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The little man, who brings joy and a feeling of comfort to the house, requires a very careful attitude - both physically and mentally, children are very receptive, so parents should carefully watch what food they give their child, what toys they give and, of course, than bathe. The right choice of shampoo - it is extremely important for the crumbs. How to choose baby shampoo right? What you need to know about its composition? This is what we'll talk about.

How to choose baby shampoo?

The choice depends on age. So, the children of the first months of life are especially susceptible to the composition of this cosmetic, because the protective film covering their head is just beginning to form. Baby hair shampoo in the first months of a child's life must meet the following requirements: moisturize, nourish, stimulate hair growth and contain anti-inflammatory substances. Therefore, when choosing detergents for hair, follow the tips below:

  • The age of the child - on cosmetics for infants usually indicate that they are intended for very young children, while means without any signs apply to children from three years of age.
  • Prefer those tools that produce companies with large volumes of products and a good reputation - they value it and try not to dilute cosmetics with different filth.
  • Be sure to get acquainted with the composition of the product, its expiration date, as an overdue cosmetic product can cause skin irritation,
  • Baby shampoos for hair without tears should cause greater concern than the most common.
  • The shape of the bottle. If you wash your baby with a bottle of cosmetics in one hand, the bottle should have a comfortable shape and not slip out of your hands.

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Manufacturer selection

Many mothers are sure that only foreign manufacturers produce high-quality children's shampoos, but it is better not to trust domestic ones. Of course, some foreign children's shampoos are really good (Johnsons baby, Bebiline), but among the native brands you will find a lot of worthy ones - Drakosha, Eared nannies and others.

The composition of baby shampoo

The composition of the shampoo is one of the most important selection criteria, although not every mother is acquainted with the composition of a cosmetic product, considering that the composition is completely harmless. In fact, various harmful substances are also added to children's cosmetics. Therefore, buy a product that does not contain the following substances:

  • Lauryl (laureth) sodium sulfate;
  • Triethanolamine;
  • 1,4-dioxane;
  • Carcinogenic formaldehyde;
  • Diethanolamine.


In addition, it is undesirable to wash the head to the child and adults with shampoo, even if you are completely confident in its quality and have been washing their heads for years - adults have a different hair structure and such an experiment can cause allergic reactions.

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What should be the correct composition of baby shampoo?

In general, it is better to visit together with the baby a dermatologist, who will tell you which of the shampoos is preferable. It should have a natural composition, a fortified base, contain betaines and glycosides, useful plant substances that are allowed for children - chamomile, thyme, lavender, mint.

  • Consistency, smell and color. Experts advise to choose products that do not have too pronounced smell and bright color. Ideally, children's hair shampoo is generally transparent, but too bright coloration indicates a lot of dyes, as well as an overly pleasant scent - about numerous additives. The consistency is also important - it should not be too thick, but not too rare, as gentle as possible, so as not to irritate the tender head of the baby. Children's cosmetics for washing the head, which does not foam well, often has less harmful additives in its composition.
  • The pH of baby shampoo - from 4, 5 to 5, 5 - no more and no less.
  • Label. Be sure to pay attention to the shelf life, manufacturer and composition. The versatility of the product is important - if it is intended both for washing the head and body, and even for washing toys, this is good. On the label, manufacturers often indicate the age group under which hair cleanser is suitable. If the label also indicates that a small amount of cosmetics that have entered the body does not harm health, then it is more preferable (of course, with a harmless composition).

Baby shampoo without tears - to buy or not?


Some cosmetics for washing hair with the indication “without tears” incorporate natural components, therefore it does not cause irritation of mucous membranes - and bathing turns into an exciting game for a child. Nevertheless, some doctors advise to abandon cosmetics for hair with such a mark, if you are not sure of their composition. The fact is that baby shampoo without tears, which protects the baby’s eyes from pinching during shampooing, may contain light detergents, anesthetics, which are undesirable to wash the baby’s head. On the other hand, it is shampoos without tears that are most in demand, since they do not cause hysterics in children due to irritation of the mucous eye.

Sulphate-Free Baby Shampoo

Sodium lauryl sulfate is one of the most harmful substances that are added to the cosmetics of the head. For adults, these supplements are not particularly dangerous if the scalp is not very sensitive, but you should not wash the baby’s head with such means. Because it is believed that a good children's cosmetics for washing the head should not contain such substances. Among the sulfate-free children's hair cleaners are the following:

Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash

  • Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash.
  • Alloton phytotouch exctraction.
  • Natura Siberica-Siberian, as not very expensive and good children's cosmetics for washing the head, receives especially many positive reviews.

Overview of the most famous brands

In addition to baby shampoo brand Siberian, you should pay attention to other, no less worthy brand.


  • Eared Nyan is a brand of hypoallergenic cosmetics, which is designed for children of any age. This cosmetic is able to clean the baby's head from postpartum crusts, soften the scalp and does not cause skin irritation.
  • Johnsons baby- delights many mummies, as it protects eyes from pinching and perfectly cleans hair.
  • Bubchen has a moisturizing and soothing effect on the scalp. Does not contain dyes, preservatives and other harmful substances.

Natura Siberica

Is baby shampoo suitable for adults?

Considering that the structure of the hair of an adult and a child is different, it is undesirable for children to buy adult shampoo, just as it is not recommended for children as an adult. However, if you decide to try out recently purchased baby hair shampoo, nothing will happen to your hair, although it is always useless for washing it all the time.

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