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In an effort to fulfill the dream of millions of women, to have styling with basal volume, but without curls, the PaulMitchell technologist invented a new procedure, Buffant. Technology is a real breakthrough in the hair industry. Satisfied women who have made Bouffant come to repeat the procedure again and bring their friends with them, and the masters try to master this technology as soon as possible in order to add the service to the list of price lists of their salons. What is this innovation and how safe it is for hair, how the Buffant is made and what the cost of the service is - we will answer all the most pressing questions.

About Bouffant Technology

The author of this breakthrough was Alexander Butenin, who works for PaulMitchell. The company specializes in the production of professional cosmetics for hair, supplied exclusively to the salons. This brand is synonymous with quality and safety for leading international stylists, Madonna and Jennifer Aniston stylists work with PaulMitchell cosmetics. In the US, the company exists for more than 35 years, its products are sold in more than 80 countries around the world. And since 2004, Russian specialists in beauty salons have had the opportunity to work with this professional cosmetics.

Alexander Butenin

In 2014, Alexander Butenin invented a new type of permanent perm - Buffan. The procedure allows to increase the basal hair volume by one and a half times, while the free ends will remain straight. This distinguishes Buffant volume from the usual permanent perm, which results in curls. So far, only units of beauty salons are ready to provide this service, as PaulMitchell products can be purchased only after a course of study and a contract with a company. This policy PaulMitchell ensures the safety of the original product and protects women from counterfeit.

What are the benefits of Buffan?

The Buffant procedure has appeared quite recently, but in just over a year of its existence, it has gained recognition from women around the world due to the following advantages:

  • Hair curl is safe. The active ingredient is cystamine, whereas ammonia and thioglycolic acid are included in the traditional perm composition. Cystamine is an amino acid that is part of the human hair. The composition gently affects the hair, keeping its pH.
  • Buffant Volume allows you to increase the basal volume up to 2 times, while leaving the hair completely straight.
  • The service can use the girls with any type and color of hair. The main condition is the absence of irritation of the scalp, hair diseases and their excessive loss.
  • The composition of Buffan contains components that reduce the activity of the sebaceous glands of the head, and therefore the hair will have a clean and fresh look without washing longer.
  • As a result, you will have a natural volume without the feeling of combed hair, they simply will seem larger.

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The manufacturer promises that having made a Bouffant for hair you will be able to enjoy the volume of hair for 3-4 months, although reviews indicate a shorter duration of effect, an average of 2 months.

Disadvantages of Buffant

Of course, the service is not without flaws and it would be dishonest not to warn you about it. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Anyway, Buffant is a perm, and therefore dry hair in the root zone is inevitable. But with the right application of the product and keeping the time of its exposure, the injury to the hair is negligible.
  • Carrying out the procedure of curling hair takes at least one and a half hours, and if your strands are long, then 2-3 hours.
  • Some girls are uncomfortable with the fact that after Bouffant you can't wash your hair for a while.
  • The cost of the service is not available to everyone.
  • The effect is short, the composition completely loses its properties on the hair after half a year.

If the strands are badly damaged, refuse this service, otherwise there is a risk that they will fall out.

application of the strands

How is the procedure Buffan

If you are interested in the service of perm hair curling, you should definitely find out how Buffant is done to put together a complete picture of the procedure. The scheme of step by step is as follows:

  1. First of all, on clean and dry hair at the roots wear curlers with velcro.
  2. ColorBlock protective agent is applied to the main length of the strands. Thanks to him, the active substance does not fall on the loose strands.
  3. The active composition of Buffan is applied to the hair roots.
  4. They will put a hat on your head and you will need to wait about 25 minutes for the train to work.
  5. At the expiration of time, the cap is removed, and the curlers are removed from the hair.
  6. The composition is washed off with a strand.
  7. An indelible conditioner and a smoothing serum are applied to the hair.
  8. After that, the strands are dried with a hair dryer using a conventional flat brush.

how does Buffan Alexander Butenin

You may encounter reviews of girls who underwent the procedure in a different way. We described and showed in the photo how the author of the procedure conducts the procedure, Alexander Butenin, and non-observance of the original technology by other masters, as a rule, leads to poor-quality effect and negative reviews about the procedure.

washing the composition with strands

After the procedure, you should not wash your hair and use styling products for 48 hours. After this time, neither bad weather, no washing of the head, or a hat will spoil your styling - the volume of your hair will be preserved, and creating a hairstyle will take a minimum of time.

Buffan Cost

You can make Buffan far from every salon, as not all masters are ready to spend time and money on training. The names of those who attended the workshop of Alexander Butenin can be found in the list of participants on the official website of PaulMitchell, this will protect you from disappointment and help you choose a good master. The cost may vary depending on the length of the hair, on average, the price of the service is about 5,000 rubles.

Buffant result

Buffan Reviews

On the procedure, you can find not only positive feedback and this is due to falling into the hands of inexperienced masters. The end result depends on how well the master prepares the strands for the application of funds, winds up the hair curlers and sustains the composition on the hair. So, if you were inspired by the photos before and after and you decided on the procedure, do not chase for cheapness and do Bouffant only in beauty salons, the masters of which have certificates of completion of training on the Buffan procedure. In addition, take into account the fact that long strands will yield perm worse than short ones. The ideal hair length for Buffant-to the shoulder blades. The heavier the weight of the strands, the smaller the bottom volume can be expected.

Medium strand buffering

What makes Buffan different from Boost Up?

A similar result can be obtained from another procedure, Boost Up. Some women confuse these two technologies and even consider them to be one and the same service. But it is not. Although cystamine is a part of both Buffana and Bust Apa, which has a delicate effect on the hair, technologies have significant differences. The main difference between Buffant and Boost Up is in the way the hair roots are wound: Bouffant implies the use of velcro curlers, and Boost Up is special metal hairpins that create wrap in the form of a light corrugation.

Buffant photo before and after

For the Boost Up procedure, PaulMitchell company compositions are often used, but a special tool from Iso Option has been developed for this technology, while for Buffan they should use only PaulMitchell products. The main advantage of Bouffant over Bust Up is that, as a result, you will get not corrugated strands, but a natural basal volume, which is obtained when styling with a hairdryer and brushing.

Video: Alexander Butenin conducts Buffant procedure

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