California highlighting for different hair colors

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California bleaching of hair is a very popular method of dyeing lately, looks great on the head of hair of any color, length and thickness. The essence of such staining is creating the effect of burnt strands. For this, 5–6 shades of color are used, which smoothly change from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends. Unlike shatush staining, foil is not used. Strands dry in the open air, so their damage is practically excluded. Also, this method of coloring with color transition can be partially applied to the ombre staining so popular in recent years.

California highlights were created in America. This method of coloring got its name due to the beauties from hot California - on sunny beaches, the curls fade beautifully and are colored with different light shades. With this method "color transition" You can refresh your hair and give it a rested appearance at any time of the year and in any climate, just refer to a skilled craftsman or put into practice recommendations on coloring at home.

Examples of well-executed California highlighting are on the page. These photos can be guided by the choice of suitable shades for self-dyeing hair, or just for inspiration with beautiful images.

barely noticeable color change

Advantages of Californian highlighting

This coloring has its absolute advantages:

  • This is a gentle method;
  • Suitable for masking gray hair;
  • Do not overdry the curls, you can slowly and naturally grow your own color;
  • You can use brown-haired women, brunettes, dark blond and light blond;
  • The hair becomes voluminous, fluffy and obedient;
  • Looks natural and natural.

Jessica Alba and Tyra Banks

California highlights on dark hair

California highlight on dark hair is gradually winning the hearts of brunettes around the world, many dark-haired celebrities choose this way of coloring. Often this method is used for the gradual clarification of the nature of dark curls. If the session will be held independently, you need to remember: the dyeing technique for dark hair and the shades used will be very different from the compositions for blondes or for owners of blond hair.

brown hair with sunburned strands

The technique of performing California highlighting, which is used to color brunettes, is also known as Venetian highlighting. The method of dyeing dark hair, which creates the effect of strands burned out in the sun, got its name not from beauties from California, but from their predecessors from hot Italy. Both names are quite common, so the masters can be called the one that is more like.

California highlighting on dark hair is performed using 5-6 shades, from cognac and gold to light brown, depending on the primary color. The color varies uniformly from root to tip, there are no clear boundaries and sharp color transitions. If a perm was made a month before the intended painting, it is better to temporarily refrain from the procedure, otherwise the result may be very different from the intended one.

dark burnt effect

California highlights on light brown hair

The overwhelming majority of women in Russia and the CIS countries are naturally endowed with light brown hair. It is rare to find one that would not want to make them brighter, however, not everyone is ready for a radical change of color. In such a situation, Californian highlighting for blond hair perfectly helps out - it allows you to change the overall color scheme without too drastic changes, the strands after dyeing look natural, become brighter and look good. Shades for highlighting of fair-haired hair - ashen, platinum, wheat and light-blond.

on blond curls

This type of coloring on light brown hair is very popular in Russia, so it’s easy to choose a dyeing composition in stores for self-changing image. To choose a proven composition, read the reviews from the girls who recently independently bought the paint for Californian highlighting. This can be done on thematic forums in any more or less large city.

fair-haired celebrities

California highlights on blonde hair

California highlighting on blond hair allows you to remove the redhead, which annoys very many fair-haired girls. Compared to dark-haired and brown-haired girls, girls with blond hair are in a more advantageous position - Californian highlighting of blond hair can be done using 2-3 shades.

What should I look for when coloring? A very important role is played by the technique of coloring and the right background of lightening so that over time the hair does not begin to turn yellow due to the pigment.

famous blonde

California highlighting for short hair

There are no restrictions on the form of hair - it can be curls, straight hair, haircuts with or without bangs. The technique of Californian highlighting for short haircuts does not differ from the usual coloring in this way. The main feature - Californian highlighting for short hair will have to be corrected much more often, since the roots grow quite noticeably, and the proportions of coloring are broken. For highlighting short hair wonderful light shades will suit, regardless of the main color of the hair.

blonde and brunette

Service cost

The cost of staining is quite high, since the process is complex, lengthy and time consuming. The actual final price for the service depends on where you live and may differ significantly from prices in other regions. Also, the cost is affected: the color and length of the hair, which compositions will be used and in what quantity, how much the professional master will do the coloring - the work of the stylist and hairdresser is much more expensive. On average, the price of California hair colorization starts from 4–5 thousand rubles and ends with 10–12 thousand.

California highlight at home

Properly done Californian dyeing is far from being for every master, and at home it is even more difficult to obtain the desired result. It is necessary to take into account many nuances when applying paint, to choose the right colors and stretch them on the strands. It is especially difficult for owners of dark curls - Venetian dyeing is very difficult to perform independently at the proper level. Yes, and fair-haired girls are not much simpler — it is very easy to burn curls to themselves when dyeing, but to restore them later is not a matter of a single day.

smooth transition between shades

To make the result of highlighting persistent and not disappoint after a month, use the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Prepare hair for coloring: wash with a mild shampoo without conditioner and air dry. At this stage, you can not use a hair dryer, so as not to overdry curls.
  2. Lubricate the cream skin on the hairline.
  3. Select the shades you will use. To color turned natural, strands brighten in a checkerboard pattern.
  4. It is necessary to begin to paint locks from the ends, with gradual advancement to roots. The closer to the roots of the painted area, the more intense should be the color.
  5. Before you wash off the paint, hold a wet brush from the roots to the tips. This method slightly adjusts gradient transitions. Too contrast transitions in this way can not be fixed, only small flaws.
  6. Wash your hair thoroughly and apply a special anti-yellow mask. It comes complete with a paste for California highlighting.

Californian highlights

If you examine the reviews of girls who have already experienced the effect of such coloring, one trend is clearly visible - in most cases, girls are satisfied with the result and recommend this method of painting to everyone. Negative reviews are rare and mostly written by those who did not follow the staged color scheme or chose the wrong colors.

fashionable coloring

Knowing this, responsibly approach the observance of all recommendations on staining, or entrust your hair to professionals. This coloring is great for any age and color type. The results before and after the photos speak for themselves - using this procedure it is very easy to transform any curls and improve their appearance beyond recognition.

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