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For nearly a century, bob haircut has remained one of the most relevant, popular and sought after. For all this time, this female hairstyle has undergone changes - lengthened or shortened, the curls were made out in different ways, bangs changed its shape and density.

A bit of history

This female hairstyle for medium hair originated thanks to the Frenchman Antoine de Paris. It was he who in 1909, under the impression of the image of Joan of Arc, created this haircut. Fame haircut literally instantly brought her scandalous length. Then it was not customary for women to wear short hair - for some time they bore shame and disgrace of bold girls with such a hairstyle. But bob haircut has become increasingly popular.

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One of the first famous ladies who decided to take this step was the dancer Iren Castle. Most likely, at the performances, her long hair simply hindered her, and so she decided to cut them off. Her courageous act admired and repeated his Coco Chanel. Since then, bob haircut has spread to Paris, and then to Hollywood.

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Options for long hair

The most popular hairstyle bob for long hair. A long bean has many variations, which allows you to choose one that will help to level up the shortcomings and effectively emphasize the advantages of appearance:

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  • The elongated appearance of the hairstyle with profiled ends makes it possible to keep a long head of hair, adding to her pomp. This haircut is suitable for changing the style without drastic measures.
  • Haircut bob for long hair can visually correct too long face.
  • With a straight and smooth styling, a bob hairstyle for long hair helps visually pull out a round oval of the face.

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Choosing a bob for long hair, stylists recommend to stay on the version without bangs, but with long strands on the sides, or with oblique bangs and elongated lines. It is better to do parting on the side; such a female hairstyle looks more natural and softer than with an overly graphic hair separation in the middle.

Options for short hair

This haircut is often associated with the original hairstyle for short hair. Short bob is preferred by many creative individuals who like to experiment on their appearance. The modern hairstyle is somewhat different from its original version. In place of smooth haircuts from the distant 1909 came a graduated bean. This short female hairstyle today from the hairdresser requires special care and thoroughness.

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The bob with bangs, made in the technique of graduation, even turns thin hair into a luxurious head of hair. Graduated bob for fine hair is the best way to give it fluffiness and volume. Extremely short bob with the most desperate shades of colors looks extremely attractive and stylish.

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Average hair length

Absolutely for any type of person suitable bob haircut for medium hair. Its length usually reaches the middle of the neck. Having shown a creative approach to the use of styling, you can easily turn a daily hairstyle into medium hair into a strict business one, and at the same time elegant and comfortable, or a feminine and elegant evening. Hairstyle bob medium length is excellent with any bangs, straight and oblique parting, as well as strands of asymmetric length.

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Some haircuts

Bob haircuts with bangs are very stylish and sexy. This female hairstyle for medium hair is universal and practical - it does not require special care. With the right selection, it helps to hide any imperfections of the exterior and has such a large number of variants that it can be performed on any type of hair.

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Asymmetric models

Asymmetric bob gained popularity not very long ago. Its advantages are the ability to correct imperfections of the face and the original look. The asymmetrical hairstyle option visually distracts from the flaws, and the middle and short strands make the image fresh and somewhat playful. As a rule, an asymmetrical bob is a short back of the head, opening a tender neck, and an elongated silhouette on the face, giving an image of femininity.

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Asymmetric version of the haircut has its own characteristics:

  • This bob hairstyle for medium hair looks great on a little curly hair in combination with oblique bangs.
  • By making a graded version, you can make the disobedient curls to lie as it should.
  • Visually increase the thickness of the strands of thin hair can be their coloring or highlighting.
  • This female hairstyle, especially beloved Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, Kelly Osbourne and other stars of show business, is perfect for slender girls with straight hair and a face shape that resembles a heart.
  • It is better not to use an asymmetrical bob on tightly curly hairs, with a non-ideal neckline, rectangular or square face shape.
  • Such haircuts do not require special care and complicated styling.
  • In order for the asymmetrical bob to be done correctly, the hairdresser must be a professional, as the slightest carelessness can destroy the whole image.


Bangs in bob haircuts

Hair bob looks great with bangs of any length and shape. The main thing is that the image as a whole is organic and appropriate:

  • Smooth straight bangs are well suited to the direct version of the hairstyle.
  • Step, oblique or torn bangs nice complement disheveled haircut. This option favorably emphasizes the eyes.
  • The average density and shape of the bangs should be selected depending on the oval of the face:
  • Long and short bangs with perfect face shape can be any, including right angles.
  • Round oval fit hairstyle bob with oblique bangs.
  • If the face is elongated, it is advisable to choose a bob with a bang, which has smooth edges.
  • For any deviations of the oval from the ideal, stylists recommend asymmetric type and torn shapes.

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Extended hairstyle

An elongated bob is a familiar bob cut to the shoulders. In the traditional version of the hairstyle provides for the presence of short bangs. However, hairdressing is constantly evolving, and in recent times a large number of varieties of bangs for bob hairstyle have emerged. Bangs attached completeness when selected elongated hairstyle. In addition, a long bob with a bang helps to correct some flaws in the shape of the face.

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Elongated bob is often preferred by ladies with a rather large face, since such a haircut allows you to visually reduce it. It is important, choosing a haircut, also take into account the hair color. The long version gives the image of bright brunettes some detachment and restraint, and the appearance of blondes makes it more playful and mischievous.

Short haircuts that do not lose their relevance go to women of all ages, regardless of the shape of the face, thickness and color of the hair. Especially valuable in these hairstyles no need for additional care. The hair continues to look neat, even growing back.

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