Braid sheaf

bun with french weave

A universal and stylish bunch of braids should be able to do every girl. This skill will help you out many times and help you to have a perfect look in any situation, especially this style will be in the conditions of impending heat. The hairstyle of a bunch of braids will harmoniously fit into both the image of a business lady and a gentle romantic look, she has no age restrictions: teenage girls can fill her in school, and older ladies will be able to delight with their colleagues. We will learn how to make a bundle of braids on our own by disassembling a few simple circuits.

Create a bunch of braids with your own hands

Now we will tell you in detail how to make a bundle with a scythe itself. All the schemes presented by us are very simple, you just have to try!

What you need to create a beam of braids?

To personally make a bundle with a scythe, you will need:

  • several invisibles;
  • hairpins matched to the color of your strands;
  • lining donut;
  • thin gum;
  • hair spray.

Some dexterous girls manage to create similar styling on short hair lengths, but the optimal length of the strands to create a similar hairstyle is up to the shoulder line.

Romantic asymmetrical knot

If you know how to weave a French braid, you can assume that you already know how to create this style. The scheme in stages looks like this:

  1. Start weaving a French braid from the right temple.
  2. Weaving is performed diagonally, that is, the end of the braid should lie on the left shoulder.
  3. Try to take large strands, then the laying will be more voluminous, do not tighten the braid too much.
  4. Tie the end with a thin elastic band.
  5. Starting from the ends of the hair, twist the pigtail into a knot and fasten it with invisible hair just below the left ear.

asymmetrical bun

Asymmetric bun with a scythe is ready! The process did not take more than 5 minutes, this hairstyle should not be underestimated, it will be a quick way to clean up in the morning and run to work or school in all its glory.

Youth high bunch of braids

Another quick scheme in reproducing on its own head of hair is as if created for young and active girls. This hairstyle bunch of braids will be an excellent complement to the image of a resident of the metropolis. Phased instruction is as follows:

  1. Collect strands in the tail on top. Try to tie the gum as high as possible.
  2. Divide the tail into 2 equal parts and braid a regular 3-strand braid from each of them.
  3. Tie braids with thin rubber bands.
  4. Pull the curls of braids to make them more voluminous.
  5. Wrap around the base of the tail alternately one and then another pigtail.
  6. Secure them with studs. Fix the result with varnish.
  7. Complete the hair with a cute bow.

bun with weaving

A few loose strands will make this bundle with a scythe more casual and natural.

Elegant "fish tail" in a beam

This variant of laying is a little more difficult, but nevertheless, its execution does not take more than 10 minutes from you. The basis of the hair-braid "fish tail". A bundle with a scythe as in the presented photo can safely claim to be the best evening styling. It can also be a hairstyle option for prom. To execute it yourself is quite simple:

  1. This hairstyle implies a volume at the roots. If you have straight smooth strands, first curl them with a curling iron.
  2. Collect all the curls on one side and braid the side of the braid "fish tail".
  3. Alternately, starting from the base "tail" and lowering to the tips, pull the curls to make the weaving volume.
  4. Tie the tip "fish tail" rubber band.
  5. Starting from the tip, wrap the pigtail in the bun and fix with several studs.
  6. Fix the result with varnish.

fishtail in a knot

Bun with oblique technique "fish tail" is ready. You can surprise others and conquer men's hearts!

Bun with weaving "Easy peasy"

Another scheme is incredibly simple weaving. It will take you a couple of minutes to turn a boring 3-strand braid into a spectacular-looking styling. Step-by-step scheme looks like this:

  1. Start weaving the French braid almost at the very neck, making only 2-3 pickups on each side.
  2. The remaining loose hair just braid in a braid of 3 strands.
  3. Tie the tip with a rubber band.
  4. Roll up the pigtail, starting from the tip so that it forms a ball.
  5. This ball should be firmly fixed stealth, shifting a little to the side.

simple bun with weaving

This bun of braids looks very stylish, isn’t it so ?!

Tying pigtails in knots

The unusual way of intertwining two ordinary braids from 3 strands between themselves can give an effective result. Such a bun of braids can be made for different lengths of hair; the longer the strands, the greater the number of nodules must be made. Step by step instructions for you:

  1. Braid 2 of the simplest braids of 3 curls.
  2. Tie braids with rubber bands.
  3. Take 2 braids in different hands and tie them in a simple knot.
  4. Repeat this step several times until the ends of the braids.
  5. Fix the obtained braid plexuses with the pins on the back of the head.

knots with weaving

Laying ready! If you have thin hair of medium length, you can slightly pull the curls of braids to make them more luxurious before tying them into knots. Then the bundle will be larger.

Cute bun with a scythe around

The bundle with a scythe around us can be performed even on not the longest hair. Thanks to a little trick, namely the pad-donut styling will look luxurious. Make this hairstyle, wearing a light summer dress, or perform it for a solemn occasion in a duet with an evening dress - you will always be irresistible. Step by step repeat the scheme described by us:

  1. Comb your hair and separate them by a side parting.
  2. We divide the entire head of hair into 3 parts: separate from the face and put aside a small part of the hair. Collect the lower curls in the back of the tail and tie them with a rubber band. The rest of the hair on the top will be woven into the braid.
  3. Start weaving the French braid from the forehead, going down to your ear, braid the loose ends of your hair in a simple braid of 3 strands.
  4. Wear a donut at the base of the tail.
  5. Wrap the curls around the donut-lining, and fasten their ends under the lining with pins.
  6. Now the braid is wrapped around the bundle: first, start the end of the pigtail under the bundle, and then around it. The tip of the pigtail is hidden under the bun.
  7. Wrap your face with a curling iron and lay it nicely. If the curls are longer than in the photo, you can pin them invisible under the scythe.
  8. A bunch with a scythe around ready. Do not forget to fix the hairstyle with hair spray.

weaving around the bun

We hope our lessons will help you to become even more beautiful and inspire you to new experiments. Good luck to you!

Video: Master class on creating a gulki with weaving

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