Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian keratin hair straightening - what is it?

According to statistics, every woman dreams of the opposite kind of hair.

If nature rewarded her with straight hair, she wants to give them a waviness, and even better with a lot of kucheryashek. But the owners of curly hair would like at least once to experience the luxury of straight hair.

In today's world there are plenty of opportunities to translate desires into reality. There are three ways to straighten hair: thermal method, chemical and keratin straightening.

The ideal choice in straightening hair is brazilian keratin hair straightening, because it not only straightens them, but also carries out their treatment.

Brazilian hair straightening is a relatively young way, its use is practiced only five years. Due to this straightening, the structure of the hair improves, they become smooth and shiny, do not bristle in different directions, and, oddly enough, treat the hair.

The method of straightening is that keratin is applied to clean, dried hair and only then straightened with an iron. Thanks to this method, the hair is fed, and the composition penetrates deep into the hair structure and protects it from external factors for a long time.

Really healthy hair consists of 90% keratin, and after such a straightening daily styling will no longer cause great damage to your hair.

Brazilian hair straightening

Why keratin hair straightening is called "Brazilian"?

Keratin straightening is called Brazilian, because of all hair types, “Brazilian” hair type is considered the most difficult, and the composition allows straightening even such a complex hair type, which means that such straightening can cope with hair of any texture.

How is the procedure of Brazilian keratin hair straightening

Keratin (Brazilian) hair straightening Suitable for heavily damaged, fluffy, curly hair. Since such straightening occurs without chemical components, it does not cause any harm to the hair, but rather makes the hair strong, shiny and more healthy looking. How exactly is hair straightening due to keratin?

Everything is very simple: keratin molecules are tightly located inside the hair, forming a kind of chain, this allows the hair to be absolutely straight. After the expiration of the service time of such a straightening, keratin begins to gently wash out and you can do repeated keratin straightening.

The sequence of the procedure of Brazilian keratin hair straightening:

Step 1. The master washes your hair with a special shampoo; such a shampoo will allow you to deeply clean your hair of dirt, dust and styling products, which will allow keratin to penetrate better.

Step 2. Then dried hair is applied to your slug with a professional hair straightening composition. It is applied to all hair from root to tip, each hair should be covered with a hair straightener, this tool will straighten the hair and smooth the cuticle.

Step 3. Next, the master begins to process each strand with a special ironing device, it is necessary for sealing keratin. This part of the hair straightening takes the longest, since each strand must be ironed 3 to 8 times.

Step 4. After complete smoothing, the master will slightly rinse your hair and apply a special hair mask. The mask lasts no more than 5 minutes, after which it is washed off with water.

Step 5. Now comes the final stage - hair drying. Before drying the hair, the master will need to treat your hair with a special serum, for additional moisturizing of the hair.

Keratin hair straightening before and after photos
Brazilian hair straightening
Brazilian hair straightening
Brazilian hair straightening

Positive aspects of Brazilian keratin hair straightening

- This straightening is suitable for any type of hair: European, Asian, African American and Slavic. There will be no negative consequences if Brazilian straightening is applied after some experiments on hair, such as: perm and dyeing .- With each subsequent procedure, the hair becomes thicker and styling does not make much effort .- There is an undeniable saving of time for styling, because there is no need for using irons and hair dryers.

Negative sides of brazilian hair straightening

- Costly procedure. If done in the cabin, it will cost around five thousand. A private master can meet three times, but this is on condition that the hair is short in length. After three months of enjoyment, you have to do the same straightening, which on average takes about three hours.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening video

How to care for hair after Brazilian straightening

After straightening for two days, you should not wash your hair, use hairpins, wear glasses on your head and tighten them in gum. those. no tails, braids. Two days hair should be in "free flight".

When choosing a shampoo to pay special attention to the composition, the shampoo should not contain sulfates.

Hair coloring is better to move two weeks later from the moment of straightening. The best option for painting is staining until straightening, since it is the process itself that will enhance the brightness of the color and heal the hair from the effects of dyes.

Repetition of the procedure should be carried out not earlier than one month after the last straightening.

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