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If you are looking for a new beauty image for yourself, but do not want fundamental changes in appearance, a fringe on two sides will be the best solution. Stylists predict her incredible popularity among girls in 2015-2016. Star trendsetters Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Carey Mulligan have already cut the strands on their foreheads and are experimenting with laying bangs on two sides, so the recognition of this form by girls cannot be avoided. We will tell you how to put bangs on two sides, show beautiful photos and interesting videos and, perhaps, following the example of Hollywood fashionistas, you will rush to the beauty salon for a new image.

Bang on two sides and its features

Bangs on two sides makes the female image softer and more romantic. Strands laid on two sides will be harmoniously combined with any haircut, the minimum hair length in which reaches the chin line.

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The features of this form of chelochka on 2 sides are as follows:

  • In order to get a long bang on two sides, the master cuts an elongated, flat bang of medium thickness, and in order for the strands to lie in different directions from the parting, it is necessary to stack them in a certain way, we will tell about it further.
  • Sometimes an elongated bang on two sides becomes a necessary measure when a girl grows her hair. If this is your case, you are incredibly lucky! As long as your bang grows to the desired length, you will definitely be in trend. It remains fashionable to lay it.
  • If you are heavy and "stubborn" hair, do not cut too thick bangs. Otherwise, the strands will disobey the middle of the forehead. Ask the wizard to make it rare, then divide the strands into two sides and fix them with a styling tool will be much easier.

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian

Having made such a bang shape, it will not bore you for a long time, because in addition to separating the strands on the sides of the parting, you can pull it out smoothly, comb it to one side, poke it up, creating a tuft or braid it. Every day you can be different!

Who is the bang on two sides

Bangs on two sides can delicately adjust the shape of the face:

  • For girls with long faces, a long bang on two sides will visually make it shorter. Strands, diverging on the forehead in different directions, will make forehead already, but will not create a tough "frame" as does a smooth thick bangs, stretched forward.
  • Hair styling on 2 sides is suitable for beauties with a round face, but the strands should reach the chin itself, otherwise you will get unnecessary swelling of the cheeks.
  • Such styling looks good with a heart shaped face. It will make the proportions of your face more balanced and hide the feature of the hairline on the forehead with a triangular toe.
  • But for girls with a square face, it is better to avoid this model, since a visual narrowing of the face in the forehead area will only reinforce the unnecessary effect of its angularity at the bottom.
  • Beauties with a reference oval theoretically go all the variations of styling and models bangs. But here an important role is played by the features of the girl. If you have a large nose, even parting can only focus on this point.

girls with flowing hair

We lay bangs on two sides

So let's move on to the question of laying bangs. We will tell you how to divide the bangs into two sides, so that it looks stylish and neat, and the hairstyle looks decent from the morning until late evening. To make the locks beautiful, you need a comb to create a basal volume, a round brush brush, styling mousse and a hair dryer. Step by step instruction is as follows:

  1. We divide wet hair on a head on a direct parting.
  2. Curls bangs are divided into equal parts.
  3. Apply to wet hair mousse.
  4. First of all dry the bulk of the hair, and at the end of styling, go to the locks at the forehead.
  5. We start to bang. Each part must be laid separately.
  6. Start from any side convenient for you, for example, on the right. Pick up the strands to the right of the parting with a comb for basal volume and lifting the hair slightly up and to the side, direct the air flow from the hair dryer towards them. Repeat this action until the hair lies in the direction you specified. Raising the hair at the roots, you will set the desired volume of curls in the face.
  7. Then, with the same comb, we move a little forward and sideways, as if twisting the strand to the side and dry the locks with a hairdryer. Then the curls will not fall on the eyes, and will lie precisely from the face.
  8. In the end, we take the brushing of medium diameter and repeat the same movements as the comb for the basal volume, but we pick up the strands from the middle of the length and draw the comb to the tips.
  9. For the same phased scheme we place the second part, to the left of the parting.

curls from the face

How do you like this option to change the image? Would you make yourself a hairstyle or maybe you already wear it? Leave your comments at the end of the article.

Video: How to lay bangs on 2 sides

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