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Basma hair coloring is a harmless way of giving your hair a deep, dark color. This natural dye is known for many years, but with the advent of professional hair dyes, fewer and more beautiful women use Basma. It is obtained from the leaves of the Indigofer shrub, which are dried and ground into powder. In order for the shade of strands dyed with Basma not to disappoint you, you need to know a few secrets of using this tool.

Benefits of Coloring the Hair with Basma

Basma hair dye will give the hair a rich color and vibrant shine. Using this natural product has the following advantages:

  • This dye is much cheaper than any hair dye.
  • With proper application, it keeps well on the strands, so you can even hold dyeing gray hair with Basmo, the color will not wash off for about a month.
  • Basma for hair coloring makes the hair healthy, strengthens the bulbs, activates growth, adds volume to it.
  • This natural component allows you to defeat dandruff and a feeling of tight scalp.
  • Basma hair dyeing is easy to carry out at home.

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The use of this natural dye makes many dark-haired women make a choice in his favor and forever abandon chemical dyes that spoil the structure of the strands.

Dye application tips

When coloring, the result can turn out individual for each type, color and structure of hair. It is not recommended to use this dye in its pure form, since you can get bog-green or blue curls instead of rich chocolate and black shades. This is especially true for blond-haired girls and blondes.

Experts recommend staining hair with henna and basma, combining powders in proportions of 2: 1, to get a more pronounced copper shade, or 1: 2, to get a darker color, chestnut shade will turn out at a ratio of 1: 1. Dyeing hair with henna and Basma will give your curls beauty and health? But for this, follow the following instructions for use:

  • Do not wash your hair before applying. If you have varnish or other styling products on your hair, wash your hair without using a conditioner or a mask.
  • These dyes very well dye the skin and are difficult to wash off, therefore it is recommended to grease the forehead, area around the ears and neck with fat cream or plain petroleum jelly.
  • If you have damaged hair, keep in mind that the shade appears stronger and faster. Control the time of staining.
  • To dye gray hair with basma was more effective, it is recommended to keep the composition for at least 4 hours, and also apply it on gray strands in a thick layer.
  • Do not use this natural dye after a perm and do not use chemical dyes until all color is washed off.

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Preparation of the mixture

Put on your hands gloves, prepare a container for mixing powders and a special brush. Then use this step by step scheme to make a mixture of henna and basma with your own hands:

  1. Mix 2 types of powder in the proportions you need, depending on the desired shade. Proportions have been described above.
  2. Gradually pour into the powder hot water, the temperature of about 80 degrees, until you get a mixture of consistency similar to thick sour cream.
  3. Let the mixture stand for about 3 minutes to cool slightly.

If your strands are very dry, you can add 1 teaspoon of burdock, almond or coconut oil to the paint. This will also prevent the flow of the coloring matter.

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Preparing the mixture, you can proceed to staining.

  1. To do this, apply a warm mixture evenly from the roots to the tips.
  2. Add a little warm water to the rest of the mixture and soak the ends of the hair.
  3. Gather all strands up and close them with cellophane or put on a shower cap. You can wrap a towel on top. Keep the tool on the head of hair time indicated in the instructions.

If the resulting shade is not intense enough, you can repeat the procedure the next day. These natural dyes do not harm the strands, but sometimes the girls note the dryness of the tips with the constant use of henna and Basma.

Wash off the composition with strands

It is better to wash off the dye mixture into the pelvis, so that small particles of dyes do not clog the drain. Pour warm water over your head until it becomes clear. After that, to consolidate the result, it is recommended to rinse the strands with lemon juice, diluted in warm water.

Immediately after flushing, you will not see the color that was expected. After washing, a couple more hours should pass before the final result is displayed. Patiently wait for the dye to complete its work in the hair shaft.

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What basma buy

Among the large variety of products from different manufacturers try to choose only 100% natural pure product. Keep in mind that under the trade name "Black Basma" is likely to contain a product with the addition of dye.

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