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In the second half of the 17th century, Louis XIV reigned in France. For this period the popularity of such a style as baroque fell. Pompous and fluffy costumes, shoes with buckles, fancy wigs, colored fans, fluffy clutches - all this was the main attribute of that fashionable time. Baroque women's hairstyles have become an integral part of that stylish era. Let's take a closer look at this kind of historical styling.

Popular baroque styling

Female styling in the 17th century had a very unusual look, they could even be called a masterpiece of hairdressing. The most popular hairstyle of the Baroque era is a fountain. The laying of the fountain is a very interesting story. On one of their hunts, the favorite of Louis 14 disheveled her hairstyle and so that the strands that fell out of the styling did not interfere with her, she tied them with a piece of lace. Louis appreciated this and asked the beautiful Angelica De Roucille-Fontange to change nothing in his hairstyle. So began the popularity of hairstyle fountain. All noble ladies immediately adorned her head. At first, this baroque hairstyle was not too high, but over time, the fountains looked like a tower, which reached a height of up to 60 cm, and some long-haired French women could build a turret one meter high.

The technique of creating a fountain

  1. To create a baroque hairstyle, they took wire cages, put them on their heads.
  2. After the skeleton was dressed on the head, the hair began to curl tightly, it turned out cool curls.
  3. After the curls were twisted, proceeded to their styling. Curls laid tight, floor by floor.
  4. Each layer of wound curls was treated with a dense layer of powder and special lipstick.
  5. Then the hair was sprayed with perfume.
  6. 2-3 curls left to fall carelessly on the ladies shoulder.

At that time, not any French beauty could afford the fountain, only wealthy ladies.

modern baroque hairstyles

The epoch of baroque with its fountain brought another stylish little thing. This is a multi-tiered starched cap, which immediately upon its appearance won the sympathies of many court persons. He was wearing a cap on his head, he had several floors, on which his hair was neatly laid and his hair was attached tightly with pins. Laying immediately acquired a unique volume and femininity.

Another option baroque hairstyle is a high beam. The girls pinned their hair into a high beam and left 2 loose strands on the temporal zones.

Secular ladies of the 17th century also enjoyed experimenting with the parting. The beauties of the Renaissance period often divided the hair so that it formed a smooth parting in the middle of the head, the hair was pulled back, and several curls hung from the temporal zone. A little bit this baroque hairstyle has acquired some changes. Parting was also made, the hair turned into curls, and then the beauties had them laid back magnificently and pinned with pins.

blond lady

One of the last favorites of Louis 14, the young lady Maintenon introduced the fashion to the hair in the form of a knot. Washed hair was tightly combed back, gathered in a tight knot and fixed with pins. Some of the palace ladies called this hairstyle the evil of humility.

Baroque hairstyles accessories

Fashionable France of that time loved to decorate the hair with interesting accessories. One of these decorations was talk. Toku was a female headdress with a tall straight shape that had no margins. The ladies loved to decorate their styling with flowers, beads, feathers, ribbons, lace, silver or gold threads and pearls.

dark lady

In this article we tried to reveal the topic of what baroque hairstyles were. You can take this information into service and even use the modern version of these styling for a wedding party, a themed party or a graduation party.

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