Bulky bangs - selection rules and ways of laying

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Fashionable novelties, extraordinary stylistic decisions and hairstyles are all an inexhaustible arsenal of beautiful women in the art of transfiguration and conquest of those around them with their charms. Volume bangs - this is the part of hair, which helps women to look perfect, if it is skillfully applied. Depending on the stylistic presentation of haircuts with voluminous bangs look very sexy and organically at any age.

Volume bangs - who fits

Volumetric bangs are a versatile option for both thin and thick hair, but with some nuances in styling: it is perfectly shaped on thick, thick hair, as it does not cause difficulties during styling, but on thin ones, such a bang will perfectly help to visually compensate for the lack of pomp shag To create pomp, a special treatment of the hairline of the bangs is done - thinning or original styling with the help of an ironing or curling.

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In addition, you can add visual volume using a simple coloring technique that looks great on both light and dark hair. But do not flatter yourself - take into account the individual characteristics, the shape of the face and the overall style still have.

Rules for the selection of volume bangs

Sometimes women are not very happy with the features of their faces, but this problem can be solved by picking up her own face, which will hide unwanted defects in appearance. A high volume chelochka is a great way to disguise some details. In addition, her splendor can great revive the hair, adding to the image of the volume. Only need to consider some rules.

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  • If you have a low forehead, then the forehead should visually lift it: cut it off from the top of the crown, making it deep.
  • If you have large facial features, especially the nose, then you need to divert attention from him: focus on the low deep bangs (setting below the eyebrows).
  • If you have a massive chin or heavy cheekbones, you should abandon bulky bangs, because they visually exacerbate the imbalance of the face.
  • The wide forehead can be visually narrowed, if you make the chelok not very deep, with elongated lateral strands.
  • In order to “lighten” the bangs and create additional volume, thick hair can be profiled: the scheme is the most standard for large volumes of hair — using special scissors, retreating from the edge of the cut by 3-5 cm, spread the strands from top to bottom.
  • Ideally graded bangs are suitable for thin “down” hair of fair-headed young ladies: a magnificent bang in tandem with a “torn” haircut makes the hairstyle visually very spectacular and magnificent. Perfectly similar option looks on a hairstyle "bob" or "cascade".
  • It is better to refrain from volumetric bangs to girls with a thin chin, since it will create a geometric disproportion.
  • It is better for owners of curls not to make such bangs, as they will require daily styling with the help of straighteners.
  • Lush cheloku should not be worn for girls with straight long hair, it looks hard and ridiculous.

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Types of styling volume bangs

Haircuts with voluminous bangs look great with different hair styling options: loose, woven into the original braid, or hair picked up in the “ponytail”. In addition, at the current fashion shows - voluminous long bangs reigns: the stylists offer the most diverse and sometimes unexpected styling options for voluminous bangs:

  • "Pin-up": the bulk of the hair is collected in the tail or high styling, and the forehead with the help of a fleece rises an intricate semicircle;
  • “Hollywood”: the curls, together with the long chelis, are processed with gel, wound on curlers, dried and stacked with “puffs” in the right direction. Asymmetric styling is usually created;
  • "80s": the long bangs are raised with the help of a mohawk-shaped pile.
  • "Pompadour": one of the most unusual styling options, and how to make a voluminous bang in the style of "pompadour" with your own hands will be considered further in more detail.

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Today, the favorite technique of fashion stylists is the styling of volume bangs in the style of "pompadour". The history of this hairstyle combines various subcultures: American, Italian, French and Japanese.

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Note that the brow should not be short, but rather so that you can comb it and lay it on top of the main body of hair. Make it voluminous can not only in the barbershop, but also independently at home. To do this, your guide will serve the following instructions:

  1. Wet clean hair divided into two parts - under the brow and under the total weight of the hair. Attach a strand of the parietal part of the hair to the bang and fasten it with a barrette.
  2. Lay down the common part of the hair with a hair dryer, round brush and styling cosmetic.
  3. Hair on bang step by step lift using a round brush with a maximum lift - from the base to the tips.
  4. Then, strand on both sides of the temples fasten as high as possible.
  5. Screw the middle part, gradually blocking the anchoring of the side strands, slaughter at the base of the tail (if there is one). Or simply fix it with lacquer or barrette.

Video: styling bangs in nautical style

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