Base hair oils (full list)

Base hair oils (full list)

Oils are divided into basic and essential.

Base (fatty) oils - natural vegetable oils. These oils are obtained by cold pressing of fruits, nuts, seeds, seeds and grains. Base oils can be used both in pure form and in mixture with essential oils. These oils are also called transport oils, base oils, carrier oils, etc.

Base oils contain a lot of useful substances:

Polyunsaturated fatty acidsA whole range of vitamins TriglyceridesWax PhosphatidesLipochromesTocopherols

Thanks to these components, base oils have a beneficial effect on hair, skin and nails, because all these substances strengthen the skin cell membranes, increase the ability to retain moisture, have an antioxidant effect, increase metabolism and regeneration.

Base oils that are recommended for hair:

Castor oilCapes

To learn more about each oil and its effect on the hair, follow the link of the oil you are interested in. Over time, information will appear on each of the oils.

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