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Women are so inconstant: all the time I want to change something, remake, improve ... When it comes to a haircut, the question arises: “Which one should I choose?” One of the most popular models of 2015 for women of different ages and types of activity is bob bob haircut. It is universal and harmoniously combined with a romantic, youth, secular and business way. This model is a good symbiosis of two haircuts: bob and bob. How does it differ from the usual car, what are its features and variations of performance, read on.

Bob-quack features

A bob hair cut combines the best features of its ancestors, getting femininity from a caret and a bob graduation. A distinctive feature is that the strands are longer on the face than on the back of the head, and there is no bang at all. The length can vary and be both very short to the middle of the cheekbones, and longer than the middle to the level of the shoulder. The bob haircut looks bulky even on thin hair thanks to a multi-stage soft graduation.

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Who is bob car?

Haircut bob-bob is universal, it will suit every girl. If you choose this model, then perhaps it will be a rare case when you leave the hairdresser in a satisfied new way. The elongated strands of the face visually make his form close to the ideal oval, and graduation in the hair makes the hair voluminous. Haircut bob square will be a practical option for women with even strands, styling does not take you more than 5 minutes. But girls with wavy hair will be beautiful with this hairstyle. Although the lines of the hairstyle will not be so clear, curls in combination with this model look very romantic and natural.

How is a bob?

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The technology of execution is rather complicated: while the cut is cut in a single line, this variation is performed by different tools in order to obtain smooth transitions and graded strands. Cutting the bob at the back can be done with a thinning razor. Such a razor master can easily make torn tips of hair. If the bob's hairstyle is cut very shortly behind the back, it may have a trimmed toe, then you will have a leg model. Entrust your hair professional, as a beginner master technique of this model may not be under force.

Bob Caret Short Haircuts

A short bob cut, like a short length in general, continues to be relevant in 2015. They are chosen by practical women, and a good master can turn any short model into a feminine or stylish, seductive or business hairstyle, depending on your preferences.

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The most fashionable option for bob cut on short hair in 2015, stylists call a model with length up to the ear lobes, with smooth contours and parting. This hairstyle is perfect for girls with straight strands and an oval type of face. A short haircut bob-care will be a graceful frame around the face for girls with delicate features and will focus on the eyes of its owner.

Types of haircuts bob caret

Professional master will help you choose the right variation of this hairstyle, taking into account the structure of your strands, the shape of the face and its features. The main types of bob cut hairstyle are the following:

  • The classic model. Length to earlobes or up to chin, contours clearly defined. Suitable for any density of hair.
  • Soft lines. It has a freer shape and length variations. Most often worn on the side parting.
  • Long bob car. The length of the shoulders, the transition from the strands of the face to the back of the head is very smooth. Looks good on wavy strands, and on smooth.
  • Haircut square bob with lengthening. The length of the front strands can be either up to the chin or to the shoulder, but the cut line should be smooth, that is, if you want to leave the strands on the face up to the shoulder, then the hair on the back of the head should not be shorter than the chin line. Cutting bob with lengthening can be done on any structure and hair type.
  • Asymmetry. Strands behind and in front contrast sharply in length. The master can offer you a hairstyle with a ragged or asymmetrical bang, which will enhance the overall effect. This model is suitable only for owners of smooth strands.
  • On the leg. The front strands can be of different lengths, and the back of the head should be short and have a toe-leg clipped. This model is suitable for slender girls, and the structure of the hair does not play a fundamental role.

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Whatever types of bob cut hairstyle you like, remember that in order to maintain the effect, shape correction should be done every 4-6 weeks.

Haircut square bob with bangs

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In the classic version, the bob cut with a bang does not work. But today, hairdressers do not follow clear instructions, but independently modify traditional patterns. Therefore, if your facial features require bangs, you can always ask the master to perform it. Haircut Kare-bob with bangs should be carried out in such a way that the transition bangs in the main length was smooth. Best of all with this hairstyle combined oblique bangs or elongated ragged.

Bob hairstyle hairstyles

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Styles of this model are quite a few, so even with such a complex model variation you can change stylish images quite often. Bob hairstyle hairstyles can be as follows:

  • Classic option. Create a clear styling silhouette using a flat iron to smooth out hair and serum to give it shine.
  • Grunge styling. You will need some texturizing mousse. Apply it into curls with your own hands, then ruffle the hair.
  • Natural everyday look. Using round brushing and a hair dryer, dry the hair. To keep laying longer, use foam or mousse.
  • Air styling. With the help of styler curl the tips of the strands from the face. A bit of wax to separate the strands and styling is ready!

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Fashionable hairstyles for bob bob haircut are very simple in a matter of minutes. Want even more variety? Do not forget about hair accessories: ribbons, hairpins, headbands - all these women's things will make your look unique!

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