Burdock hair oil

Burdock hair oil

Burdock, perhaps the most ancient plant that is used for hair. Its effectiveness has been proven over the years, burdock helper with a variety of problems of your hair. It can rightly be called the main base oil for hair.

Even now, when there are so many different hair products, many girls do not stop using burdock oil.

Useful properties of burdock oil

Burr oil - A useful tool for strengthening the roots, hair restoration, rapid hair growth. Burdock is rich in various minerals and acids. It contains stearic acid, palmitic acid, proteins, inulin and vitamin C.

Helpful advice: For greater effectiveness, before rubbing burdock oil, heat it in a water bath. Also in burdock oil, you can add essential oils that promote the growth and strengthening of the hair roots.

Use burdock oil

In most cases, burdock oil is used in its pure form. The most common way: the oil is rubbed into the scalp and accompanied by an intense head massage. After that, you need to wear a plastic cap and warm the head.

The second way is to apply oil on the entire length of the hair and scalp.

There are different opinions, how much time is needed for burdock oil to have a beneficial effect on the hair. If you use the oil in its pure form, then this mask can be kept for 30 minutes or more. Mask holding time is not limited. If you add to burdock oil and other components (egg yolk, brandy, other oils), then you should keep it for at least an hour. The time you will keep the mask also depends on the condition of your hair. If they are painted, dry and damaged, then you need to keep the mask longer.

Helpful advice: if you have a mixed type of hair (greasy roots and dry ends), then you can use burdock oil, only for hair, avoiding roots, this will help you avoid splitting ends, and the roots will not get fatter faster.

Helpful advice: It is most convenient to apply the oil on the partings with a toothbrush or syringe without a needle. In this way, you will save time.

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