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Hair botox H-Brush

Botulinum toxin is widely known as an anti-wrinkle treatment or lip filler. Everyone knows how he acts and what underlies it. But what is botox for hair? More recently, Arab specialists in the field of beauty have proposed a unique new product - a composition for botulinum toxin-based hair. They argue that it deeply restores hair, strengthens follicles and prevents hair loss. Let's see what this miracle tool.

What is Botox-Hair?

Now there are many series on the care of hair on the basis of this substance. They include several special tools, the main of which is serum with botulinum toxin molecules. According to the manufacturers, it provides hair restoration from the inside, strengthening its frame, closing flakes, nourishing the bulbs and preventing baldness.

hair botox by kallos

But in reality, there is no botulinum toxin molecule in these sera. Suffice it to imagine what the cost of such funds should be, if there really is a substance there, the production of which is high-tech and costly. Yes, and it would be difficult to use hazardous material at home, the consequences could be unpredictable.

Hair straightening with Botox (so-called) actually occurs due to the “intra-silane” molecule, which penetrates the hair core and changes its structure to branched under the action of water, combining with the molecular structures of the hair. When moisture evaporates, it changes again and forms a network of strong joints, a dense frame inside each hair. Externally, the strands become smoother, denser, resilient and shiny.

Today, among the lovers of care products for hair, several product lines with botulinum toxin from different manufacturers are distributed:

  • Fiberceutic from L'Oreal;
  • Botox for honma tokyo hair, namely H-brash botox capilar;
  • ampoules Kallos Hair Botox.

Fiberceutic, H-brash botox capilar and Kallos Hair Botox

Advantages and disadvantages of Hair-Botox

Despite the fact that this botulinum toxin is out of the question, this procedure undoubtedly has its advantages:

  • strands after it becomes straight, smooth and shiny, that is, a good aesthetic effect is achieved;
  • they are easy to comb and do not break at the same time;
  • positive consequences are also eliminated split ends;
  • additional volume appears;
  • the possibility of holding at home and relatively inexpensive formulations;
  • The positive effects of the use of Botox hair can look at the photo below, which shows the type of hair before and after the use of funds.

H-brash botox capilar before and after

There are also disadvantages to this procedure:

  • short effect, the product is washed out within a month, a maximum of two;
  • thinning and fragility of curls with prolonged use without interruption;
  • no immediate therapeutic effect;
  • high price for a salon procedure (from 1500 rubles to 4500, depending on the length of the hair);
  • lack of clinical studies of the main components of the compositions, therefore, the danger of their use in pregnant and lactating women.

Botox for hair at home

There is nothing difficult to use with botulinum toxin alone. Buy at the pharmacy, a specialized beauty boutique or online store can be any composition you like. Botox for hair at home is also used as in the salon procedure. The only thing that can be advised is to try it in the cabin for the first time, in order to know what to do and what result to expect. But if this is not possible, then any cosmetic product has an instruction that you need to carefully read and follow it strictly.


The general scheme for straightening the botox curls is as follows:

  1. shampoo cleaned with a mild shampoo;
  2. the main composition (serum) from the ampoule is applied to clean, slightly dried strands, the application is better done step by step on separate thin strands for the best distribution;
  3. The procedure continues on top of the serum of a special mask included in the kit, but be careful, some products involve applying the mask after washing off the main compound;
  4. the hair is placed under polyethylene, warmed with a towel, heated by a hairdryer for 20 minutes;
  5. then for 15 minutes, it cools down all under the same towel in a natural way;
  6. wash off the composition without the use of shampoo;
  7. fit the hair in the usual way, dried.

Judging by the reviews of girls who have tried and salon care, and applied the compositions themselves, the consequences of using botulinum toxin for the hair of the house are about the same as in the salon. Strands also get a more beautiful appearance, and the effect lasts for the same time. The photo shows examples of home use of the substance described by us before and after the session.

before and after using borax

An overview of botox for hair from honma tokyo and loreal

Loreal botox hair straightening is carried out using serum in ampoules (there are 15 pieces of 15 ml each) and a botulinum toxin mask, which exists in two versions for two types of hair. The method of application is as described above. Reviews about the drug of this company are generally positive, agree on such points as:

  • there is an aesthetic effect - strands are smooth, shine, fall out less and do not split;
  • they are obedient and easy to style;
  • the composition smells pretty nice;
  • convenient to use ampoules and syringe.

hair botox from L'oreal

The negative moments of the customer of this remedy are seen in the fact that there is no therapeutic effect of the composition, and after 4–5 procedures there can be detrimental consequences, that is, this product should be used intermittently. It is also inconvenient that you cannot take several ampoules for testing, you need to buy all 15 in a set. The cost of a set is about 600 - 800 rubles You can buy it in many stores for hairdressers or order online.

Honma tokyo H-brash botox capilar is also widely popular, actively used by girls at home. Reviews of botulinum toxin from this company are controversial. Many negative reviews about the fact that the composition has a pungent smell, hurts the eyes, and also many experience a burning sensation of the scalp, notice deterioration of the hair structure and their increased fragility and loss. Others, on the contrary, are satisfied with the effect, provided there are breaks between the procedures. The price of honma tokyo is about 1000–1200 rubles.

Hair botox honma tokyo H-brash botox capilar

It is difficult to say what is the best botox for hair in today's cosmetics market. Having come to the store, you should not immediately buy the first or most advertised product. The best option is to write down the means you like and calmly read information and reviews about them at home. Buy them and try on yourself you always have time!

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