Biolamination of hair - to do or not to do

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Beautiful and well-groomed hair is one of the most important components of a female image. What women just don't do in order to keep them healthy and silky for much longer! Among the many procedures offered by the experts, biolamination is particularly prominent. This procedure makes the hair thicker, shiny and elastic. What is biolamination, how it is carried out in the salon and how to do biolamination of hair at home, read on.

What is hair biolamination ?!

The “biolamination of hair” procedure is aimed at improving the appearance of hair and its protection from the effects of chemistry. Cosmetics themselves are harmless, since cellulose and other natural ingredients are present in the coating composition. The lamination compound can be transparent and absolutely not change the shade of the hair or give it a darker tone. Of course, changing the hair color dramatically will not work.

blonde and red hair with laminated hair

The main advantages of biolamination

Each hair is covered with a protective breathable film along the entire length, which allows you to:

  • Glue his scales, removing the cross section, adding shine and smoothness. Such a "sealing" is great for injured hair.
  • Make hair thicker due to the thickness of the film.
  • Longer keep the shade of colored hair, again, at the expense of the capsule.
  • To add “obedience” to the strands, they will be easier to fit and to keep their shape for a long time even in the most complex hairstyle.
  • During pregnancy and lactation, bio lamination is not prohibited, but even shown, because it is during this period that the woman’s health is going through hard times.

hairs before and after the procedure

What are the disadvantages of bio lamination?

True, despite numerous advantages, this procedure has its drawbacks. Firstly, it should be taken into account - the procedure is not curative, it does not treat the hair, but only visually gives it the desired beauty, although for a time they are really protected from damage. But the hair after biolamination will again become what it was before the procedure.

The main disadvantages are:

  • Sometimes, as a result of bio-lamination, the hair becomes even more “sick” than before - this is due to the fact that some hairs do not withstand the heavy composition of the products used.
  • As long as the effect of the session is preserved, the hair gets less nutrition, therefore, when the film resolves, there is no guarantee that they will not break.

What you need to know ...

  • Even if you do not notice the effect of biolamination, you can say with certainty that the procedure will not cause you significant harm, even taking into account the above disadvantages. Such incidents are rare - it is often the fault of women themselves who want to save on a high-quality salon or materials.
  • Some women want to straighten their hair with the procedure. If your curls curl, bio-lamination will not straighten them - they will only look healthy and well-groomed. Again, this makeup can weight the hair and due to this curls can slightly straighten.

Biolamination of hair at home

application of the composition and the result of it

Like many other procedures, biolamination of hair at home can also be done — some women prefer to do it themselves rather than trust unfamiliar masters. What is needed for bio lamination at home?

First, in a specialized store, acquire the necessary products for biolamination of hair - for example, the Double Action brand, which receives good reviews from numerous women. The kit includes several preparations, the so-called “hot” and “cold” phases, several vials of preparations directly for bio-lamination, which are mixed and applied to the strands after appropriate preparation, as well as a special shampoo.

Double Action Laminating Cosmetics

So, consider the procedure in stages:

  1. My head shampoo. Make a gentle massage during shampooing.
  2. "Hot" phase. Apply a regenerating agent on the hair over the entire length for 20 minutes. Wrap your head in a plastic bag and warm it with a hair dryer for 20 minutes.
  3. Mask from the booster for recovery for 10-15 minutes.
  4. "Cold" phase. Without washing off the previously applied composition, we again coat the strands with a regenerating agent. Soon you will feel a noticeable chill on your head. Hold 10 minutes.
  5. Reapply the repair compound for 5 minutes.

These 5 steps are fairly easy to do at home, if you have already had biolamination experience in the cabin, so before starting “home practice,” refer to a good master. In the salon, the procedure is done similarly, not counting the replacement of the dryer with a special device, klimazon.

How long does the effect last?

Advertising claims that the effect of hair biolamination should last 4-6 weeks, but often it lasts 3, maximum 4 weeks. It all depends on how often you wash your hair - when washing every three days after 3 weeks, the result of biolamination will disappear, and with daily washing, it will not be visible after a couple of weeks.

However, as long as the protective film rests on the hair - you will be impressed by the result, because the hair will become a mirror shine, strands will become stronger and more docile. Reviews of women who have already tried this procedure with the “before” and “after” photos speak for themselves.

photo before and after bio-lamination

What is the cost of biolamination?

The price depends on many factors - firstly, in the central cities of Russia the procedure will always be more expensive than in small towns. In Moscow and other large cities, bio lamination costs from 5,000 to 7,000 rubles. In smaller towns, from 2000 rubles. Of course, much depends on the prestige of the salon - the better the reputation, the more expensive the service.

Buy drugs for home treatment will be cheaper - for the cost of one set, you can do 3-4 sessions.

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Biolamination Reviews

Most of the reviews on the biolamination of hair are positive - women are satisfied with the effect and are ready to conduct sessions again and again. Here are a few reviews.

“I do bio-lamination all the time - at first I did it in the cabin, but after the third time I didn’t like the result, so I decided to purchase all the components and make it at home. I repeat every 3 weeks, the result is very pretty. " Anna.

“I do biolamination quite often– and with each procedure I notice that the hair is getting better than it was before. They shine, do not push, obedient and dense. ”Alena.

“I did this procedure in a Moscow salon salon, but I didn’t see the result.” Alice.

“Hair, by virtue of constant mockery, is far from perfect, so I try to constantly indulge them with various restorative procedures. I do bio lamination 2 times a month - I am very pleased with the effect! ”Rita.

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