun.
  3. Perfect for inconspicuous beard and mustache coloring.
  4. Peppermint extract has a calming effect and stimulates hair growth.
  5. Buy Flash Back from Paul Mitchell can be for 600-700 rubles.

quality improvement

Features camouflage gray hair in women

The beautiful half of humanity has long tried and often practices staining of grayed-up strands. For softer use, without aggressive ammonia agents, hair camouflagers are used. Unlike men, women are harder to please, because the female nature always strives for perfection. There are a number of features in the use of camouflage curls by women.

  • The most effective camouflage gray hair for blondes. On light strands the easiest way to hide ash curls.
  • In brunettes, the effect is noticeable worse, because the gray cannot be completely painted in a dark tone. Its color can only be drowned out.
  • With a uniform arrangement of grayed areas, you can achieve the effect of stylish highlighting.

outlet for women

Rarely what man is painting "silver" on the head. There are only rare exceptions of noble silvery shades of curls. In all other situations, camouflage gray will come to the rescue. A soft and effective procedure will allow you to move the aging process to indefinitely long lines.

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