Beybilayts- hair coloring with the effect of "kiss the sun"

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How beautiful the girls become during the summer holidays in the hot sun. The bodies sparkle with a tan, and the hair shines with light strands. A piece of solar warmth and happiness is transmitted to the whole appearance. A novelty in the world of beauty - coloring with the hairs of hairs - will help to keep a happy mood and beloved image for a whole year. “The Kiss of the Sun”, so gently called the babylites coloring technique, fits any type of face and helps create a romantic image.

What are babelines ?!

A huge gift to all modern girls made stylist Jack Howard. It was he who invented three very popular hair dyeing techniques, one of which became known as the babylits.

shining strands

Coloring the "kiss of the sun" implies a kind of highlighting, in which only a few strands are involved. Thus, it seems that the perfect master named the sun worked on his hair. As a rule, lighten strands that are located closer to the face and tips. Each self-respecting master, before proceeding to change the image of the client, will show him a few photos explaining what the effect will be.

beautiful hair shades

Interestingly, babylights hair coloring is done on less than a third of all hair. And they are not always lightened to the color "blond." It is enough to lighten a few strands, to get a sunny hair dye.

different shades of color

Benefits of babylips technology

In pursuit of fashion trends, many girls forget to take care of their hair. Many experiments can lead to the fact that the curls will become dull, brittle or begin to split. Against the background of other options favorably technology babylights. It has a number of advantages:

  • babylights hair dyeing is carried out exclusively on the natural color of hair;
  • the technique is absolutely safe, which means that after some time there will be no need to treat the hair;
  • roots are not subject to painting and they will grow in natural color;
  • only some strands of color change, which, if desired, will provide an opportunity to continue experiments on appearance;
  • painting should be strands of any shade;
  • The bebilayts technique gives the curls a natural glow and visually increases their volume.

After coloring strands acquire a peculiar shimmer of color and attract the views of others with their brilliance and health.

painting strands beybilayts

The process of staining with babelips

The only disadvantage of this method is the long process of painting curls. Wanting to get an unusual shine of hair, will have to spend a lot of time. Whether it is a good salon or you are going to be painted at home, for beybilayts often used plastic film or thermal paper, rather than the usual foil. Such a seemingly inconsequential nuance allows achieving such an important natural transition.

Coloring of the hair comes in stages, which takes a lot of time. First, the ink mixture is applied in broad strokes, and after that, a special charm is attached to the hairstyle with the help of highlighting individual strands.

babylights highlights

Coloring hair babiles can be done independently. However, before starting the process, you should not only paint it step by step, but also specify how long the paint should be kept on the strands. This will help the instruction and attached to the paint scheme. It is easier if you will paint a girlfriend, but you can also make yourself a sunny hair dye. To do this, you need patience, prepare all the necessary equipment and do not forget about the mirror. Our video instruction will help you master this technique.

babylight with different shades

Having sacrificed beauty for several hours of its time, there is an opportunity to get beautiful hair, emphasizing eye color and freshness of the face.

Video: Beybilayts hair coloring instructions

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