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In a haircut, do not underestimate the value of bangs, as it can both expressively emphasize the dignity of the face, and vice versa - it is unsuccessful to significantly spoil the overall impression and appearance. Often, it is enough just to change the edge of the bang or its length and the appearance of “acquire new colors”. There are a lot of variants of bangs models, however, the most universal is a bang as a ladder that fits almost any face shape.

How to cut a bang ladder?

The bangs ladder is cut by the method of overlaying the strands on top of one another. As a result, the effect of gradation appears, which looks very attractive and stylish if you regularly update the edge of the bangs.

Care should be taken to ensure that the ends of the hair were not nipped or layered, otherwise the hairstyle will immediately become untidy. One option that will help avoid this is a hot hairstyle with scissors, which seals the ends of the hair during the haircut. This technique allows for a long time to maintain the accuracy of the ends and the shape of the hairstyle.

How to choose the shape and length of the bangs ladder?

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All people are individual; therefore, hairstyles and bangs should be selected depending on external data: head shape, hair color and texture, facial features, desired style and image.

Choosing the right bang is a crucial moment, so ideally you need to consult a hairdresser or a stylist. If you do not have time or opportunity to visit a beauty salon and you choose a model of a bang yourself, follow the basic rules below.

  • If the chin is rectangular in shape, then a graduated long bangs ladder will do. Its length should be below the eyebrows, almost to the eyelashes and formed on the side. In this way, it will balance the proportions and give mystery and sexuality to the image.
  • Chubby and plump young ladies fit bang short.
  • A thin, elongated face needs to be balanced with a volumetric stepped chelok laid on its side.
  • The face with sharp features can be softened with a graduated bang of a semicircular shape.
  • Girls who have too big foreheads can hide it under a thick long forehead.
  • The happiest owners of an oval-shaped face can not be worried - they are suitable for a bang with a ladder of any modification and length.
  • Curly curls, if they curl not from the base, you can also cut it in steps, bangs on the side of the ladder - the right option.

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Chelochki, which are gradually cut in steps or a ladder ideally combined with haircuts: "bob", "ladder", "cascade" and "square". However, these bangs can be used as an independent spectacular part of a haircut for any length of hair.

How to care for this hairstyle?

First of all, the hair should be clean and healthy - it is an axiom for all hairstyles and hair types. If you notice that the hair began to break or split at the ends, then you need to feed it with regenerating masks and means to strengthen the hair. To do this, you can use professional cosmetics or old "grandmothers" methods tested by time.

At home, it is recommended to rub castor or burdock oil into the scalp with your own hands at night, distributing the rest of the mixture over the hair, and in the morning rinse it with warm water and rinse with herbal extract of chamomile, burdock root or nettle. However, if the hair is at the ends of a chelovek have nevertheless become stained, then they need to be refreshed — cutting off the edges step by step.

How to lay a bang ladder?

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Depending on the desired result (the effect of wet hair, the structure of strands or bulk styling) you need to use these or other tools and styling tools. In general, the laying scheme is simple and you can do this manipulation to yourself in ten minutes.

  1. If it is necessary to give volume to a bang, then apply hair styling suitable for your hair type (foam or mousse) onto her wet hair. Then, combing the comb and tucking the hair inside with a round brush, fix it with a hair dryer.
  2. In the variant, when an elongated smooth surface is needed — a bang with a ladder on its side, it is treated with a heat protection spray and drawn out with an iron to straighten hair in the right direction.
  3. Long bangs ladder looks especially stylish, if you do not focus on it. The hairstyle formation instruction is simple: with the help of styling products and a hair dryer, you need to connect the bang to the total volume of the hairstyle and fix the result slightly with varnish, but do not overdo it with the styling tools! The peculiarity of this styling is that part of the strands of the bangs will fall out of the total weight of the hair, giving the image a special spectacular carelessness.

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General recommendations

  • In general, the bang of a ladder for long hair allows you to maximize fantasy in ways of styling: weaving in pigtails, folding into flagella, fastening with beautiful hairpins or ribbons, laying with waves and using a hairbrush.
  • A little ladder can be visually more voluminous if it is colored with various shades or made highlights. Especially this effect is relevant for young ladies with thin light strands.
  • Also, the bang of the ladder on long hair looks especially impressive after the lamination procedure, which gives a glossy shine and healthy look to the hair.

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