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Hair - the wealth of any beauty, if they are also long, as well as well-groomed, they are even more valuable. Many men appreciate the length of their hair in women, so hairstyles such as long hair braids are not bad "bait" for the stronger sex. It is safe to say that braids are one of the most popular hairstyles, they are simple to perform and have a long history. The long braid has always been a symbol of female beauty - the girls appreciated their curls and tried to grow them. Now the fashion for a long head of hair is back. There are many options for braiding pigtails for long hair. The choice often depends on whether the hairstyle is everyday, or whether it is intended for an evening hike in the light.

The most advantageous position is occupied by long thick curls - a long braid made from them can become both an excellent everyday hair style option and beautify a girl's head when going to a restaurant.

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Weaving of braids for long hair can vary in quantity, method of braiding, the purpose of the hairstyle, shape and location of their location. For the daily version of the hairstyle, the most suitable weaving Russian braids. The method of weaving this pigtail is well known to all girls. As for the braids, which should become a kind of evening decoration, there are a great many variations of weaving - these are children's braids, and French, voluminous braids, wedding, well, and just beautiful types of braid weaving.

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Pigtail and face shape

A very important factor when choosing a method of braiding pigtails for long hair is the shape of the girl's face:

  • The most advantageous position from this point of view is occupied by girls who have an oval face and long thick curls. These beautiful ladies fit any braids weaving.
  • If your face is round, then you need to use braided braids, in which they are formed slightly above the top of your head and are woven along the entire length of your hair. It should end in some knot or tail. It would be even better to look with a scythe (part hanging down) raised to the crown of the head. Fix this part of the pigtail on the top of the head and you will emphasize your wonderful image.
  • For girls with a square face, a long spit will be most suitable. This type of pigtail is woven first over the entire head, and then the weaving turns into a regular braid. This type of weaving allows you to smooth the square shape of the girl's face.
  • For ladies with a triangular face, weaving is a spikelet that fits with a long bang. The bangs should cover the neck and ears.
  • If the shape of the face is closer to the rectangle, then preference should be given to the fishtail spit - the same little dragon, but stitching up to the neck and ending in a tail (like a fish).

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Braid braiding for long hair

French braid

french braiding on long hair

Most often this type of braids is French, it is used before going to business meetings or to restaurants. This is a complicated braid weaving for long hair, which requires outside help, since such a pigtail itself cannot be braided, despite the fact that the weaving technique is rather simple.

  1. Before you start braiding your hair in a pigtail (no matter what kind), you should comb it. This will lead to the fact that the strands become soft and obedient, can be easily divided into separate strands.
  2. After combing you will need to separate part of the hair. This part is divided into three separate strands.
  3. Then the parts of the hair, which are located on the edges (left and right) will need to throw over the middle part.
  4. This operation must be repeated, gradually adding more and more strands of hair to those that were chosen as the main ones at the very beginning.

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At this time, you need to make sure that the size of the strands that are added to the main, was the same - this will create a uniform and neat braid. If you want to create a wide version of the French braid, then you should add wider strands and avoid tightening them too much. On the contrary, if you want to get a firm elastic braid, you need to choose thinner strands - this is more laborious work. A scythe of this type can be finished with a small tuft or tail.

The scheme of weaving inverted French braids

This type of braid is best to braid, avoiding a strong tightening. It is required to choose wider strands when adding to the main curls. The main difference of this type of weaving from the previous one is that strands that are added to the main ones are taken from below. This leads to the fact that these strands are under the central part of the weaving, increasing the volume of the hairstyle itself. This type of weaving is most suitable for girls with sparse hair - in fact, rare curls due to this hairstyle look more voluminous.

Even greater volume of such a head of hair can be given if you pull a part of the hair out of the braid along its edges. Yes, this will lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the braid - it will become a bit disheveled, but with rare hair this can be neglected.

Openwork unilateral braids

openwork weaving

This type of weaving is well suited for evening hairstyles. Openwork braids look very nice and neat.

  1. Before you begin to weave such a braid, you should moisten the strands a little (either with water or with the help of mousse). This will allow strands to straighten up. If you use mousse, your hairstyle will last long enough.
  2. First weave a regular pigtail, placing it on the left. Accordingly, the strands added to the main curls, you will need to take the right.
  3. Similarly, you will need to braid the braid on the right side, adding curls to the left. The hairstyle will look neat and original - you can show imagination and put the resulting braids on your head to your taste.

Wedding braids for long hair

Wedding hairstyle

Many girls prefer pigtails as a wedding hairstyle. This is not surprising - they are relatively simple in execution and at the same time they look quite nice. The long braid, combined with the wedding veil, allows you to create an image of the beauty and innocence of the bride. The option of laying such a braid depends only on the fantasy of the bride herself and her stylist.

  • A good braid would be a long braid that is draped with a dragon. This type of braiding allows you to choose two options - either tighter (with thick hair) or more fluffed (with rare). Also, as described above, you can stretch a part of the hair, making the hair slightly negligent, but increasing its volume.
  • To emphasize the image of tenderness and innocence, the most suitable weaving option would be a fishtail - this hairstyle can be well combined with various beads and other decorations of the bride. He is also quite unpretentious and will be able to stay on his head for a long time. As for the age of the bride - this type of braid is universal and will suit both young and more mature ladies.

Fashionable weaving braids for long hair

waterfall on long hair

  • The basis of the most fashionable versions of modern hairstyles includes the classic long braid, which is only given originality thanks to the author's imagination. The weaving technique is no different from the performance of an ordinary Russian braid.
  • Often, stylists resort to the negligence method described earlier. On the one hand, it simplifies the creation of a hairstyle - after all, it does not require “lick” strands and strive for the perfect evenness of the hairstyle - on the contrary, dishevel emphasizes the image. But on the other hand, this carelessness should specifically emphasize the image being created, and not spoil it. The line between these situations is extremely narrow, and the stylist should feel her well, so as not to spoil her hairstyle and image.
  • Among other things, several braids that look intertwined look original. This hairstyle will look even more neat than a separately woven long braid.
  • Also, the fashion of weaving the French braid is very fashionable, in which multicolored colorful ribbons are woven into long hair.
  • These braids can be of various shapes and be located around the head, or with a screw along the entire length of the hair. They must be carefully gathered in a heap. Despite all their fashion and trend, these hairstyles may well serve as a daily hair styling.

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Naturally, some will seem that pigtails for long hair is a very hard job, requiring good skills in weaving, quickness and a sufficient amount of time. All these opinions are erroneous, since you can begin a great many variations of weaving with the lightest of braids, and in time learn completely complex variations.

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