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Briefly, short hair cascade

Women who have reached balzakovskogo age and more, give their preference to shorter hairstyles, as with age, the appearance of hair loses its charm, becomes less effective. This is not surprising. Scorching sun, cold wind, chlorinated, salt water, coloring and curling agents, as well as other aggressive factors, adversely affect the quality of the hair. In order to return to the dried ends of the hair of the former lightness and attractiveness, you need to change the haircut. The best option for women of this age is a short haircut cascade.

rock glam haircut

Cascade as a definition is a phenomenon of nature and denotes a waterfall with falling down streams of mountain water. For our hair, playful carelessness and a bit romantic naturalness are very characteristic.

Each stylist - hairdresser has his knowledge and skills, which he professionally uses to create this haircut. Not less important detail is the emphasis on individuality, because each person is good in his own way and each has its own characteristics in appearance.

All this must be clearly taken into account in creating a harmonious haircut, it is necessary to remember about the shape of the face, and the structure of the hair and its density. Many people know that a well-chosen hairstyle can completely change the appearance, and the wrong one can emphasize all the flaws in appearance.

Technical features of the cascade

styling with highlighted strands

We will understand the intricacies of creating such a hairstyle. The master should create ideal and very smooth transitions from the shortest hairs to the line with long strands on your curls. Outwardly, it is slightly reminiscent of the "ladder" or an unusual slightly careless quads.

Naturally, some girls like more audacious options, then the master creates a ragged transition in which the length of the strands is on completely different levels.

It should be noted that it is better to choose such a haircut for girls whose hair does not have a special density, since this hairstyle adds volume to the hair. For girls with a thick mop, it’s better to completely abandon such a venture, otherwise your head may resemble a ridiculous hat made of hair.

Who would suit such a haircut? Little nuances

Like any other women's hairstyle, this requires consideration of external features, and more precisely, the shape of your face. To cascade haircut gave you charm, and not spoil the appearance, it must be in harmony with your type.

An oval face can be called an ideal base, this type of appearance is almost everything, you can make yourself any version of a haircut, torn, ladder, haircut cascade with bangs and without.

short cascading haircut

Round face girls with such appearance need to be a little careful in their choice, as short haircut + wide cheekbones is not a good combination, you risk making your face too wide and even full. Stop the choice on options where there is a bang.

cascade haircut scheme

There is another little nuance, the young ladies with dark hair of black or dark brown color, this hairstyle looks less impressive than on fair-haired beauties. All this is explained by the fact that the transition lines are less highlighted and the hairstyle becomes slightly losing its texture, it is better to make a dark coloring for the dark-haired.

Video: female haircut cascade on short hair

Cascading haircut with bangs or without?

To give your hair more refinement, you can cut a beautiful bang in any variation, but taking into account the peculiarities of your appearance. Options are available for you where the bangs can be: oblique, torn, thick or long. Remember, chubby girls haircut cascade with bangs is contraindicated!

How to lay?

Many girls are concerned about the question, is the cascade haircut easy in styling ?! Yes, styling this hairstyle is not difficult at all and for this you will need a small set of tools and skills. We will tell you about the most interesting and fashionable options for today.

Option number 1 "Magnificent hat"

curvy styling

If you suffer from a lack of volume in your hair and cut the haircut cascade for short hair, then you have an interesting option for a luxurious styling. By the way, this option is very attractive for chubby persons.

  • Wash your hair, dry a little, and then take a round large comb, comb it with your hair, as if twirling it.
  • Previously, you can apply styling products to the curls, for example, a volume mousse.
  • The tips of the hair is better to direct inward, take a hairdryer and dry their hair.
  • Having done all the manipulations, lightly brush your hair and sprinkle it with a little varnish.

Option number 2 "Smooth surface"

smooth styling on short hair
This variant of styling is most often resorted to by girls with wavy hair who are tired of lush and careless hairstyles.

Such a smooth styling of a cascade haircut for short hair can be called business or evening elegant.

To create it, you need an iron and modeling wax. Strand by strand, straighten the entire head of hair, and then apply a little wax on the fingertips and walk them along the individual strands, as if giving them texture.

Option number 3 "Rockgliem"

cheeky styling on short hair

If you like the style of vamp, or you are a girl with a cheeky and bold disposition, then this hairstyle is created for you.

  • Your hair should be clean, dry it with a hairdryer, after applying a little styling mousse onto the curls.
  • Take a comb and start giving texture to your hairstyle.
  • Comb the longest strands forward and lay them in that position.

In such a package does not need to think about the parting. If in your haircut cascade is very short nape, and in front of a little longer, then play with the hair in the back of the head, sprinkle them with varnish. So you get a cheeky hedgehog.

Option number 4 "Romantic naturalness"

photo disheveled cascade

This version of the hairstyle will suit every girl, he is very easy to perform and very little time is spent on him.

  • On wet hair mousse is applied with the effect of volume.
  • Then dry a little with a hairdryer, then, with the help of the styler, curl the individual strands, creating light romantic curls.
  • After this, whisk your hands a little while and spray them with varnish.

Option number 5 "Angel"

angel hairstyle

If you are the owner of a slim, elongated face, then this style will look amazing on you.

  • Wash your hair well, but do not use hair balm, it will make them heavier.
  • After that, apply styling on the curls and tilt your head down to the floor, blow-dry your hair.
  • After drying, take a round brush and strand by strand, lay the ends of the hair in different directions from the face.

Video: cascading haircut for short hair

Now you know what haircut cascade for short hair, you know its features and options. You will be able to experiment with various variations of this hairstyle without fear of making the wrong choice. For you now it is not at all difficult to make an easy and interesting styling, because you know about all the possible options. Be beautiful!

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