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Continuing to consider the goods from the section "What will not come up", we want to introduce you to Braid X Press. This is a miracle device for weaving braids, which was created in order to facilitate your work when creating styling. How useful such a machine for weaving braids, the principle of its work and what it is really capable of, you will learn in our article.

What is the Braid X Press?

Another Chinese miracle tool for weaving braids has a long handle and 4 protrusions with clips at the ends for fixing the strands. On the handle of the device there is a button that can be translated into 2 modes: A-twirl and B-twist, which means to wrap and twist.

machine and type of clamps

The manufacturer promises the following: a device for weaving braids allows you to create a spit of three strands, weaving the same "spikelet", plaits and braids of 4 strands of different thickness, show imagination and create exquisite styling. Photos of styling, attached to the description of the device on the sites of sellers demonstrate complex hairstyles with a variety of weaving. But alas, this is a hoax.

how the machine makes a harness

In fact, the machine for weaving braids completely does not match the declared characteristics. Feedback from customers who believed in advertising and bought Braid X Press all as one negative. And the matter is not even in the low quality of the device, but in the fact that it can only create cords of 2, 3 or 4 strands. No pigtails, no spikelets, much less the intricacies of 4 curls he can not do.

What's in the Braid X Press Kit

In the box with Braid X Press you will find an apparatus for weaving braids, a set of multi-colored rubber bands and hair clips, instructions. The device runs on batteries, they are not included.

Braid X Press kit

Advantages and disadvantages of the Braid X Press

You will not have to talk about the benefits for a long time, but one thing is there: Braid X Press for weaving a braid will allow you, if not the first attempt, but create a couple of simple flagella. Now about the shortcomings:

  • The clips on the device unreliably fix the strands and during the rotation of the protrusions, the hair slip out of them.
  • The device severely injures the hair. If the hairs are knocked out of the curl, at a high speed of rotation of the machine, you will not get burned, but dreadlocks.
  • The manufacturer positions the Braid X Press as a typewriter that makes it easy to braid an infinite number of braids to itself. But the maximum possible pair of harnesses on the sides of the head. Use it to plaiting flagella behind you just will not work on their own.
  • The cost of the device is high for its capabilities, in the network you will find offers from 500 to 2000 rubles for a miracle device.

expectation and reality

How to use Braid X Press?

Since the device for weaving braids has only 1 button, guess how to use it is not difficult:

  1. Separate 2, 3 or 4 hair strands. The manufacturer recommends using oil for smoothness so that the hairs do not get out of the pigtail.
  2. Secure the end of each strand with special clips on the tabs of the device.
  3. Put the switch in A-twirl mode and the strands will twist into bundles.
  4. Switch the button down to B-twist mode and the strands are intertwined.

hair braid

When the braid will be braided along the entire length of the hair, unclench the clips, and tie the ends of the hair with a rubber band.

"Mom, make me a koldun" or customer reviews

The network has quite a few responses from real buyers Braid X Press for weaving braids. If you want to buy this tool for weaving braids, on the websites of sellers you will see only positive reviews. We have collected real reviews for you, maybe they will warn you against waste of money.

Full divorce, bought a daughter as a gift in the hope of making interesting hair, and as a result of disappointment! We suffered with him for 2 hours, in the end, we barely unwound the koltun, which we did. One "shortcut" even had to cut. I do not advise anyone!


Led on advertising and ordered. The courier delivered home, as a gift they also presented a magnet. I have long hair, so I thought I would fashion with different hairstyles every day. But it was not there. She could not adapt to it, but did not try. Well at least it cost me cheap, I gave 500 rubles.


Girls, this is a tool of torture, do not torture yourself and your hair. Nothing happens at all. I can twist such a bundle with my hands, especially since more than 2-3 you are unlikely to suffer twisting! Or the nerves will pass, or the hair will not remain!


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