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Knowing the step-by-step scheme of such weaving as a bow braid, you will be able to create beautiful hairstyles that will be appropriate in any situation and complement any outfit. In recent years, the popularity of the French braid and other variations of this weaving technique has reached its apogee. Such hairstyles are neat and unique, each of them is individual. And what is this expanse for masters with good imagination. Using such an element as a pigtail bow, professional hairdressers create real masterpieces. If you want to create your own hairstyle with this element at home, this article with step-by-step instructions will be useful to you.

The advantages of hairstyles in this technique

Spit bow - effective element of hair. Not every girl has learned to weave such curls on her head, so you can surprise those around you with this hairstyle. This is a good option for any occasion, this installation will help you out if it is windy or rainy outside - your curls will be neatly gathered into a braid.

interesting weaving

If you have a long-term event, and you want to look impressive to the very end, such a package is simply indispensable. She can hold on in its original form for several days. Spit bow can help you out, if you do not have time to wash your hair, on the head of hair is not the first freshness, it is easier to create. Hairdressers are even advised to pre-apply a fluid or mousse for styling on the strands, if you do your hair on clean hair.

Step-by-step scheme for creating a braid with bows

instructions for creating

What to arm for weaving

If you want to do your own hair, braiding bows of hair, arm yourself with the following "helpers":

  • Small gum, preferably selected in the color of your strands.
  • Studs, invisible.
  • Comb with a thin edge, which is convenient to separate the strands.
  • Hair spray.

The main “helper” in creating hairstyles is a large hairpin with which you will create a bow. Having prepared the necessary items, you can start creating styling.

Technique of weaving pigtails with bows

creation scheme

The weaving of the spit of bows is surprisingly simple, although at first glance it may seem completely different. The scheme is as follows:

  1. You must initially separate the side strand. Regardless of whether you weave one braid in the center of the head or two on either side, the strand should be on the side of it.
  2. Braid the usual "spike."
  3. Separate the small strand from the side strand that was left in the first step of the diagram.
  4. Thread the hairpin round the first edge of the first spikelet.
  5. From the separated small strand form a loop.
  6. Thread this eyelet into the “head” of the hairpin, holding the loop with your finger and stretch the strand into the “spike” curl. You will have 2 loops on the sides of the curl, one of them is twisted on a finger, and the other on a hairpin.
  7. Correct the bow so that it is symmetrical by pulling the loops on both sides.
  8. The tip of the strand, which remained on the side, can be removed with a pin under the braid, or you can simply lower it along it, the next bows will disguise it.
  9. Pigtail bows made by this scheme to the bottom of the head.

Fantasy with oblique bows

One braid bow, made in the center of the head, looks very beautiful and self-sufficient. But you can show a little imagination and make your own hands even more interesting styling.

Wreath around the head

It is easy to make a wreath around the head on your own; for this, braid the 2 side braids with bows, and connect their ends to the back, laying one on another and fixing them with pins.


Here you need to use the standard scheme of weaving this element. Only initially braid the "spike" not exactly in the center of the head, but diagonally.

3 weaving

The combination of weaving with loose curls

For long-haired girls the option of gentle styling will be a braided braid with bows that runs along a horizontal line at the back of the head. All other hair needs to be screwed onto the curling iron and fixed with varnish.

Bow Ribbon Bezel

Braid this pigtail along the line where the headband is usually worn. The rest of the hair can be left flowing or gathered in a ponytail.

You can create not simple bows, but double and even triple ones, skipping step by step several strands into the same curl of the "spikelet". Spread the loops evenly to make them different sizes. It is possible to braid the bows not in each curl of the pigtails, but in 3-4, then you will have a less magnificent hairstyle.

Video: weaving pigtails "Bows"

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