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Soft, careless, romantic waves, light curls, air curls are a fashion trend of any summer season, and the beach wave hairstyle has broken all records in popularity. Creating such an exquisite, luxurious styling called beach waves on your hair at home requires some skill and knowledge of hairdressing tricks. This is the goal we set when we wrote this article - to teach you to make one of the best hairstyles yourself, which is ideal for the summer season. So, our detailed instructions on how to make beach waves with your own hands without leaving home.

Secrets of creating romantic beach curls

Creation of beach waves with salt water

Externally, the hairstyle of the beach waves is similar to some exquisite carelessness formed on the head by sea water, a light breeze and the sun's rays. If you wish, you can reproduce such a carefree styling style step by step in a few minutes with the help of special cosmetics, but if your style is original and natural in everything, you can try to make your own hair styling spray, thanks to which you can easily put your hair into real beach curls .

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Preparation of modeling spray and its use

All that is required to make a modeling spray is an empty bottle, a spray nozzle, sea salt, natural coconut oil, hair gel, a special measuring cup and a teaspoon, and then:

  1. We take 1 teaspoon of sea salt and pour it into a bottle in which 1 cup of warm water is already pre-poured.
  2. Stir thoroughly until the salt dissolves.
  3. Then add half a teaspoon of coconut oil to protect the hair from the brine and a third of a spoonful of gel for additional fixation.
  4. Screw the nozzle with the sprayer onto the bottle and sprinkle the hair abundantly with the resulting composition. Do not overdo it - strands should be wet, not wet.
  5. To give a pomp and volume, as well as to create the appearance of real sea waves, the strands must be squeezed with their own hands, and then a little holding them in this state to release. It turns out beautiful, light strands.
  6. Without combing, let the hair dry. Your romantic and most natural styling of the beach waves is successfully completed!

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As you can see, to make a haircut the beach waves in your hair with the help of a saline solution, you did not have to go on a long journey to the ocean. But, if you finish reading the article to the end, then you will learn how you can step by step achieve the effect of sea beach waves in two more simple ways, using braids and tongs.

Hairstyle beach waves with the help of braids

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  1. We take shampoo for thickening hair and washing my head. We wash off the shampoo with warm water and with the help of a dry towel we make curls slightly moist. Note: let's say you do not have such a shampoo, then use any that you have. If you already washed your head yesterday, it will be enough to moisten the hair with water from a spray bottle. It is important here that the strands are slightly damp.
  2. We take an air conditioner, or any other fixative, and apply it to damp hair, paying particular attention to the ends, after which we strengthen the result obtained by regular washing with cool water. Note: hair conditioner can be prepared by yourself. To do this, mix half a glass of water with half a glass of apple cider vinegar. Then, by means of a bottle with an atomizer, it will be enough to sprinkle your hair and especially the tips with this composition, as they are usually always over-dried and therefore need additional nourishment with moisture.
  3. We take a soft, dry towel and remove excess moisture from the curls. Matted strands gently combed with a soft brush, and then again remove the moisture from the hair with a dry towel. Note: you can not dry your hair with a hair dryer, since the next step of the hairstyle beach waves is performed on wet, combed hair.
  4. We do the middle parting and weave the hair in two strong and tough braids. The ends of the hair fasten with rubber bands. Note: you need to start braiding from the very roots of the hair, and not from the neck, then the beach curls will be obtained along the entire length. If you find it difficult to braid the braids yourself, then ask your friend about it.
  5. Give time to dry your hair. Dried in a natural way in braids, they will form into the desired shape and create the effect of sea waves, rushing on the shore. Note: walk around with braids all day, and in the evening, when they dry, you will have a finished hairstyle beach curls on your hair. It is even better to braid the strands before bedtime, and in the morning you will save time on creating the styling, since it will be enough to weave the braids and proceed to the next operation described below.
  6.  Unravel the braids, remove the gum and dismiss the hair. It should become wavy and elastic, like after swimming in the sea. Note: Apply mousse, foam or salty solution to ensure the required volume and separate the strands.
  7. The hair waves obtained with the help of braids are fixed with a varnish or a spray for fixing. Such a simple and standard reception ensures your curls do not straighten up and keep your shape from morning to evening, or vice versa.

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Hairstyle beach waves with tongs

Choose in the store suitable for your hair tongs. To do this, ask the sales assistant if the kit contains safety instructions and a scheme for how to use them. Depending on what size you want to have the beach waves, you will be offered tongs with either a small, medium or large heating element.

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  1. We curl the hair by dividing them into several strands, and then wrap each strand around the working surface of the forceps at an angle of 45 degrees and hold for about a minute. Then carefully release the curl obtained in this way and let it jump off the curling iron. With the rest of the strands doing the same operation itself.
  2. Tousle curls with your fingers and to highlight the beach waves, use a mousse or hair spray containing sea salt. Fix the result of varnish for styling.

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Laying beach waves- tips

  • Hairstyle beach wave looks more natural and natural if it is performed on a haircut cascade.
  • Add 2–3 drops of lavender, mint or rose oil to the aroma in the actual prepared brine.
  • A few teaspoons of lemon juice (2–3) will lighten your hair and give it the right texture.

Video: creating styling "Beach waves"

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