Burdock hair masks

Burdock Hair Masks

Every girl wants to look attractive. Everything is important in the image: a figure, a make-up, a manicure, clothes ... But proper attention should be paid to the hair. Hair is the “business card” of every woman, because the shiny voluminous hair attracts admiring glances.

Under the influence of negative factors, such as stress, ultraviolet, unhealthy diet, hair loses its original beauty: it becomes lifeless, brittle and dull.

To bring them back to life, you should use hair masks, the main component of which is unconditionally burdock oil. This oil contains the components necessary for growth and the vitamins that nourish the hair and the bulb, thereby giving up the shine to the hair and improving the structure.

Burr oil can be used as a single component of the mask, and in combination with other components.

Warm mask of burdock oil

The most popular and effective method of using burdock oil is the “warm mask”. For this procedure, it is necessary to heat burdock oil in a water bath, distribute it through the hair and rub it into the roots. On the head should wear a hat and wrap a towel. Rinse hair with shampoo is at least an hour.

Nettle and burdock oil

Another effective mask is a mixture of nettle decoction with burdock oil. One and a half tablespoons of stems and leaves should be brewed in ½ stack. boiling water for half an hour, strain and allow to cool. After that, add to the decoction 1 tsp. oils.

Mask "two each"

Burdock Hair Masks

The mask has received this name, since all components must be taken in 2 tbsp. l Because of this, its recipe is easy to remember. Mix the following ingredients: lemon juice, liquid honey and Burr oil, each with 2 tables. spoons, add with 2 yolks. The mixture is left on the hair for an hour.

The power of two oils

Another beautiful mask is the "power of two oils", it will strengthen the hair and accelerate their growth. For its production requires to mix in equal proportions two types of oils: burdock and castor, and pepper tincture. “Awaken” hair bulbs should be within 55 - 70 minutes.

Cognac and burdock oil

Effective mask can be considered a mixture of burdock oil and brandy. It is necessary to mix the two components in equal proportions and beat well. If you have blond hair, you should add to the mixture 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.

It should be noted that the proposed procedures should be carried out about twice a week. For girls with oily hair: 1 time per week.

The positive effect of the treatment can be observed within two to two and a half weeks after application: the hair will become shiny, voluminous and full of strength.

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