Braid rim based on the “motifs” of the french braid and

pigtail hoop

Beautifully braided hair at all times looked very elegant and romantic. They are able to show all the beauty of a female face and emphasize a special individuality. If a beautiful lady has medium or long hair, then braid any pigtail, including braid, is not difficult.

But do not worry if you are not a braider. After reading this article carefully, you will understand how to weave a braid headband of hair of any length, but we will focus on short ones, as long and medium weaving is easier.

headband variations

Classic French braid bezel

Such weaving has long been among the most sought after and beautiful. It is not at all difficult to braid the bezel from the braid in the French manner. Follow the steps below:

  1. Comb the strands of a small hairbrush and divide the array of hair horizontally. The front end should be a little bit back already. For convenience, the front part can be wetted with water or foam (mousse). Start weaving braids bezel from the side with which you will be comfortable. It is more comfortable for left-handed people to start weaving from right to left, right-handed it is the other way around.
  2. Divide the front part of the hair on the left or right into three parts and you can start weaving, you need to do it the way you would start to weave the usual three-strand braid.
  3. It is necessary to place the left strand in the center of the pigtail, separate the thin strand from the loose hair and add it to the main part. Spinning need to throw on top.
  4. The same manipulation must be done with the right side. Again the strands need to be woven over the main braid.
  5. Thus do weave braid to the very end. When got to him, secure with a rubber band.

Tip! The end of the braid can be hidden invisibly under the back of the loose hair.

french braid

Beautiful classic braid bezel, created independently, in French style is ready. The back of the hair can be screwed for additional volume. You will certainly be irresistible!

"Waterfall" created on short hair

Hairdressers call this hairstyle “not quite a usual braid bezel”. In order to make such a gorgeous hairstyle, you need to prepare in advance only two things - a fine comb and a rubber band that matches the color of your hair. So, we proceed:

  1. We carefully comb the hair.
  2. We take the iron, curling tongs or a hair dryer with a diffuser (as you like) and curl the curls. It is necessary to do this so that later, the finished hairstyle would look more impressive.
  3. From the side from which it is convenient for you, at the temporal part we separate the strand. Distribute it in three equal parts. Recommendation! Keep in mind that the wider you will separate the initial strand, the thicker in the future will be the braid hoop.
  4. You can begin to weave a braid in a standard way. After singing a few centimeters, proceed to the formation of a "waterfall". To do this, leave the strand on top, leave the bottom. Replace it with new, woven strands located at the bottom.
  5. Weaving the braid with a rim should be continued on the same principle - release one strand and weave another.
  6. If there is a desire to "waterfall" braided from one ear to another, creating a "waterfall-rim". If there is no desire or tired hands (braiding the braid to itself, the exercise is quite tedious) you can finish the braid in the middle. Secure the braid with an elastic band that matches the color of your curls or using a beautiful crab or hairpin.

Tip! You can create a bezel of braids by braiding two braids, from one ear to the middle of the head and from the second ear, also to the middle. At the top, the pigtails “will meet” and fix them there by connecting two beautiful "waterfall" in one common.

a kind of waterfall

The combination of the beam "bun" and the rim of the braid

A woman’s short hair suggests weaving a wide variety of options. The next hairstyle combines the most popular elements - a braid and a “bun”, as it is also called a “bun”. As a result, you will get not only a bundle, but also an unusual hoop braid.

  1. Carefully comb the hair using a fine comb.
  2. Armed with curling or ironing, we make curls. This will give your hair a special texture and volume.
  3. Now the whole head of hair vertically divided into three parts, equal in width.
  4. From the part located in the middle, you need to form a "bun", you can do it in any way that is convenient for you.
  5. Strands located on the sides, braid in two braids, in the French way. Weaving should be done from the forehead, towards the place where the beam is located. Tip! The French braid can be braided both in a standard way and using the “spin-up” method.
  6. Fix the end of the braids with a thin elastic band and fix it at the base of the “bun” using stealth brackets.

Recommendation! If you prefer that the braid of the bezel, created in such a way, look a bit careless - release a few thin curls from the braids.

pigtails with a bun

Girlfriends, for sure, having seen you with such a hairstyle, they will ask you to braid them!

Classic hair band

Such a braid, braided at home, will turn even the most ordinary girl into a real beauty. While sticking to the weaving according to the following scheme, you will create a “beauty” on your head in a matter of minutes. Where to begin? The scheme is simple:

  1. As always, carefully comb your hair.
  2. It is necessary to separate the hair horizontally from one temple to another. The rest of the hair, so that they do not interfere, we fasten on the back of the head, using a barrette.
  3. Strands of one temple divided into three, of course, equal parts by volume.
  4. Proceed to weaving the braid "in the dark," in the French manner. Curls must be added to the bottom "the main" braids, gradually adding thin strands, right and left.
  5. The pigtail should continue until it “gets” to the opposite temple. When the spit reached the ear, the weave continues as usual.
  6. Finish fix using gum, preferably matching the color of your curls. Tip! If some of the hairs have broken out of the main weaving, they should be lightly sprayed with varnish and gently hidden inside. To do this, use stealth.
  7. To make the pigtail bezel look more volumetric - gently pull the loops of the braid, as if stretching them.
  8. The remaining, not braided hair can be screwed to the curling.

classic braid hoop

Take into account! Such braids headbands can be braided not only on short hair. Having made them long or medium, you will certainly be irresistible to the envy of other girls!

pigtails in both directions

So, you have learned how to braid the braid of the bezel with the most popular weaving techniques. Develop your skills and be irresistible!

Video: Hairstyle "Bezel from one-sided French braid"

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