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Bohemian hairstyles or boho chic hairstyles are gaining great popularity lately. All this is explained by the fact that boho hairstyles do not require accuracy when creating and wearing and at the same time look very fashionable and stylish. Disheveled, shaggy, careless, randomly collected hair are all characteristic features of boho hairstyles. Bohemian styling has mixed several already well-known styles - hippies, ethno, romance, etc. Let's understand the most popular hairstyle options boho shic.

Popular bohemian styling options

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Boho hairstyles have one very significant plus is the simplicity in execution. Any hairstyle in the style of boho is subject to every girl, because it is very easy to do at home without resorting to outside help.

How to weave boho braids

Spit boho is the most popular type of hairstyle in the style of boho chic. Pigtail boho can be braided from all hair, from some part, made in the form of a rim or even a wreath around the head. In addition, the boho braid has no limitations in weaving and in the length of the hair. You can create it on the principle of a French braid or fishtail. Now we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to braid the bohemian style braid with your own hands.

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  1. Wash the hair. Then apply a volume mousse on it.
  2. Using a curling iron or styler, twirl the curls, starting from the top of the head and ending with the tips.
  3. Take a hair dryer and dry your hair.
  4. Divide the hair on the part into two parts.
  5. Begin to braid an ordinary pigtail of three strands on one and the other side.
  6. After the weaving is done, it is necessary to extend the strands a couple of millimeters wide in order to impart carelessness.
  7. If you do not want to fix the weaving with an elastic band, then take a fine comb and carefully mix the tips with it. After this manipulation, your pigtails will not disintegrate.

Detailed photo instruction

If you want to give a small twist, then during the weaving thread through the strands of leather, ribbon with feathers or other similar accessories. Your disheveled braid in the style of boho is ready. If you show a little imagination, then the bohemian-style braid can move to another head zone, for example, on the bangs, or on the back of the head in the form of a braid waterfall. Spit boho bangs lagging on the same principle. Even a short-haired girl with a bob or hairstyle can afford it.

Bohemian waves

Bohemian waves are also a very popular type of hair styling, which is slightly curled hair, somewhat reminiscent of a blow-dry styled hair with a wet effect.

bohemian hairstyles

  1. To create these waves, no styler or hair curlers are needed, just wash your hair, dab your hair properly with a towel, and then lightly curl the curls - this is necessary to make them look like curls.
  2. Take the mousse, apply it on your palms, then spread it along the entire length of your hair with the same punching movements.
  3. Wait for the full natural drying of your waves. Over laying can be treated with varnish for a more stable fixation.

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Boho styling with accessories

Stylish boho shic hairstyles can not do without the use of jewelry such as headband or bandage. With the help of these accessories you can create many interesting varieties of styling. For example: put them on top of loose curls or wrap a bandage with hair, forming a kind of careless Greek styling.

girl with headbands of flowers on their heads

Bride with boho chic styling

bohemian bride

The boho style wedding hairstyle is very popular with many brides, as this type of styling is considered one of the most romantic and tender. This is exactly what any beauty needs on such an important day of marriage. The simplicity and freedom of expression of wedding bohemian styling are also significant advantages. You can safely resort to using bright accessories such as fresh or artificial flowers, hoops, bright hairpins and clips, ribbons, ribbons, pieces of gas fabric, beads, colorful scarves, etc.

As for the performance of the wedding boho hairstyle, then you can combine 2 popular types - waves + braids.

  1. Make laying in the form of bohemian waves, the implementation of which is described above.
  2. Then select a few zones on which you will braid careless pigtails.
  3. Complete the finished hairstyle complement your chosen accessory. Your image is ready!

Video: master class on creating hair styles in the style of boho chic

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