Bio-waving hair

Bio-waving hair
Many girls and women are trying to change something in themselves. And often experiments begin with hair. It is noticed that girls with curls dream of perfectly straight hair, and their owners, in turn, want to get the perfect curls. And if for the first it is enough to get a good straightening iron, then for the second there is another solution - bio-perm hair.

Bio-perm or biological hair curling is a special procedure that turns your straight hair into curls. You can make it in almost any barber shop, but we advise you to choose a good master - professional.

One should approach this with all seriousness, since the result of the bio-perm depends on the hairdresser.

What is this procedure?

Stage 1

To begin with, the master carefully determines the type of your hair in order to select a special tool for them. It is usually of several types:1. For natural hair2. For hair that has already had chemical effects3. For hair that is difficult to curl

Stage 2

Having chosen the tool, the hairdresser winds his hair into bobbins. It should be noted that small curls hold on the hair longer than large and wavy curls.

Stage 3

The master spins the hair, removes the bobbins and applies a special equalizer to the hair, which is used after the bio-perm procedure. Thanks to him, the hair is polished and then shiny. It is perfectly combined with the procedure of bio-perm hair lamination.

Pros and cons of the procedure

pros Such a biological curl is that, unlike a chemical perm, it is more gentle to the hair. The basis contains a biological protein, so that the hair looks better, improves the structure and appearance. Bio-curling procedures last for half a year, and all this time the hair looks soft, strong and shiny.

Minuses are that the procedure is more expensive than the usual perm. But saving on it is not recommended, the consequences can be sad. Therefore, do a bio - perm in a good barbershop. And yet: after the procedure, you need to wash your hair with a special shampoo, for curly hair, to maintain the result, then you need to use conditioner, and several times a week - a hair mask, preferably moisturizing.

Post-bio folding rules

Lay hair with the help of a hair dryer with a diffuser, foams and gels. If you want to be with straight hair again, after the next wash you need to straighten your hair with a hair dryer and a round hairbrush.

Having made a bio - perm, you will not regret. It does not hurt much hair, while allowing you to boast luxurious curly hair!

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