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Recently, the stylists decided, recalling Babette's hairstyle, popular in the middle of the last century, to revive it today. The hairstyle of the main character of the film “Babette Goes to War”, which was performed by the inimitable Brigitte Bardot, in addition to its classic version, also has various modifications. Therefore, before you make a babette's hair, you need to determine what kind of variation is right for you.

Individual selection of hairstyles

Even the wedding hairstyle of babette, in its classic version is not suitable for every woman.

  • Owners of an oval face can afford to pick up hair in this way.
  • Those who have a diamond-shaped or triangular face, you can make an option with a bang, which should start almost from the top of the head.
  • Owners of a square face also need bangs, only rare, not thick, in order not to visually make their cheekbones and chin heavier.

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  • An asymmetrical bang in combination with a non-breathing babette, more resembling a seashell or a twist, is capable of extending a long or long face.
  • For chubby girls, it is recommended, in addition to bangs, to release a pair of strands on the sides - this will hide the fullness of the cheeks.

A babette-style hairstyle is best combined with exquisite pearl or diamond jewelery and a cocktail dress. This is an ideal option for publication.

Babette long hair

Babette hairstyles for long hair are performed most often. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is combing back curls in the form of a roller. This model allows for bangs. Since the styling pattern is practically unchanged, the roller itself can be decorated in a variety of ways: with hairpins, pins, ribbons, a wreath or tiara, with a bow of hair. Babetta gives great opportunities for every fashionista to find her unique variant of this hairstyle.

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This hairstyle is not very complicated at home. To do this, you only need to learn all the secrets and nuances of its implementation, after which Babette's long hair can be done with your own hands. Roller is also easy to do the most.

Instructions for creating babette:

creating elegant styling

  1. To create it you will need: a flat comb with fine teeth, a massage brush, invisible hairpins, hairpins, scrunchy, lacquer and decor.
  2. The roller is made on its own: a large gum wraps around with matter, which should be as similar in color to the shade of your hair.
  3. Wash the head, dry the strands and carefully comb.
  4. Curls are divided into three parts (it is desirable that the dividing lines are located from one temple to the opposite temple strictly horizontally). At the temples, you must also leave strands.
  5. The front curls are thrown forward (on the forehead) and randomly stabbed to eliminate interference in the construction of a babette with a roller.
  6. The second part of the hair is carefully combed, divided into strands and sprayed with a fixative composition.
  7. Under the filled part of the curls, the roller is laid down and fixed well by invisible ones.
  8. The second part rises, as if wrapped and as a result hides the roller.
  9. Comb strands are evenly distributed on top of the roller, fastened with pins, while the roller should be neatly hidden under them.
  10. A few loose curls at the temples and the remaining third part of the hair is carefully combed, sprayed with varnish and fastened with the help of hairpins, while trying to hide the roller securely.
  11. Having released the front part of the curls, they make a side parting, carefully comb it, spray it with varnish, retract it and fix it with invisible ones. With the help of a comb, a neat bang is formed.
  12. Smooth hair comb to give styling smoothness, it is fixed varnish. It remains to decorate the finished styling cooked decor, wedding hairstyle can be with a veil.

Hairstyle for medium hair

To create a Babette hairstyle for medium hair, you will need: styling products, hairpins, flat hairbrush, iron, varnish, natural tresses.

Babette on medium hair is performed in stages as follows:

  1. Moisturizing and styling products are applied to dry clean hair.
  2. With the help of a flat comb, the curls are gathered into a tight, high tail.
  3. Hair is sprayed with varnish, and the tail is combed by the method of tucking (strands are whipped solely on one side, at the same time pulling in the direction they will take in the finished styling).
  4. Curls rolled into a roller and fixed with pins. Since the hair of Babette is not enough for the middle hair of her strands, they apply tresses on barrettes.
  5. Stretched pre-ironing strands are fixed in front and divided into three parts.
  6. The middle part is combed, fixed with lacquer and placed on the chignon, which must be selected in color, as close as possible to the shade of your hair.
  7. The final form of hair attached to the remaining strands.

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Babette for short hair

A huge selection of overhead hairpieces makes it possible to make a variety of options babette, including with a bow, even for short hair, with the exception of ultrashort haircuts.

Stars Ketty Perry and Paris Hilton

To create a Babette hairstyle for short hair, you need to step by step:

  1. Make a smooth tail on the back of your head and then comb it;
  2. Place a chignon under the base of the tail and fasten it;
  3. Natural hair, which is collected in the tail, close the chignon, fix hair with hairpins and invisible;
  4. In the presence of bangs, lay it, fixing varnish for styling;
  5. Decorate the finished styling tape or other decor.

For Babette's hairstyle for short hair, choose universal or long hairpieces.

Babette hairstyle for a wedding

Babette's wedding hairstyle not only gives the bride refinement and femininity, but also makes her silhouette slimmer and taller. It is easy to attach to her veil, wreath and other wedding decorations. Variations adorned with flowers are extremely tender and feminine, while babette with a diadem of a bride gives a resemblance to a queen.

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Babette's hairstyles are a symbol of femininity, with it you will always be irresistible, it is ideal both for special occasions and for going on a date or a party.

Video: creating hairstyles "Babette"

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