Braids with harnesses

interesting tail

Kosa braid is an interesting variation of the braid that attracts attention with an unusual appearance and volume. Braid plaits can act as a daily hairstyle, and evening, if it is supplemented with appropriate accessories and decorations. By the way, to braid such a pigtail is easy for yourself; you just need to practice a little. This hairstyle is easily created at home, but if you need a more refined version, you can hire the services of professional hairdressers.

Variations of braids with harnesses

A plait with harnesses is suitable for all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. The only limitation is that the hair should be of sufficient length, medium and more. Braid braid flagella can be used in a variety of hairstyles, for example, after creating the tail, when braiding the similarity of the French braid, in combination with loose curls, in the variation of "dragon," as a few side braids, etc. At the same time, the scythe flagellum can be made of two or three strands. The creation instruction is not much different, but in the latter case, the pigtail is more embossed and expressive.

The easiest hairstyle - spiral braid

braided tail

Such a spiral braid harness is made independently of a high tail.

  1. To do this, you need to carefully comb the hair and collect at the top of the rubber band, then divide them in half.
  2. Twist each strand, for example, counterclockwise, after which the resulting flagella are interlaced with each other, but already clockwise, like a rope.
  3. Such a braid can be simply fastened at the bottom with a rubber band, or it can be formed into a bundle by carefully tucking the ends inside and securing them with invisible heads.

A simple spiral braid is a great office hairstyle that you can do at home with your own hands. If you add an original hairpin or a lush flower to it, you will get an evening version. The scheme of its creation is simple, it is performed in the same way step by step.

Pigtail hairstyle like harnesses like French

similarity of the French braid
From the harnesses, having trained, you can weave a more complex hairstyle that resembles a French braid. For this you need:

  1. on the top, separate the two strands of hair, twist them flagella counterclockwise,
  2. twist them together, but in a clockwise direction;
  3. pick up hair strands on the right and left of the pigtail, twist each strand with a cord counterclockwise — this will be a binding;
  4. weave new flagella (podplet) into the braid, moving clockwise;
  5. repeat in stages, creating and weaving new flagella to the desired length.

Such a braid with a tow can end with a regular tail or a spiral braid. Also, the ends can be twisted into a low bundle - the options are varied.

Another version of the French braid with flagella

In this hairstyle, braids flagella frame the head on both sides, starting at the temples and going down the hairline to the neck. To make such a bohemian styling, you need to proceed step by step:

bohemian styling

  1. for starters, two small strands of hair should be separated from the side below the level of the main parting;
  2. next you need a strand lying closer to the face, cross with the second strand, turning up;
  3. Immediately under the harness from one and the other side of it, you need to pick up new strands and continue their twisting;
  4. gradually weaving in all new strands, one should continue twisting to the neck;
  5. in the same way, we need to repeat interweaving on the other side of the head, connecting both strands into a magnificent bundle at the neck.

If desired, along the harness can be decorated with small delicate flowers, hairpins, feathers, beads - everything that would be appropriate to look to create an irresistible image.

Tips for making braids plaits

spun bun

Pigtail harness requires some skills, so you should practice with its weaving in advance. At the initial stage, it will be a bit difficult, but over time the braid will get better, especially if you take into account such tips:

  • When creating a hairstyle, always mentally imagine its stages, the sequence of each step, each movement and, of course, the final result;
  • take your time, because weaving a scythe is a series of identical movements that repeat a certain number of times, for which you need to be clearly executed, dexterity is needed, and dexterity comes with time;
  • do not try to make everything perfect from the first attempt, better find and remember the rhythm of movements convenient for you;
  • Feel free to use fixatives such as wax or gel. By applying a styling agent before weaving, you can avoid knocking out locks or individual hairs;
  • creating a hairstyle yourself, it is better not to look in the mirror, since the reflection is an inverted look and it can be misleading. Practice your fingers to feel improper weaving.

girls with braided tails

Want to add something new and unusual to your image? Try to braid the braid with a braid and the attention of others will be provided to you.

Video: master class on weaving braids plait

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